11 Best Places to Buy Google Reviews in 2024 (Safe, Permanent, Lifetime)

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Do you want to get Google reviews, and you don’t know the right places to get them? This article is here to help. It provides you with the top best places where you can get quality and genuine Google reviews.

Businesses can use the Google Customer Reviews service to collect customer feedback on their website. You must have a Google Merchant account to participate in Google Customer Reviews. With Google’s aid, you don’t have to do any heavy lifting when gathering client feedback.

Sending an email to your customers asking for feedback on their experience with your brand is how Google accomplishes this. A simple survey form is sent to customers who opt to participate. Customers’ survey feedback can be posted on your website and other marketing platforms as testimonials and ratings.

They also play a role in determining Google’s seller ratings for merchants, including the average star rating and the number of ratings. The more stars a merchant has, the more reliable they are.

Benefits of Buying Google reviews

Benefits of Buying Google reviews

In section, I will quickly walk you through why you need Google reviews for your business or brand online. Below are some of the benefits you stand to gain from buying Google reviews for your business online.

1. Get a Positive Response

If you have a lot of favorable reviews on Google, you’ll be seen as a trustworthy brand by current and potential customers alike. They’ll start paying greater attention to anything you put out there, which will have a long-term impact on your brand.

2. Rapidly expand your clientele

Starting a new brand online is challenging since it takes time to build a customer base and establish a name for yourself in your niche. It may take years before you start seeing a return on your investment. I highly propose that you buy your Google reviews to get ahead of your competitors.

So you can spend less time attempting to build your customer base online and more time thinking about your brand and how to improve it and make sure that what people are seeing is the best possible representation of it.

3. Create a New Community

Having a lot of positive Google reviews is one of the most straightforward strategies to attract new customers. People frequently use Google to find a nearby local business that sells the product or service they intend to purchase. They use this to learn what others have to say about a firm before deciding whether or not to do business with it.

They are far more inclined to buy your product or service and return to do so in the future if they see a lot of favorable evaluations about your business. Building a new online community around your business is just as vital as it is in person, especially if you are a local business.

4. To Compete in the Real World

It would be great if you could just come up with a brilliant company idea, write up a business plan, and then effectively implement it. This is not the case, and the vast majority of firms fail within a few years after starting.

It’s essential to distinguish yourself from the competition in today’s industry, and one way to do so is to accumulate a large number of good Google reviews. The easier it will be for you to break into the market into which your niche falls, especially when establishing an online presence, the more favorable evaluations you will have on Google.

5. Allow for an Easier Online Transition

Aside from trying to improve your social media marketing approach as well as your hashtag strategy, if you already have an established business and have decided it is time to get online and extend your audience, you are going to be swamped.

All of this takes a lot of time, and you don’t need to worry about whether or not you’re receiving good ratings on Google. As I’ve discussed above, firms like the ones on this list can help alleviate some of the burdens of maintaining your internet reputation so that you can concentrate on other areas of your organization.

Top 11 Places to Buy Google reviews

1. GetAFollower

GetAFollower google review

  • Price: $25 for 1 Google Review for 1-2 days

GetAFollower is a wonderful option if you’re looking to acquire Google My Business reviews and Google Play reviews at the same time. It’s not the first time these guys have made a name for themselves, and their benefits include the ability to help those who are less fortunate.

With limited resources and a lack of credibility, they want to aid those who may be disadvantaged, such as those with little budgets or just starting. This type of consumer is better than a firm with a lot of money to spend on expanding its web presence.

If you want to purchase Google reviews, this organization can help you out with tailored features, which means that you will get relevant, in-depth evaluations about your business that can go a long way in your marketing efforts. Once you’ve worked with a company like this, people won’t be able to resist checking out your brand.

2. Media Mister

Media Mister google review

  • Price: $25 for 1 Google Review for 1-2 days

You can buy Google reviews from Media Mister because they can also help their clients with the purchase of reviews for Google My Business, as well as the purchase of reviews for Google Play. They’ve seen it all before, so I am confident in their ability to help their clients succeed in the ever-changing world of social media marketing and brand marketing.

Many options are available to you, and they can even chat to you about your brand’s visual identity and the goals you have for it in the next year so you can acquire the features that are most suited to your business.

Another great feature of Media Mister that can help you with your Google reviews is that they have a tiered pricing structure. You don’t have to buy a bulk bundle that includes features you may never use because you can pay per engagement.

3. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media google review

  • Price: $25 for 1 Google Review for 1-2 days

If you’re looking for a firm that can assist you with purchasing Google reviews securely and safely while also listening to your needs, Buy Real Media is an excellent choice. The first thing you’ll notice about this company’s website is that they have a chat window on their home page so that you can talk to them directly about your needs.

As a result, they can assist you in obtaining relevant and targeted Google Play reviews, allowing you to broaden the reach of your brand across several platforms at the same time. There is no limit to what they can do for you regarding social media.

With over a decade of experience developing features and perfecting abilities, I feel they are experts in their field who can provide you with answers you can only get from them. When you contact a business like this, you can rest assured that they will be able to assist you for many years to come.

4. Google Follower


  • Price:$10 for 1 Google Review per day

Google Follower is a wonderful option if you want to buy Google My Business reviews and make them appear as genuine as possible. There is a chat window here so that you can talk to them about your needs, much like some of the other services on this list.

At the top of their home page, they also feature a number of options for you to get in touch with them, indicating that they aren’t trying to be legitimate while hiding behind a lovely website. You can reach them either via email or Skype to speak with them immediately.

They claim that their prices range from 10 USD to 4500 USD and that their delivery time is between two and three days long. Your page URL, your message, and the location where you want your reviews to originate from are required. Google Follower goes into great depth on how they can help you succeed in Google reviews for years to come and why you should make the most of being able to acquire them.

5. GMB



  • Price: $6 for 1 Google Review per day

GMB remains one of the best options if you want to buy Google My Business reviews from a firm with a lengthy history in the market, and who knows what you want. With these folks, you’ll get 100 percent safe and long-lasting reviews, and the greatest part is that you won’t have to spend a lot of money on them.

They claim that their prices range from 5 USD to 3200 USD and that you have complete control over how they operate for you. As a result, you won’t have to pay for a large bundle of engagement that you won’t use, and you can choose how many good reviews you want to receive each day.

They claim to provide clients with evaluations that are both permanent and non-dropping, and they promise that you will receive your first review in as little as 24 hours after placing your order. Using actual people to maximize their features for their clients is what I enjoy most about GMB. They even go into great detail about how their reviews might benefit your brand through Google.

6. Online Boost Up

Online Boost Up

  • Price: $6 for 1 Google Review per day

In the world of online marketing, Online Boost Up may not be a name that you’ve heard of before, but trust me when I tell you that they have a stellar reputation. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a lot of money to invest because they can assist you in buying Google reviews swiftly and effectively on a budget.

As soon as you land on their website, a chat box will appear for you to begin a conversation about your first requirements. They also have a wealth of knowledge to address any queries you might have. After placing a purchase, you should expect to receive your first evaluations within 24 hours, according to the company’s claims.

You can also contact them via Skype, email, and even WhatsApp if there’s a problem with your review. As far as I can tell, these folks have all of their ducks in a row when it comes to supporting their customers, and I am convinced that they can assist you in any way possible.

7. Biz Boost Up

Biz Boost Up

  • Price: $18 for 3 Google Reviews

It’s easy to purchase Google reviews from Biz Boost Up. The best part is that they have Google reviews in all different categories, so all you have to do is select the one that resonates with you the most. They claim to provide consumers with reviews that are both permanent and safe, and their prices range from as low as 18 USD up to 4000 USD.

They promise to work on your Google reviews as soon as you’ve explained your requirements to them and will deliver your bundle on schedule. According to them, all of their reviews are based on live and authentic profiles, and they claim to give a rapid, professional service. Their method is 100 percent guaranteed to work, and they declare that in accordance with Google’s terms and conditions, they provide their customers with one to three reviews per day.

They also let the customer decide how many reviews they want to receive each day, giving them greater power over your experience with them. There are many ways to get in touch with them, including an email address and a live chat box if you purchase Google reviews from them.

What I like most about them is that they will replace any reviews that disappear for whatever reason. There is no need to worry because they will email you an engagement, and that’s it.

8. Buy Bulk Reviews

Buy Bulk Reviews google review

  • Price: $40 for 5 Google Reviews

Buy Bulk Reviews is a great alternative if you’re looking to buy Google reviews on a budget, and their pricing ranges from 2.97 USD to 1800 USD. You can choose the number of reviews you require, as well as the country from which they should originate, and then give them a link to the review request form. Because they offer a chatbox and a few more options for you to get in touch with them, Ivouch that they are legit and care about what their clients’ needs are.

9. The Lyrics World

The Lyrics World

  • Price: $25 for 5 Google Reviews

The Lyrics World is a newbie to this business of Google Review, but I can assure you that they’re well worth your time and attention. There is a lot of information on their website about why you should buy Google reviews, including claims that all testimonials are authentic. Because you don’t have to give them your password in exchange for these Google evaluations, the company claims they are of the highest caliber.

They are safe and long-lasting, and they say they are happy to provide their customers with on-time delivery and round-the-clock customer service. You don’t need to download anything to get their feedback, as long as you email them your page link.

You can get five reviews from them for 25 USD, while 100 reviews will cost you 500 USD. As a result, if you’re looking for help with your brand’s online presence in general, these guys are an amazing resource to have on your side.

10. Xeal Me

Xeal Me

  • Price: $6 for 1 Google review

Xeal Me is an excellent option for those who want to purchase Google reviews and need a company that can guarantee 100 percent authenticity. With Xeal Me, you will get genuine Google reviews. These reviews are favorable and non-drop, which implies that they won’t disappear after a week.

They assert that the testimonials they provide to their customers are genuine and active and that the profiles they provide are complete. If you’re worried about your Google reviews disappearing after a few days, you don’t have to because Xeal Me offers a speedier and more professional solution, so you don’t have to worry about it.

In my opinion, one to three Google reviews every day is a good level for avoiding suspicion while still growing your brand. To get in touch with their customer service team if you have any questions or concerns, a live chat log on their website specifically for that.

11. ACC farm

ACC farm

  • Price: $79.99 for 10 Google Reviews

ACC Farm is an excellent solution for those who are looking to purchase positive Google reviews from an established company that has an excellent reputation and can help you do so safely and privately. There are various factors and features to pick from, so you can go as exact as you need with your Google reviews, according to their cost, which starts at 4.99 USD. A feature of theirs allows them to help you delete bad Google reviews, so if your firm has been tarnished by bad reviews on Google, they can also help.

Each of the Google reviews they send to their customers is written by a genuine person with a 5-star rating, and you can add your text if you’d like to make it more personalized. Google evaluations will be sent to you gradually to appear more natural and legitimate.

They have a drip-feed tool for this purpose. A 30-day replacement guarantee is in place if any of your Google reviews disappear after a few days. To avoid having all of your Google reviews be five stars, you can even select an alternative rating. That’s certainly what I love about them.


Q. What Do I Need to Lookout For when Buying Google Reviews?

It is my opinion that customer support is one of the most important things to watch out for when purchasing Google reviews from a company. Even reviews you may not be signing up for an ongoing service, you need to know that you can get in touch with the company if something goes wrong because of the Google reviews you paid for.

Q. How Much Should I Pay for Google Reviews?

This is a tricky question because the cost will vary depending on the company you pick to get your Google reviews. I do, however, have a policy that is in the medium because I believe that you might pay too little or too much for your Google reviews. If a company is charging exorbitantly high prices, you should avoid them, and if they’re charging too little and their pricing seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Q. Why Do I Want to Buy Google Reviews?

I can think of many reasons why you might wish to buy reviews on Google. When it comes to internet businesses, one of the most compelling arguments is that the more attractive you appear to Google, the more likely you are to attract new customers and retain your current ones. In a highly competitive industry, this will provide you an advantage over your rivals and allow you to maintain your relevance.


All kinds of businesses and industries have an internet presence to assist them in reaching new customers who they wouldn’t have otherwise encountered in real life. However, building a brand online isn’t always a bed of roses, and it only takes one bad review to ruin all you’ve worked so hard for.

The best way to protect your internet reputation and make sure that only positive things are being mentioned about your business is to deal with a company that specializes in helping people buy Google reviews or Google My Business evaluations. This is exactly what this article has helped you achieve. You can choose from the companies on this list and see how they best serve your need.

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