6 Additional Ways To Grow Your Website Traffic

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There is no question that SEO is the lifeblood of any successful online business. It should always be a focus for any online marketing strategy, and its benefits are irreplaceable. However, there are also other brilliant techniques you can deploy to bring people to your site.

SEO Traffic

Let’s also not forget that Google updates and tweaks its algorithm multiple times a year, and some of these changes can have a significant impact on the number of visits your website gets. One major overhaul in 2013 affected about 90% of searches worldwide.

While some businesses see traffic doubling overnight after an update, others see their numbers drastically plummet. Knowing how to draw traffic from different sources will help you remain competitive when your main source of web traffic fails you.

Read on to learn how to get high-quality web traffic without only relying on SEO.

Localized Subdomains

If you are looking for ways to increase your traffic, localized subdomains will create more opportunities to reach out to new audiences in other countries. Not only are you increasing your website's visibility overseas, but you're enhancing the user experience of your non-English speaking audience.

According to Nimdzi, nine out of ten international users ignore a website if it is not in their native language, especially in Europe. This is why localizing your subdomains is beneficial for your website. You can also take advantage of the languages with massive native speakers but are less used on the web.

If you want to learn more about website localization, check this article out.

Online Advertising

Did you know that 46% of the total clicks go to the top three paid advertising positions? And that’s not all: Paid advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent. So, when you are looking to increase visits to your website instantly, you can’t afford to underestimate the importance of online advertising. It allows you to get your product in front of the right people.

To get high-quality traffic, advertise something that your target audience really wants and design an ad that entices them to click on it. There are many channels you can advertise on including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But it will depend on where your audience hangs around. Be sure to use ad tracking tools to determine the effectiveness of your ads.

Social Advertising 

With 2.789 billion active users, social media has everything you need to generate massive traffic to your site. And the good thing is that it isn't dependent on how SEO-friendly your site is. Any business that wants to keep its target audience engaged needs to have a social media presence.

You can join a number of social media sites, but you need to narrow down to those that your target audience uses.

To stand out from the crowd, you can’t just bombard people with ads asking for likes, subscriptions, and purchases. Social media users only engage with brands they resonate with.

So what do you do? Start establishing relationships with people by showing them you care and appreciate them by creating content that educates, entertains, and sparks interest. Just make sure you include your website’s link on your social media profile and posts.

Guest Blogging 

If you have just launched your site and you don't have a lot of visitors, guest blogging can help you attract traffic. It’s also an excellent strategy for any business that wants to discover new audiences.

A guest blog is when you create a post and publish it on someone else’s site to take advantage of their established visitors. So how do you use guest blogging to attract more visitors?

First, locate websites that are suited for your niche and accept guest posts. Second, choose sites that have a higher domain authority or influence than yours and contact them. Finally, create a compelling piece of content that matches the style of that site.

Once you provide value, their readers will take note and start visiting your site. Just make sure you include a strong call to action at the end to help the readers follow you to your site.

Blog Commenting 

One overlooked method of generating web traffic is commenting on blog posts. The truth is that Google doesn’t have all the answers to every consumer question. That’s why consumers head to comment sections to ask unique questions to real people.

Although it won’t swell your traffic numbers overnight, it will help you build a name for yourself in the long run.

First, identify high authority blogs related to your industry. Then comment on their posts regularly and respond to readers who ask questions. Be among the first to comment, and make sure your answers are insightful and add value to the discussion.

This technique showcases your expertise and helps you improve visibility as interested readers will click on your name to view your site.

Forum Marketing

Another underutilized traffic generation strategy is forum marketing using platforms such as Quora, Stackexchange, and Reddit. Not every consumer will ask questions in a blog comment section. Some will head to public, industry-specific, or community forums when they need help. Start by identifying at least three relevant forums.

If your business is in the home improvement space, for example, Google the niche (home improvement), add a plus sign (+) then the word (forum). The results will display all forums in your niche. Keep in mind that a forum is not a platform for you to aggressively market your business but rather a place for you to offer solid advice and have meaningful exchanges.

If a large number of people are experiencing a similar challenge, be the first to create a brief blog post on the forum about the issue, and provide a concrete answer that everyone will refer to and share. Remember, the more you contribute, the more eyeballs you get, and the more trust you build. With consistency, you'll start seeing increased traffic to your site.

Niche Influencers

It takes quite a lot to convince a consumer that your product is the best. Most people will only look at it when someone they trust recommends it. So, if you are a business and want to attract huge amounts of web traffic, partner with an influencer.

An influencer doesn't have to be a celebrity with millions of social media followers. It can be an industry expert, thought leader, podcast host, or a micro-influencer who has a few thousand highly dedicated followers.

Niche Influencers

Partnering with an influencer in your niche will help you send a message to a large number of people without requiring your own audience. Locate the ideal influencer by looking at your own social media followers, attending in-person business events, or using a third-party tool.

ust make sure their profile is related to what you offer. Approach them with an offer such as discounts or freebies in exchange for them recommending your product on their page.

Diversify Your Website Marketing Efforts

You can’t tell whether an upcoming Google algorithm update will hurt your SEO efforts and affect your revenue. To remain resilient and attract droves of visitors to your site, start adopting different website marketing strategies to ensure lasting success in your industry.

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