5 Hottest Female Skateboarders On Instagram

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A few opening words.

Skateboarding was born in the late 1940s in California and turned out to be one of the most attractively dangerous sports throughout the world. When hip-hop culture has been in vogue, skateboarding follows this trend and has come to its youth. In recent times, youngsters are so into the thrills and spills of this high-risk sport.

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Skaters give prominence to their creativity and liberated lifestyle. Although this is not a safe sport at all, guess what, it can’t stop us ladies from becoming a fan of skateboarding!

Skateboarding is not only for males. Spinning, flipping and soaring along the streets or the skate parks, these ladies show their hidden talents while standing on the skateboard with stunning and unique skateboarding techniques, which are guaranteed to make the crowd look at them admiringly.

So, let’s take a look at the most well-known girls skateboards on Instagram!

Who are the famous female skateboarders on Instagram?

1. Lizzie Armanto

Here is her Instagram account: @lizziearmanto

Skaters around the world must be very familiar with this name. Lizzie is a 26-year-old female skater from Santa Monica, California. Now, she is a member of Lizzie Vans Global skateboard team.

In just 12 years, she won more than 30 skateboarding awards! This is an incredible number with a person at this age.

There is no exaggeration to say she can skate better than most male skateboarders. Her skateboarding techniques are incredible. She doesn’t follow usual skateboarding techniques but always challenges herself with a much more difficult one.

Lizzie Armanto became the first woman to complete the infamous 360-degree “Tony Hawk” loop which is considered to be one of the most dangerous tricks in skateboarding.

Beside her talent, Lizzie is a famous skateboarder who has a huge number of fans, but she always shows up in simple clothing. Surprisingly, this is one of the reasons why she stands out from the crowd.

2. Sierra Prescott

Here is her Instagram account: @sierra_prescott

Sierra is not only a famous LA female skater but also a talented photographer. Following retro vibes,  she always appears in front of the camera with short jeans, running socks, T-shirt and basic Vans shoes.

Her style represents the vibe of the 80s, and it is her style. Her Instagram account has more than 50 million followers, and she mainly posts about her skateboarding experiences. Through these pictures and videos, you will see a bit of the rebellious side in this young skater.

Skateboarding is an inevitable part of her life, and today Sierra Prescott becomes a great inspiration for youngsters all over the world as a lady who dares to follow her dream, she once said, “Everyone starts somewhere. Every level of skateboarder makes you a skateboarder. Once you've gotten past that, commit. Practice lots and don't be afraid to have fun with it.”

Yes, her effort paid off. She is a person who is always full of energy and never afraid to try something new.

3. Ko Hyojoo

Here is her Instagram account: @hyo_joo

Ko Hyojoo is a beautiful South Korean skater nicknamed “a longboard dancer.” She skates with a nine-inch wide longboard.

Using a longboard is now becoming a new trend among youngsters. If you think this skater looks quite familiar, let me remind you: this talented skater appeared in Far East Movement Music Videos in 2016 showing her eye-catching performance on the skateboard!

Not only that, Ko Hyjoo successfully gets the attention of Vogue, Hypebae, Marie Claire, and lots of notable big-name brands in the world.

Ko Hyojoo makes her own different way of skateboarding

Every step she takes is much like she is dancing on the skateboard. Her Instagram account is full of skateboarding videos combining with music which attract millions of views and hundreds of comments per video.

It might look fun and simple, but actually, to perform like her, skaters need to be 100% focused on the skateboard to make sure that they won’t fall. This is a true talent. I consider her as a perfect example for a whole new skateboarding generation.

Talking about her fashion, Ko Hyojoo follows a casual and sporty style. This skater once shared that she loves to wear knee socks mix with short jeans while skating.

4. Beatrice Domond

Here is her Instagram account: @beatricedommond

Beatrice is a world-class skater from California, and she is also the only woman sponsored by Supreme’s skate team. She is very talented, right? Beatrice tended to push herself to succeed, and now her efforts are paid off.

You can subscribe her Youtube channel to see the breathtaking shots, which she has posted more than 120 skateboarding videos on this channel.

To Beatrice, skateboarding is life. She started skateboarding when she was 7, and this sport has become her passion since then. Beatrice Domond has an individualistic fashion sense, and she knows how to dress up.

Her style is quite rebellious and sporty as well. Instead of casual clothes, she chooses to wear colorful clothes which will definitely highlight her movements on the board.

Skating now becomes her full-time career, and I believe that she will have a very bright future with skateboarding.

5. Jina Lee

Here is her Instagram account: @JINA_E

Jina is an active Korean skateboarder. She usually updates her skateboarding activity on Instagram, especially when she gets to practice at the mini ramp.

It seems like she tries to conquer all the ramps she has met. Jina Lee has a good ability to maintain balance on the board and does freestyle skateboarding tricks. She drives herself to master this sport.

Her catchy butter flips and big spins on the skateboard will definitely thrill every follower on her Instagram account.

Some last words

Skateboarding is fun. The sport is a new way to challenge yourself, and it will be an excellent choice to keep your life active.

It is so popular and fun that it even got us ladies into it for decades already. Grab a skateboard, cruising skateboards all around and join us too. Let’s grow this community together.

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