How Big is the iGaming Industry in New Zealand?

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The iGaming industry has become a rather big deal within New Zealand, and it does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon if recent figures are anything to go by.

Indeed, more and more of the country’s population have since turned to enjoying and playing a number of gambling activities in recent years for a variety of different reasons, which has led to the industry being able to experience the kind of growth that many other sectors in the world have been unable to enjoy.

Figures show how gambling-friendly New Zealand is as a nation

According to a report, it has been found by the federal government’s Health Promotional Agency that in 2018, online gambling had already been a rather popular activity, with the findings revealing that over half-a-million of New Zealand’s adult population (520,000 or 13% of those aged 15 and above) had taken part in the activity, with one in ten having participated in online wagering that year.


Indeed, as mentioned, there are a number of rather strong figures that would suggest that gaming machines (i.e. those at pubs and clubs) account for much of the gambling activity that takes place, although the rise of casinos has also experienced a huge amount of growth.

Figures show that 2019/20 saw a total expenditure of $2.25 billion had been spent on wagering activities within the country, however Q4 numbers in 2020 showed that Kiwis have spent $252 million on pokie (slot) machines.

Naturally, these figures show that there has been an increase in the use of an online casino NZ, but why have these platforms become so popular with players now? What has made residents of the small Oceanic country turn to them in order to enjoy one of their passions and help the iGaming industry to grow and boom?

Favourable conditions

One reason the iGaming industry has been able to boom exponentially within the country and become as big as it has is simply due to the favourable conditions that have been provided to the market sector.

The New Zealand government has not explicitly banned or implemented specific restrictions on online gambling, therefore allowing firms to be able to operate freely – within the rules – of the country and provide their services to Kiwis up and down the nation.

Furthermore, players can benefit from the favourable conditions that have been provided, as they will find that they are not taxed on any winnings that they may achieve when playing their favourite games.

Accessibility and convenience

Accessibility and convenience

The fact that players have so much accessibility and choice in regard to the online casino platform that they wish to use will have only helped the iGaming industry to be able to boom as much as it has and grow to its enormous size.

Players have the freedom to choose which platform to sign up to and wager with, meaning operators are looking to take advantage of the market and obtain as much of a slice as possible as there are few barriers to entry.

With over 90% of New Zealand’s adult population said to be owners of a smartphone device, this means operators are able to target as many potential new customers as possible and gives them the opportunity to look to exploit such a large market.

The use of these devices, though, has made online casino platforms convenient for individuals who wish to play games such as pokies, as they can do it wherever they have an internet connection and from the palm of their hands.

Gaming culture and incentives

New Zealand has always been known to have a rather huge gaming culture amongst its residents. Despite the country’s remoteness compared to much of the rest of the world, Kiwis were amongst the first to fully embrace and be early adopters of the video game culture, which has subsequently channeled through to the iGaming industry.

With New Zealanders continuing to look to try and enjoy the best games and obtain the best gaming experiences possible, many have looked at online casino games as an alternative to traditional video games as they know they will be able to enhance their gameplay by potentially acquiring a few financial wins.

Additionally, operators are now able to provide a number of different incentives that have helped the iGaming industry become rather big within the country, as players are now provided with a bonus should they sign up.

As highlighted, players are always looking for the best experiences possible and bonuses such as free spins or no deposit bonuses are always going to be enticing for many!


To summarize, the iGaming industry in New Zealand is a rather massive industry due to a variety of different factors, although it is one that nobody should expect to slow down in the near future, either.

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