9 Tips For Designing The Perfect Hot Sauce Label

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Looking for ways to make an interesting hot sauce label? Read on to learn how you can design the best hot sauce label.

What do you think attracts a customer first, the quality of a product, or the design? If your answer is the second you sure know how the design of your label can either make or break your business. And if it is a hot sauce you are trying to sell the stakes are even higher. The demand for authentic, homemade hot sauce is higher than ever; almost every household has this spicy condiment in the pantry. All the spicy food lovers are a sucker for a good bottle of sauce. And to them, the label is the first indicator of what lies inside.

best hot sauce label

If you want them to choose your brand out of all other brands from the store rack, you should put some thought into how you want to design the label. And we are here to help you with some pointers. Read on to learn some tips that you can follow to design the label.

1. Branding is the Key

hot sauce branding

While designing hot sauce bottle labels, the brand should be at the forefront of your mind. As some would say, a label is the silent ambassador of your brand. Select a design or pattern that will make your brand instantly recognizable to the customers; like you recognize a bottle of sriracha or Tabasco just by glancing at it. If you have several product lines, use the same color scheme, logo, and font for all the product labels.

2. Pay Attention to the Fonts

hot sauce fonts

The lowest size of fonts should be at least six. Create a hierarchy with font size. The product name and your brand should be the largest and all the information about ingredients, user instruction should be on the flip side and in the smallest fonts. Keep the spacing right for different lettering. If you are using several fonts, make sure they have something in common.

And avoid using different fonts for texts that depict similar information. For instance, instead of using two contradictory fonts for ingredients and user instruction, go with one. Try not to use cursive fonts as they tend to be unreadable most of the time.

3. Choose the Right Shape

hot sauce Right Shape label

The shape of the product label also dictates how a customer will take to the product. While most of the hot sauce bottle labels portray a rectangular shape, you can choose something different, an oval or circular, or even a cut out of the shape of your brand logo. However, a different shape other than a rectangular one might shrink the space for the texts and design.

4. Incorporate Unique Typography

hot sauce designing labels Typography

The power of typography often gets overlooked when it comes to designing labels for a hot sauce bottle. Well, it is understandable that it is easier to choose from the hundreds of fonts already available out there, but you can create a bold statement just by playing with the typography. Instead of opting for built-in fonts in your design software, you can come up with your own typography for the label design. If you are running short on time and need your product out in the market quickly, you can just try it with the logo.

5. Choose Durable Materials for the Label

hot sauce labels Materials

The material of a product label is vital for its design, especially for a product like hot sauce that stays in the kitchen, and runs the risk of getting wet or smudged and endures heat. From a college dorm room to a messy kitchen you never know where your hot sauce will end up when you have hot sauce obsessed people. The material of the label also dictates the print quality. Choose a material for the label that is waterproof, and durable.

6. Get Your Content Right

hot sauce label Content

Labels are the only way to share messages about the product to your customers. Decide on what you want to portray on your hot sauce label. Make a catchy headline that draws the eyes of customers. Don’t skip out on details of the spice level and ingredients from the label. Include how to store the hot sauce and the ideal temperature to store it.

7. Emphasize with Color and Contrast

hot sauce label color scheme

Hot sauce labels should be fun, casual, and full of colors, they might not need a sophisticated or somber color scheme of a wine bottle.  However, that doesn’t mean you have to make it a rainbow of color. If you want the color schemeto mirror the flavor of the hot sauce you can choose the warm color scheme.

The higher your hot sauce flavor goes on the spicy scale the higher you can go with the warm color scale. If it is a mild flavor hot sauce, you can use a cool color like purple with a tint of orange. Keeping in mind Instagram marketing, make sure the color scheme looks perfect both in real and in the virtual image.

8. Make It Stand Out

hot sauce Stand Out label

Human eyes are programmed to be drawn toward the different. Make your hot sauce label stand out from the other ten items that share the same grocery store rack as your hot sauce. Add at least one design element that will help buyers to decipher your brand right away just from looking at it. For instance, it could be clever wording or a logo.

9. Don’t Disregard the Readability

hot sauce label Readability

No matter how unique your hot sauce bottle label is, if it is unreadable to customers, no one will buy the product. Make sure you have clear contrasts between the background and your texts. The size of texts should be readable to customers even from a distance, especially the product name, and brand logo.

The way you prioritize what elements you put on the design, the space you leave out is also important to complement the elements. For further enhancement of readability, try segmenting different parts of the texts, keep a clear division of space, so each part has its weight on the label.

The Bottom Line

The label is the key marketing element for a hot sauce bottle. A successful label design requires several trials and errors. You are not going to come up with a stellar design the very first time you try. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment a little. Put into action what comes into your mind and develop the label design over time. But don’t change the design whimsically every few months. You can try out new designs for your hot sauce label on different occasions, like for a holiday edition or during thanksgiving and Christmas.

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