The 33 Best Grabify Alternatives in 2024

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Are you wondering about the best alternatives to Grabify? This list provides you with the top 33 best Grabify alternatives that enable you to shorten any long URL and perform lots of other functionalities.

What is Grabify?

Grabify is a tool used for grabbing IP and shortening URLs. It is basically web-based and free to use. In case you are wondering what the phrase ‘IP grabbing’ means, it is as its name suggests: it’s the act of grabbing or getting the IP address of people. Though there are several tools that you can use to get people’s addresses, our main focus will be Grabify. We are going for Grabify because it is simple and straight forward to use.

Grabify ip loggers

When you check Gabify on Google, you will see how well-known and popular it is. It is one of the most widely-used tools for getting people’s IP addresses. As of now, Grabify’s database boasts of over sixty-six million IP logs. It is also renowned for featuring on three various MTV’s Catfish episodes.

Now, let’s examine the various alternatives to Grabify.

Top 32 Similar Websites Like Grabify and Alternatives in 2022

1. Abstract IP Geolocation

Abstract IP geolocation API

Abstract's IP geolocation API is used by thousands worldwide for high accuracy IP lookups. Abstract offers a generous free plan with access to a vast array of data points.

Their daily updated database allows up to 500 requests per second and provides data to help geolocate any visitor. Abstract offers robust documentation for their APIs together with code snippets for almost every programming language.

2. Opentracker

Opentracker over view

The first one on our list of the top best Grabify alternatives is Opentracker. This tool is unique because it makes use of real-time analytics in order to help keep your clients engaged. Another important thing it does is makes you feel relaxed and watch as it engages your clients. It also provides you with a free trial as well functions as a professional analytic tool.

3. IP Address Locator

IPAddressLocator over view


The next on our list is IP Address Locator. In case you are wondering what it does, IP Address Locator is a tool you can use to Trace, Monitor, Track, Get, Search, Find, and Check IP addresses. It provides you with a free IP tracker in order to find IP addresses. With IP Address Locator, you can search IP addresses and find the location of any IP address.

4. ipTRACKERonline

ipTRACKERonline over view

ipTRACKERonline is a wonderful IP tracking tool you can make use of in order to monitor any IP address you wish to track. You can also use it to detect the location of the IP. With ipTRACKERonline, tracking IP addresses has predominantly become easier. It is one of the best IP tracking tools to use from IP geolocation to email header analysis. What is more fascinating about ipTRACKERonline? It doesn’t just help you track IP, it enables you to detect the location of the IP address as well.

5. ipstack

ipstack over view

Ipstack is one of the best Grabify alternatives you can use to detect or locate any visitor to a particular website. What is enticing about it is that it is practically free to use. Ipstack is a real-time IP address locator.

6. IP Address Info

IP Address Info over view

IP Address Info enables you to detect your private and public IP address. It is one of the best tools you can use to secure, optimize, and analyze internet connection.

7. IP Logger URL Shortener

IP Logger URL Shortener over view

With this amazing Grabify alternative, you can track any IP address as well as its location. IP Logger URL Shortener offers you amazing services such as looking up IP addresses. It makes use of IP informers and website counters.

8. IP Location

iplocation over view

Just as its name suggests, IP Location is a unique Grabify alternative that enables you to find the geographical location of any IP address. All you have to do is enter the IP address and it will show you the location in no time.

9. IPVoid

IPVoid over view

If you want to find out detailed information about any IP address, IPVoid helps you achieve that. It is a Grabify alternative that enables you to ping, lookup DNS, lookup whois, and check blacklisted IP addresses. With IPVoid, you can do a whole lot.

10. GeoSurf

GeoSurf over view

If you run an organization or a business and want a proxy network that can’t be blocked, GeoSurf can offer you that. By providing you with a proxy network that is unblockable, you will be able to access over two million IP addresses and over two thousand global locations.

11. Hostip

Hostip over view

This tool is a nice alternative to Grabify. As a renowned community, what Hostip does is to offer you an address database and an extended IP domain you can make use of to search for free.

12. IPligence

IPligence over view

IPligence is one of the best Grabify alternatives that enable you to find your website visitors’ IP location. It also enables you to find out their country, state, city, and lots more. It is entirely cheap and provides you with all the internet geolocation solutions you need.

13. Minetime

Minetime over view

See this tool as a Minecraft server. Minetime offers unlimited entertainment to both young and old. With this Grabify alternative, you can have fun, stay entertained, and make friends.

14. The Hack Today

The Hack Today over view

The Hack Today is a fascinating alternative to Grabify and deals on Cyber Security, Surveillance, Privacy, and Cyber Crime.

15. ShadyURL

ShadyURL over view

ShadyURL is a tool that doesn’t only enable you to shorten URLs, it also ensures it’s frightening and suspicious.

16. Find IP Address

Find IP Address over view

This tool does what its name says. It enables you to locate IP addresses by providing you with IP Locator Tracker and Free IP Address. With Find IP Address, you can also keep the location of any IP address hidden.

17. IP Logger

IP Logger over view

IP Logger helps you track and log IP addresses. It is a URL shortener that you can use to check your IP, engage in IP grabber services, lookup IP addresses, and track IP location.


HACKER9 over view

With HACKER9, you will be able to hack a Wi-Fi password, locate the IP address of someone from Instagram, monitor a phony Facebook account, and hack a Facebook account.

19. Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker over view

Mobile Tracker helps you track the IP address and trace the IP location of any site’s visitor who uses desktop and mobile devices such as Windows, iPad, iPhone, and Android phone. It is absolutely free to use Mobile Tracker’s basic mobile IP address tracking.

20. Dave's Tech Support

Dave's Tech Support

This amazing Grabify alternative is located in Holywood, Ireland. With this Dave’s Tech Support, you’ll be able to enjoy lots of efficient services such as computer repair.

21. SpyLink

SpyLink over view

SpyLink does the work of a spy by enabling you to locate a person plus his IP address. With this tool, you can also track the info and geographical location of the person’s computer. You can do this by generating a spy link.

22. Triggerbee

Triggerbee over view

With Triggerbee, you can do a whole lot such as activate, collect, and use the data of your customer in order to show personalized forms and content on your website.

23. IP Address Den


This alternative to Grabify offers you other IP address networking tools to help you lookup traceroute, ping, and lots more.

24. Telize

Telize over view

There are so many things you can do with this tool such as find the IP address of any visitor. Telize also lets you get detailed information of any IP address.

25. Ahref

ahref tools

Ahref is a fascinating tool that enables you to get paid (for getting visitors via your links) while sharing your links. Your payment can be received via Webmoney or Paypal.

26. Ally

Ally over view

Another Grabify alternative that enables you to get paid via link sharing is Ally. This tool also helps you shorten any URL. For every visitor you get through the links you shared, you will get paid. The lowest amount you can withdraw is 1.00 US dollars.

27. Binbucks

Binbucks over view

This tool functions as a Pastebin site and URL shortener. It is another Grabify alternative that enables you to get paid via sharing articles, codes, pastes, and links.

28. Flyt

Flyt over view

Flyt enables you to improve and manage your URLs using its link shortener. You can use it to also to track sales and shorten URLs.

29. IP Address Approval

IP Address Approval over view

If you want a simple means of enabling or blocking unwanted visitors from accessing your site, you should go for IP Address Approval. Its system enables you to do this effortlessly.

30. IP Donkey

IP Donkey over view

IP Donkey is used for validating both Public and Local IP Addresses for Tablet, Mobile, and Desktop devices through the use of web browsers such as Android OS, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

31. Hive

Hive over view

This tool is used for managing social media. It also functions as a tool for shortening links. What is most fascinating is that it is entirely free to use. You can try it out to enjoy its amazing features.

32. MooURL


MooURL is one of the best tools for shortening any long URL. The tool helps you shorten any long URL. All you have to do is paste the long link in the provided text space and it will do the work for you. This is unique because it allows you to copy the shortened link to your clipboard easily.

33. is an amazing tool both job-seekers and freelancers can use. Other professions that can also use service are Designers, Photographers, Creatives, and lots more.


This article has successfully examined the various top best Grabify alternatives. All the tools discussed in this article are 100% effective and offer amazing features. You can try them out today to enjoy their services.

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