Guide to Earning Your CompTIA Security+ Credential: 4 Steps to Get Myriad of Opportunities

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As long as more and more companies moving their data online, security has slowly risen to the forefront as one of those areas that need more attention.

With massive amounts of data stored and moved around on various networks, including the Internet, it is essential to maintain adequate security practices to safeguard it. As a result, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is undoubtedly increasing too.

Even though it’s a relatively new field, IT organizations have been quick. They have launched their certifications for specialists looking to get into security with a set of validated skills and experience. Still, choosing the right credential among so many options can be a challenge.

At this point, you’ll have to search for information on different certifications to find out which of them is right for your needs. And in this article, we’ll provide you with the details of CompTIA’s Security+ badge, one of the most popular choices among novice professionals.

Study Guide for the CompTIA Security+ Credential

CompTIA Security+: Your Best Option

Why should you heavily consider earning the CompTIA Security+ certification? The first reason is that CompTIA has been around since 2002 and has become one of the benchmarks in the industry. Additionally, it is recognized by the US Department of Defense and complies with its strict requirements.

Also, Security+ credential is vendor-neutral, allowing you to work on different technologies and solutions and not be limited to a specific brand. This will give you flexibility with your career since you’ll be able to work with just about anything that involves security.

Being an entry-level badge, it validates your knowledge and skills in performing core security functions and dealing with threats and attacks. This certification will teach you how to identify vulnerabilities so you can close those holes and be ready whenever the system is compromised. You’ll also be exposed to the latest tools and technologies, enabling you to assess and troubleshoot your network’s security.

Your Certification Path

What’s great about earning CompTIA Certification Dumps is that they don’t have many prerequisites, you don’t even need a degree. However, it does help you if you have some sort of professional background when it comes to working with hardware, software, and networks. If you can get at least two years of hands-on experience, that would be best since you already have the foundational knowledge, and you don’t need to learn the basics.

Now, even if you don’t have any experience, you’ll still be able to earn your Security+ badge, it may require a bit more work, but it can certainly be done. Before opting for this badge you can earn A+ and Network+ credentials that will be an advantage for you.

To eventually obtain your CompTIA Security Plus SY0-501 Certification Questions , technically, you’ll only need to pass SY0-501 exam. No doubts, it can be challenging with 90 multiple-choice or performance-based questions needed to be completed in an hour and a half, giving you roughly a minute per item. But no time to worry, because a plan and good preparation will make your certification journey smooth.

Passing SY0-501 Exam: 4 Important Steps

Remember that SY0-501 test will cost you $349. That’s for every attempt, and this is why passing it on your first try is crucial. And this is where only the right preparation can help. So, let’s take some techniques that are going to help you overcome the exam.

  • Schedule your Test

Apart from just making a decision to take your exam, setting a firm date gives you the chance to allocate your preparation time more effectively. You can dedicate certain days for a particular topic, and other days simply answering practice tests. Doing this also helps your time management skills, which can come in handy during the exam.

  • Get professional training

CompTIA offers a training program for Security+, which involves the complete coverage of the exam objectives. It is going to streamline your preparation process and give you both knowledge and practical skills that you’ll need to pass the test.

  • Gather necessary resources

As part of your preparation, you can also get access to different review materials like study guides and sample questions. There are a lot of resources where you’ll be able to get quality ones, but CompTIA does offer their own too.

  • Answer lots of practice tests

A big part of taking IT certification exams like SY0-501 is confidence. The questions can sometimes be confusing, especially those that require you to choose the best answer. That’s why it is vital that you’re familiar with these types of tasks so you can tackle them easily on the day of the test. The best way to build this confidence and learn time management is by constantly answering a lot of practice tests.

Your Career Opportunities with Security+ Credential

Security+ is an excellent starting point for a career in cybersecurity. Although it’s not the best entry point to get into the IT industry, that’s the job of A+ or Network+ badges. You’ll still need the fundamental knowledge and experience that will make you be able to learn all the needed concepts.

However, Security+ is surely going to prepare you for work in the world of IT security. You’ll become eligible for several positions like a Systems or Network Administrator, Security Engineer, Security Consultant, and many more. Having this credential also gives you an excellent salary bump: according to, professionals with this badge can earn, on average, $74,000 annually.

Final Word

If you’re looking to climb the IT career ladder specializing in security, this is definitely the certification for you. Earning your Security+ credential can be a challenge but if you have the right tools and mindset to prepare, you’ll be able to obtain it on your first try. Follow the mentioned steps to pass SY0-501 exam and this will definitely bring you closer to becoming a cybersecurity professional.

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