Geek TV: 10 Best Alternatives to Online GeekTV in 2024

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Are you a movie enthusiast who is looking for a platform that is worth your time and money? Do you find it hard to get a reliable site to feed your hunger for great movies or video experience conveniently?

If yes, worry no more because this article will explain your queries.

With the growing number of teenagers, children, and adults who are attracted to streaming platforms to fulfill their entertainment desires, different movie platforms have popped up. Geek TV is one of those platforms that has been providing streaming services for years, making it gain good reputations among users.

Geek TV not working?

But of late, tons of apps have emerged with some amazing features such as allowing users to watch and stream their favorite TV shows and TV episodes every day. This article briefly looks at 10 Geek TV alternatives.

Top 10 GeekTV Alternatives to watch free streaming movies & TV series

1. Putlockers


Even though Putlockers2 mainly focus on Hollywood movie streaming, it is one of the best Geek TV alternatives. The platform has gained global popularity because of its ability to offer regularly updated TV shows and movies, making it a center of interest to many movie enthusiasts.

The streaming platform has movies categorized into different genres. Moreover, the platform allows you to ask for videos of your interest and those that suit your personal preferences.

This streaming platform has also won the heart of users due to the high definition videos available for streaming.

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Key Features of Putlockers:

  • Focuses mainly on Hollywood content.
  • Has different movie genres, a majority of which are in HD content.
  • Has no sign-ups.

2. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is among the best alternatives to Geek TV. The website has gained a positive reputation in the recent past due to its impressive collection of free movies for streaming.

It is a contender in this list as the best alternative to Geek TV because users can stream their favorite TV shows without having a user account. The platform contains tons of films and TV shows, thanks to its massive database.

Furthermore, the platform contains different genres of movies like action, mystery, documentaries, among others, which are easy to stream.

Key Features of Popcorn Flix:

  • Easy to navigate user interface.
  • Movies are well-categorized.
  • The site has a built-in media player which allow users to adjust volume or adjust to full-screen.
  • The platform has short commercial ads.
  • This site has the search option to enable you to enable you to find your favorite TV show or movie.

3. YouTube


YouTube is by far the most popular platform for streaming and downloading your favorite movies. The platform has a worldwide presence, with an extensive network of users and tons of videos, music clips, TV shows, and documentaries, among others.

YouTube, however, restricts specific content on the platform, but still, there is an impressive collection of legitimateTV shows and movies on this site.

Like its peers, YouTube has the search option that allows users to enter the keyword of their search item. That saves you significant time in getting your popular content on the site.

For more than one occasion, copyright issues have landed the platform in legal troubles. That’s why YouTube is very strict on the content uploaded on the site. YouTube proves to be one of the best video sharing platforms, with not many requirements to view your desired content other than the internet and a device.

With its worldwide presence, you can never miss whatever content you are looking for on this platform, making it one of the best Geek TV alternative.

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Key Features of You Tube:

  • Has a search option.
  • A massive database which stores a vast collection of movies, music documentaries, among others.

4. ZMovies


ZMovies is another similar site to Geek TV. The site allows free streaming of movies, allowing users to access an impressive collection of videos of varying quality. This site does not have any complicated procedure to watch a movie. All you have to do is click on the movie which interests you and then wait for it to load and play.

What’s more?ZMovies has the search function that enables you to find the movie of your interest on the site. The site has an extensive collection of videos of different genres ranging from actions, documentaries, comedies, horror, romance, and many others.

Key Features of ZMovies:

  • This site allows users to watch movies in HD.
  • The site has a massive collection of movies.

5. Time to watch

Time to watch

This site has a simple but interactive user interface, making it one of the best alternatives to Geek TV. This streaming site contains no commercials or other annoying popups, hence enhancing your streaming experience. One noticeable aspect about this website is that below each video, there is an indication of the people who have viewed it, the length of the video, and the number of comments.

Key Features of Time to watch:

  • Timetowatch doesn’t require users to register to access the site.
  • The absence of commercials or popups.

6. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Even though this streaming platform is region specific, it is one of the best alternatives to Geek TV, allowing users to watch movies or TV series. Like some of its peers, Sony Crackle has free registration. Moreover, libraries are arranged according to the different genres, allowing you to catch up with all the exciting stuff easily.

Key Features of Sony Crackle:

  • Free registration
  • Well-arranged libraries.

7. VioozHD


Closing this list is at number ten is VioozHD. Even though the sites remains the least popular in this list, it is one of the best Geek TV alternatives. The site's domain has kept on changing from time to time due to privacy issues, but its reputation has always remained intact.

This streaming platform has a massive database containing movies and TV shows of various genres ranging from horror, comedy, romance, thriller, action, among others. One does not require registration to enjoy content; there are always tons of free movies for download.

Key Features of VioozHD:

  • At the homepage, one can change the theme from white to black or black to white.
  • One can stream movies for free.

8. Netflix


Netflix is very much similar to Geek TV. This streaming platform is one of the best alternatives to Geek TV because it allows users to access it with just an internet connection and stream their favorite TV shows or movies.

One significant advantage of this streaming platform is that one can access it using any internet-accessing device such as smart TV, mobile handsets, computers, among others, thus making Netflix gain popularity as days pass.

Even though Netflix is a premium website, one can get a 30-day trial upon sign up and enjoy free streaming services. After that, users are required to choose pocket-friendly packages that fit their preferences and budget. You can also terminate the subscription in cases where you no longer need it, or you have a change of heart. One fantastic aspect that makes Netflix stand out among its peers is that it allows users to watch a movie on its release date.

Key Features of Netflix:

  • A 30-day free trial.
  • Content streaming on the release date.
  • It is not a free streaming platform. But the subscription packages are pocket-friendly.

9. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another Geek TV alternative site. As the name suggests, this video on demand platform is owned and operated by Amazon which offers YV shows or movies for rent or purchase.

The site has gained popularity due to its massive library containing movies of the various genre. The platform is premium, which allows users to subscribe to their favorite package. The most sought after the package is an annual subscription which gives users access to the impressive collection of movies or TV shows.

With the dynamic demands in the entertainment world, Amazon included other shows on that platform, purposely to meet the different customer’s need. Content on the platform is either free or premium, thus allowing users to go for preference they feel are quite affordable.

One remarkable reason why this platform has gained popularity among users is its ability to provide a refund in situations where users experience buffering or having critical issues during playback.

Key Features of Amazon Prime Video:

  • Refund policy which applies in case of critical system failures.
  • An impressive collection of movies and TV shows.

10. Showbox


Showbox is another streaming platform similar to Geek TV. You can install the Showbox app in case you have a smart TV to watch TV series and movies. One fantastic aspect that makes Showbox a contender in this list is that it gives crucial news about TV shows or movies, hence keeping you updated.

Moreover, Showbox allows users to download their favorite movies or shows and watch them at their convenience. When it comes to video quality, Showbox scores beyond the board. You can view and download an extensive collection of videos with qualities ranging from 720p – 1080p.

One remarkable aspect of the app is that it allows users to watch movie and trailers without exiting the app. Moreover, the impressive collection of videos and TV shows can be sorted according to the year released and the movie genre.

Furthermore, Showbox provides an option where you can add movies to the favorites list to enable you to watch the movies at your convenience.Showbox has its own in-built media player to make it easy streaming either on the VLC or MX media players.

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Key Features of Showbox:

  • You can stream and download your favorite movie or TV show.
  • Has an in-built media player.
  • Allows users to save movies or TV shows to be watched later.
  • Gives users a sneak peek of an upcoming movie or TV show.

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