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GeoSurf is a residential IP proxies provider and it provides these proxies at a very reasonable price. Their proxies packages are very versatile and they meet the needs of most of the people out there.

GeoSurf also provides matchless VPN services as it has changed the way IP addresses are switched. The proxies provided by GeoSurf are an ideal option for web crawling, data harvesting, sneaker/shoe bots, and Ad Verification.

This platform is the first toolbar that has introduced the option of using the residential IP proxies based on the users’ needs. This provider is perfect for those who need to target specific regions or areas for geo targeting or running advertising campaigns.

GeoSurf Review

geosurf proxies

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GeoSurf Review

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Features of GeoSurf

GeoSurf Features

Proxy providers are getting more popular over the decade and more companies are starting to sell proxies. The competition among proxy providers is huge and GeoSurf has emerged as a successful one. Since there are hundreds and thousands of proxy providers available on the web, it gets very difficult for the users to choose one.

However, the following features of GeoSurf will make you easier to make a decision regarding this proxy provider:


GeoSurf provides safe and secure services to its users. All the servers are self-owned and the datacenters are located around the world. This gives a secure environment to the users so that they can browse easily through different types of web content.

Also, GeoSurf proxy providers have signed a legal bond to ensure security and privacy for their customers. The data centers are protected and monitored and there is complete disclosure of personal information. Also, the users get to view the content like a local user.

Unlimited IPs

GeoSurf IPs

Another important feature of this proxy provider is that they provide unlimited IPs so that the user’s identity is masked and the IP doesn’t get banned or blacklisted.

Every request is assigned with a new IP and there is API for simplicity and easy accessibility of the user. This makes it easier for users to search for local content and limited edition items from other countries.


The VPN provided by this software can be used on a smartphone as well as on your desktop because of the compatibility. You can easily go to the provider’s website and download the desktop applications from there.

The apps for iOS and Android are also available on their respective play stores. You can also easily change your IP using the browser's extensions. The compatibility is one of the most important features in the IP switching technology which other proxy providers don’t offer.


geosurf location

GeoSurf provides residential IP proxies of over 130 countries around the world and more than 192 locations. These proxies help in accessing those websites or content that are geologically restricted. The proxies cover most of the countries and almost every region in the world.

You can also use a particular address from a city which makes it even easier for the user to access the restricted content. There are 64 gateways available and 25 DMA (Designated Market Areas) for the major U.S markets such as San Francisco, Sacramento, St Louis, San Diego, and Seattle.

The proxies provided by this provider also support countries such as Spain, Australia, Egypt, Russia, Canada, Germany, France, China, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, Sweden, South Africa, Greece, and more.

Intelligent search function

GeoSurf intelligent search function allows the users to search for a specific publishers, advertisers, campaigns, and mediators by name along with a 360-degree view of the marketing strategies on the net.

Also, this intelligent search function will give you suggestions for the possible search you’re typing in the search field. This feature makes it very helpful as it provides users with an open-ended way of viewing the data.


According to GeoSurf users, the speed offered is more than the regular connections. This is a good claim by the users because getting a good speed as compared to a regular connection is very impressive.

GeoSurf has managed to offer great speeds because of Automatic Bandwidth Optimization. Their proxies are thus perfect for users who want to scrape large amounts of data in lesser time periods.


Flexibility and ease of use is another feature that GeoSurf offers. The provider offers a variety of features and flexibility to the users and there are various software solutions according to the users’ needs.

There is a great diversity of products and plans and there are diversities in the IP addresses too. When you buy a particular package from GeoSurf you get to different residential IP addresses you get two types of residential IPs: High Rotation and Sticky. Also, you can access a service or website from a particular location if you want to.

Sticky IP Gateways

Sticky IP Gateways

Sticky IP addresses allow the users to keep a session active by maintaining the persistence time for a longer period. The Sticky residential IP provides gateways that help in maintaining the support session persistence and allows the users to get a time limit of up to 10 minutes. These Sticky IPs also provide gateways to various countries such as US, UK, Thailand, France, and more. You can also log on to the dashboard to get the details on other countries.

When you’re using a particular IP and the time expires, your IP address will change and the process will continue. There are specific addresses for the Sticky IP gateway in which the country code comes first, then its duration, and then the for a particular gateway and the port range.

High rotation Gateways

High rotation Gateways

High rotation gateways are needed in such situations when you need to change the IP address frequently. There are people who change their IP addresses manually but that is very time-consuming.

The IP addresses with high rotation gateways change automatically with the Geosurf algorithm. This is a very important feature as it prevents you from being banned by a service or a website. The high rotation gateways have a different port number and same domain but the Sticky IP has a different domain.

Proxies for sneaker bots

sneaker residential ips proxy

GeoSurf residential IP proxies are perfect for copping sneakers. These proxies are good for supercopbot, ANB, aiobot, BNB, supremebot, nikeslayer, and more.

Most of the service providers offer datacenter proxies which can easily get blocked by various sneaker websites. Most of the big websites such as Nike, Sneaker-n-Stuff, Supreme, and FootAction can easily block the datacenter proxies.

Customer support

GeoSurf offers an amazing customer support which improves the experience even more. GeoSurf uses a ticket based system to provide support to their customers. The customers can also contact any representative using the phone number, email, or Skype. If you have any unanswered queries, you can go through the FAQ section on their website.


GeoSurf pricing

If we compare the prices of GeoSurf to its competitors, the prices are quite high. However, the services provided by GeoSurf are matchless and the performance of their proxies is matchless.

They offer more than 130 locations around the world, a programmer-friendly API, great customer support, and unlimited amounts of threads and connections. So, even though the price is high but the features and performance provided by the service provider make it worth.


GeoSurf is a well-known proxy provider and they also allow you to upgrade or downgrade the plan anytime you want. So, if you have already purchased a plan or package and want to get more or less, you can do it without hesitation. The customer support is great and you can also cancel your purchase anytime you want.

The Residential IP proxies provide around 2 million residential connections across the world and the proxy network has more than 10,000 IPs. The service provider offers a good solution for all kinds of data harvesting and the good thing is that each request is provided with a new IP.

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