How Developing a Custom Web App Can Help Your Business Make More Money?

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In one exciting Forbes article titled “How Automation Could Save Your Business $4 Million Annually,” the concept of automation is picked apart as study after study is cited, proving its power.

For instance, one report says that 53% of employees feel automation could save them 240 hours a year, or about 2 hours every workday.

These impressive numbers go hand-in-hand with the statements that top business executives posit, saying that automation could free up more than 3 hours of their work day, saving them around 360 hours every year.

If you take a moment to consider these numbers, you’ll realize that they are simply staggering. However, one thing that many businesses are struggling with isn’t grasping the power of automation in itself–it’s how they can go about implementing the power of automation to scale.

What Is A Custom App?

What Is A Custom App

To address the growing need to remain technologically relevant and continuously advance past the speeds of competitors, more and more businesses hire development team and are turning to automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to power their core business processes.

While you could begin utilizing automation by buying into a handful of different AI-powered platforms on the web, the better way is to opt for the development of a tailored application. And that’s what many businesses, of all sizes, are choosing to do.

A custom application is just that: a custom app that is specifically developed for your business and your business only. When done right, it can give you a real edge over the competition and help your employees (and you) save countless hours each and every week. Plus, the benefits go beyond automation.

The Key Reasons to Develop a Custom App

The Key Reasons to Develop a Custom App

Just like everything in the world of business, you have to be able to justify the expense of having a custom application developed before you begin hiring a developer (or entire dev team) to create it for you.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to realize the value of a custom app. All you have to do is point out your business’ biggest bottlenecks and pain points, and any skilled developer would be more than happy to explain how they can code a solution that saves time–and money.

1. Automate the Monotonous

One study has reported that your workers waste an average of 25% of their work week on manual, repetitive tasks. If you’re considering the development of a custom application, that’s actually great news for you, because it means that one-quarter of your team’s work can be put on autopilot.

Looking at it from this perspective it is not difficult at all to see just how much time automation within a custom app can save your workers and, in turn, how much money it can save you. Not only will it cut down on extra hours, but it will also boost worker morale by cutting out the monotonous and it will boost their productivity by enabling them to focus on the tasks that require their critical thinking and creative input.

There’s a long list of things that you can automate within your business. As Infusionsoft pointed out, these are among the top:

  • Email marketing can now be put on autopilot, allowing you to reach out to customers more effectively following a sale and even nurture cold leads through the sales funnel with hardly any effort.
  • You can also optimize your sales team by using automation to assign leads to different representatives based on any number of circumstances or criteria.
  • Automation can then be used to highlight the hottest leads in any pipeline and help your representatives focus their attention better on the clients that really matter.
  • Using HR Software helps in developing new skills and progress in employees careers and to track their performance, as well as improve workplace experience and productivity.
  • Your business can also boost customer retention rates by keeping older customers engaged in-between purchases and even re-marketing to them to entice them to come back.

As you can see, automation holds a great deal of power, but that’s not the only thing a custom application can do for your business.

2. Process Large Amounts of Data

Perhaps what custom applications are best suited for is the processing of large amounts of data. Thanks to concepts like machine learning (ML), companies are finally unlocking all of the golden information that’s hiding in huge databases that no worker, or team, would ever be able to process manually.

With the help of a custom application, your business can unlock the power of your own databases to gain insights into your audience and performance. For instance, you could have a custom application developed that quickly recaps the latest sales trends for your company or one that lays out the average purchase data for your online store.

The possibilities are near limitless since a custom application can be designed from the ground up to fit your business’ size and needs. It’s truly just a matter of finding a developer who is willing and able to create the application that you envision for your business.

Every business has data stored somewhere that they could be processing in order to better adapt to the marketplace and work harder to outperform their competitors. A custom application can help you do those things by finally enabling you to decipher all of the important data points in your stored information.

As Forbes laid out, even small businesses can begin using “big data” to:

  • Get to know your customers on a deeper level so that you can center your company around them and their interests and needs.
  • Create better marketing campaigns that resonates with your target audience.
  • Figure out the best ways to use social media and other platforms to market your business and build your brand.
  • Shape the way you do business and change the way your team interacts with your audience.

It doesn’t matter the size of your business or the size of your data set. Custom applications can pull from your own information and supplement with the vast amount of information already on the web to help you get the best results.

3. Remove Bottlenecks from the Workflow

Most businesses suffer bottlenecks within their systems and processes. It’s just about inevitable.

If you have your employees doing everything manually, each person that a system involves is going to create a new bottleneck that slows the time to completion and raises your operating costs.

Likewise, if you have your employees using different tools to complete their work, every tool you add into the workflow is ultimately going to begin making things more complex as workers have to move between one tool to another to get things done.

A custom app can solve these problems by bringing all of the necessary processes into a single application that does everything your business needs it to with nothing more and nothing less. That means no more jumping between tools for your employees or making up for the missing features of one app by supplementing it with three more.

This boosts productivity, lowers frustration, and makes things flow more smoothly. Plus, your business’ custom application will be designed to perfectly integrate with the primary third-party tools that you want to continue using in your daily operations. That means a seamless workflow with no delays.

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