How to Get Your Music on the Top Charts

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Getting to the top of the music chart is the dream of every musician most especially if you are an up and coming one.

Making money from music is not the reason why people dive into the singing profession, but also so that you get to see your hard work stay at the top of the music chart.

Getting your music to the top spot on the chart might seem as an impossible and arduous task, but it is highly achievable with persistence and dedication. The music world is changing and there have been some alterations on how the chart numbers are created which has made it easier for up-and-coming artistes to get their arts on the top music charts.


Although it is now easier to get your music on top of the charts, still there is the need for you to put an incredible amount of work to get your arts recognized and stay on top of the charts. There are therefore some tips and guidelines that we have compiled here to follow and will assist you to finally break into topping well-distinguished charts such as the Billboard top charts.

What You can do to Make Your Music Stay at the Trend Table

Below are some of the steps you can follow to get your music on top of the trend table;

1. Hyping your Music

Promoting your musics

Promoting your music should be the top of your priority if you wish to get your music on the top music charts. Hyping your music to the global audience requires that you set up a plan for your PR. This involves creative active and interactive accounts on the social media that will help to advance your music to the global audience.

This is one major work we do at Show4me as we help to let people know about your new song when it is coming, when it is finally dropped and also reminding the global audience consistently to still check and listen to your released music.

2. Sell it at a Cheaper Price

Sell music

This isn’t most likely what most musicians will like to hear but in order to get your music up the chart table quickly and easily, you need to make the sacrifice of making your music readily available at a cheap rate.

As an up-and-coming artiste most importantly, you need to make your music price lower especially during the first few weeks of release as this will help to propel the exponential growth of your music as well as the popularity among your audience.

3. Get Some Radio Attention

Get Some Radio Attention 

Having your music get a few plays on the radio airwave can serve as a meaningful impact on getting your music to do numbers on the top music charts. You need to therefore try to get some stations either college stations or otherwise to spin your newly released music a few times on their airwaves as this will count towards your music getting into the charts.

Getting your music on the radio is a really tough process you can seem to use in promoting your music especially if your career is still on the rise. You can therefore put this on hold at least till when you can get to hire a radio promoter to push your music.

4. Make your Fans Hit Replay

music fans

Reaching to your fans is very important. Get to be in touch with your fans and plead with them to hit replays of your song as this will help to make your released music do numbers and push it up on top of the charts.

Replays count as different streams of the music at least to some certain points which further adds up to the numbers which your music will do.

5. Post Several Versions

Several Versions music

This is really important if you wish to get your music on top of the charts. So many charts recognize different tunes of the same music as one which counts as an advantage to adding numbers on the music on top of the charts.

You should then feel free to release your music as singles, remixes, acappella versions, instrumental performance and so on as this helps to further boosts up your music on top of the charts.

In fact, this method not only help to add numbers to your music but also helps to generate more money from the streaming outlets especially if a version of your released music gets viral in ways you’d never expected.

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