How do Student Register to Receive HBO Discounts

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Do you love HBO Now movies, and you’re wondering how to stream your favorite TV shows and movies without a huge subscription fee? Follow these steps to enjoy the HBO student discount and enjoy amazing TV shows and movies at a discount price.

Stream your Favorite HBO Movies and Television Shows with the HBO Student Discount

One of the most visited online streaming platforms is HBO Now. It is loaded with Television service content. It is an excellent option today that enables you to watch fantastic shows. Youths are now searching for the newest movies to stream. The year 2020 is loaded with excellent content. Everyone is searching for new movies and shows to stream because it can be quite boring and tiring staying at home. Students as well are searching for some incredible deals.

HBO Now homepage

This plan is made for you to explore and enjoy lots of content at a reduced price. In this article, we will be looking at the “HBO Now Student discount offer.” We will attempt to answer all the different questions regarding the HBO Now Student Discount Offer.

Is there a Student Discount Available on HBO Now?

HBO is an online streaming platform. Their user base streaming service is not as large as some other streaming platforms such as Netflix. Initially, HBO was giving discounts to its users. However, it is unavailable to new subscribers for now.

HBO Now Student Discount overview

Their offer ended a long ago. New users are currently unable to partake in the discount plan. The student discount was a well-known plan until some months back. For those who had been subscribers to this program before now can still enjoy the benefits. The subscription doesn’t cost much.

How to Sign up for HBO Now and Get Amazing Offer

Though the offer is currently unavailable, you can still register to enjoy amazing quality content. There are lots of shows you will enjoy watching. Having an online streaming service to stream any movies or TV series of your choice is a nice thing. Whenever you miss an episode, the HBO streaming Service allows you to stream that episode whenever you are free. This guide will help you out as you stream. Below are steps you should follow to get excellent results.

  • Step 1:

To begin to sign up for the amazing offer, access the HBO Now official site. The website’s homepage has many available amazing movies and shows. You will see a free trial button; click on it. For new users, you can only enjoy it for a maximum of 7 days.

HBO Now official site

  • Step 2:

Like other streaming services on the internet, you need to start by signing up for an account. Note that you will be required to fill in their email address, name, and generate a password. Make sure the password is well secured for maximum security. Make sure to tick all the T&C of the platform during your registration procedures.

HBO Now signing

  • Step 3:

Step 3 is the final step. This step is all about filling in your payment details. You can fill in your PayPal or credit card. This will enable you to begin the free trial period. Immediately you fill in your information, you will be entitled to the full offer the platform offers. The 7 days period will start immediately.

HBO Now payment details

Congratulations! You can now stream and enjoy amazing features using HBO Max.

HBO Now Student Discount Price

HBO student offer costs 9.99 dollars monthly; this includes tax. This offer entails the premium service accompanied by a huge subscription price. Students get some benefit when they use their student Identity Card. These days, people cannot get a discount by registering for a new HBO account. The fee is reasonable considering the high subscription. Using the platform often will increase the cost. Old users of HBO should not be bordered because their plan will be valid as far as the student offer is still active. HBO always verifies the student Identity Card of users to make sure that the offer is accessible to the student alone.

HBO Now Features

This amazing platform is fully loaded with lots of features. The streaming service is highly favorable to the masses in general. To get more subscribers, it is important to offer attractive deals, which is what HBO does. It also increases the value of your purchase. Below are some amazing features of the platform.

  • You can Stream on Multiple Devices

HBO Now on multiple devices

HBO Max is an excellent platform that helps you to stream many devices easily. You can download the movies and the shows on the platform. While viewing on the go, the HBO Max enables you to save data. Users of the HBO Max platform can play it on their laptops, Tablets, TVs, and smartphones simultaneously. It all depends on the service you wish to use.

  • It Provides a Collection of Original Shows

Original Shows on hbo now

A streaming program can expect excellent results when it has some outstanding originals. By making use of the service, you will have additional benefits. Nowadays, you get tons of original TV shows from thousands of streaming platforms. This encourages users to stream more. There are tons of content that HBO offers to its users monthly. The year 2020 has been one of a kind as the HBO platform ensures that its users are not bored with old TV shows.

  • Premium TV Shows and Movies

premium Television Studio by hbo

HBO is a premium Television Studio. They have lots of amazing content on their platform. We recommend the HBO platform to all our readers. The platform has great shows like Euphoria, Watchmen, Game of Thrones, and others. HBO is loaded with exclusives that users can invest in.

The year 2020 has been a year of great online entertainment content.

HBO Pricing

HBO Pricing

There is presently no available new subscription for the student discount offered by HBO Now. The HBO Max platform is available for you to sign up. Their fee is plausible, and it is the same as the previous service. You can get the HBO services at the rate of 14.99 dollars monthly. The price is a fair amount, and it ensures you don’t have to spend much streaming your favorite movie or TV show.

Though HBO Max does not offer a student discount, you can still stream amazing episodes for free. All you have to do is visit the “watch free” page of HBO Max.


HBO has always been one of the most popular streaming websites among movie lovers. The platform offers high-quality video content, which makes it stand out among other streaming sites. Even though it doesn’t directly offer a student discount, you are guaranteed amazing features, unique content, and high-quality videos. You won’t be disappointed visiting this great website for your streaming pleasure. Hopefully, this article can resolve all your questions about the HBO student discount and how to enjoy the offer. Make the most out of this service for your streaming pleasure.

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