A Beginner’s Guide to Gold in World of Warcraft

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You are starting a new journey in World of Warcraft and want to understand what gold is, how to get it easily in-game, and the fastest way to get it without having to buy WoW gold.

It can be a pain grinding those hours away trying to level up your character and make some coins. There are so many different opportunities that sometimes can be overwhelming and leave you scratching your head, wondering which way or option is the best route for you.

That's where we come in! You're lucky because our article will tell you everything you need to know about WoW Gold, why it's essential, and how best to earn it!

What is Gold, and How Can I Earn Gold in World of Warcraft?


What is gold in WoW is an interesting question that many have asked. In general, it is an in-game currency used as collateral for exchanges between players and players and the system. For example, you can perform many activities where the coins are needed as a service fee or a price tag.

Best examples for such are:

  • Buying or selling items in the auction house.
  • Using the funds to progress your profession levels faster.
  • Get yourself a pair of new boots or new fancy staff.
  • Visit an alchemist to buy some potions for the upcoming raid.

As you can see, there are many ways to use the glittering coins that drop from fighting mobs. When it comes to earning it, there are also multiple ways. Of course, you already know that mobs drop gold or items that can be sold for it. But there exist other ways like crafting – be it potions, gems, weapons, etc., and then trading or selling them to other players.

There is also the old-fashioned – non very productive way of completing all quests you see. They give you some gold, but if you plan to grind on it. It is better to look for rare mobs and farm them. Or simply join a dungeon raid and then sell the loot you get in the auction house.

How to Make the Best Use of My Time While Farming Gold?

How to Make the Best Use of My Time While Farming Gold

That is an excellent question that so few have asked!

When it comes to gaming, the primary purpose will be to have fun! That is why no matter if it is World of Warcraft or any other title out there. Earning the in-game currency should be a fun and enjoyable experience to pass through.

In the case of WoW, the best way to use your time while farming gold will be by doing something you enjoy. As you know, there are various ways of earning it. The thing here is that you have to pick what you want to do and focus on it.

Will it be hunting mobs or simply developing your crafting skill? That is up to you to decide on; you can even pick the dungeons and prepare to gather and sell items that drop from them. The goal you should have in mind will be to choose your path carefully to enjoy the process and not feel like you are grinding hours and hours for something that will feel like torture.

Note: It is advisable to try a few of the ways of farming gold. Try and see what fits you the best before stopping on one!

Methods on How to Get More Gold within a Day

How to Get More Gold within a Day

Oh boy, oh boy, want to grind tons of gold coins in a day? That is bold of you to do but far from impossible. Above, you could see how to obtain gold and how to choose it to have fun with the process.

But now it is time to share a few secrets with you on what brings the gold into your pocket in the fastest way!

The best suggestion we can give you is to pick either mount material farming. Or when you are tracking down and obliterating rare mobs. These two will be the most profitable ways, in our opinion.

When it comes to farming mount materials, it is good to know that this is something that never gets old. Like in World of Warcraft, everyone likes mount, flying, swimming, and any horse is welcome. In fact, numerous people collect them and are ready to pay tons of gold if you can get what they need! Thus farming for mounts is one of the most profitable ways – but it will also be one of the most reliable luck!

On the other hand, hunting rare mobs is something that is not so up to luck. But instead of how well informed you are and how fast you can kill them – while forming a team. With the mobs, it is essential to have information about where they spawn, the area of possible obstacles, and lastly, to have a well-rounded group formed. This way, you will be able to locate quickly, take the reward, and even sell it!


Assume you have read the whole piece. You now know what gold is, the best ways to get it, and how you can enjoy the entire process. Together with that, we informed you about the fastest ways of acquiring the coins, and now you are able to make an educated decision on how to do it!

We showed you that grinding for gold is not supposed to be brutal laboring torture but rather a fun and enjoyable experience. Thus it is not always necessary to suffer by doing something you do not like or buy. Instead, just find the way to get it and enjoy the game simultaneously, and you will be set and happy!

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