5 Ways To Get Free Likes On Instagram Without Hashtags

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Instagram is a space where the rush is always on the engagement. It is the basis of all of it from top to toe. So, how you do, what you do matters at every step of the process. You cannot make haste, nor can you slow down.

You have to also keep up with the trends to fit in. It is a constant procedure and there are no particular steps to it.

In that midst, there is a prior convention that supports the idea that only hashtags can gather your engagement, precisely likes. But, even though hashtags are not something that can be ignored on the ‘gram, there are other factors that can be of major help in this regard.

So, in this blog, we are going to discuss the same.

5 Ways To Get Free Likes On Instagram Without Hashtags

There are a few ways that can help out in this regard.

1. Proper Bio

Proper Bio

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Your bio is your cover page and so your first impression. Whatever you write there covers a vital part of what your audience makes an impression of you.

Also, it is not just about the writing. It is also about how your profile picture and your highlights come into the scene. These spaces tend to look clumsy in a minute, so make sure you avoid that at any cost.

Also, with the idea of making the bio look chic, do not make it look complex. At the end of the day, you want your audience to know what you bring to the table with your bio.

You must be very clear about what you are there for. Your niche and your specialty in that. The portrayal of the same without making it look obvious is the real game.

Plus, you are provided with a limited number of words, so keep it simple and to the point. Add “call to action” as well. Instead of making it wordy, try making it look interesting.

It is an art that you must excel at if you are trying to make a mark on Instagram. Now, about getting likes through that.

If your bio catches the eye, it will fetch you followers and with that likes automatically follows. So, it brings to you not just engagement on one post, but for all of it.

2. Good Captions

Good Captions

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Stress on the captions. This is an issue with many creators for an unknown reason. Your caption strengthens your Instagram game in a great way. So, you must know what you are dealing with.

A caption is where you describe your post. Sometimes you just give an idea of the background scenario, sometimes you raise a question, or sometimes you just write anything relevant.

There is no convention that has to be followed. The only factor that you need to consider while writing a caption is that your audience must find it interesting.

Sometimes, if it is video content, you can give the key to the same on the caption, so that the ones who are scrolling down can at least give it a look.

At times the caption can be very descriptive.  If you talk about something that needs a broader description, you can always make use of the caption.  Keep it paragraphed and do not make minor mistakes, you are sure to impress your followers.

Your caption can enhance the show of your content and your feed as well. So, acknowledge it before it is late.

3. Host Giveaways

Host Giveaways

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This way you are making an investment for your purpose. But, if the same gets you likes, where even is the harm.

You have the liberty of choosing what you are rewarding. But, that has to be something people will like to make an effort. The best way is to categorize or give away at least three rewards.

Also, do not make uncertain demands. Keep it very balanced that your users find it worth participating in. That is how you roll and there is no other way to that.

Hosting giveaways can get you a great number of likesas you are practically buying. Along with that, it will also gain you more followers. Some may step back after the whole scenario is done. But, this way you get introduced to a larger number of people.

That is a great plus point. If you have the amount to spend,  you can keep doing this somewhat frequently.

4. Mentioning Locations

Mentioning Locations

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This is another great way of getting likes and also getting engagement to your profile. Instagram provides an option to mention the location of the place you are making the post.

So, if you are traveling or merely working in your office, you can always do that. This is a must when you are visiting a very hyped place. Folks often tend to search posts on locations and thus you can also be distinguished with a certain number of users.

So, people can come across your post and profile even without following and there is no use of the hashtag whatsoever.

Also, while one searches for a location, they are brought to a space with two sections. One says top and the other says recent. If you have a good number of followers or you get a good number of likes, your post can make it to the top section.

Thus, it will be visible to anyone trying to access content from the said location. On the other hand, if you just posted the content, it will make its way to the recent section.

Also, if your post gathers the interest of users, they might end up looking at your profile and clicking on the blue follow button.

5. Using Stories Properly

Using Stories Properly

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Your story is currently the most loved thing about Instagram. Some users use Instagram for a limited amount. Even such people, also tend to make their way to the stories even for once.

So, staying active on the same does not come with options. You have to give regular updates on your work in that space. The recent update of Instagram has brought the option of likes on stories as well.

But our concern here is how to use them to get likes on posts. So, let us talk about that.

For that, the first and foremost thing is to share each and every post on the stories. The algorithm is very tricky and not so smooth, so it is very likely that your posts can miss out on the feed of your followers.

Sharing the same in your stories, you are making it accessible for most users so that is a great thing. If it is big content, you can share the tits and bits and hide the same with GIFs, thus gaining interest.

Work smartly in this regard. You can share glimpses and BTS of any big project you are working on. That can easily make a percentage of your followers look for your content, so it is working out on your side.

Wrapping Up

In this blog, we have given a detailed idea on how to get likes on Instagram. The idea here is to work against the convention that hashtag is the only way through.

But, here we have provided you with other ways that can work tremendously in your favor if you take care of them.

Also, it is important to mention that hashtags without these certainly cannot help you as much. So, your content and your representation have a great role to play along with your promotion.

You have to balance all of it if you want to succeed in this field.

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