Why Your Gaming Desk Should be a Standing Desk

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Playing video games is an exciting process. When plunged into a new story, one can hardly resist the temptation to experience it with his character for more than just two-three hours. Nevertheless, continuous motionless might cause significant harm to your health. How to avoid this issue?

While enjoying a favorite video game, we often forget about the comfort of our bodies. The hours spent sitting in front of the PCs are as harmful as the hours spent sitting in a cubicle. The manufacturers like Progressive Desk are attentive to such details and can assure you about height-adjustable desk profitability. Moreover, such a desk will have a custom design, to give you the required flexibility and comfort.

Motionless for hours causes many types of pains upon the game completion. How to play a game without stress for your body?

Standing Desk for Gamers

High-performance gaming needs a high-performance gaming desk. It can be armed with various tools and components, ensuring comfort and the maximum of gaming potential for a gamer:

  • Wireless headset;
  • Wireless keyboard;
  • Wireless gamepad;
  • Several monitors.

But there is such a diverse choice of desks for gamers on the market, does it make sense to replace them with standing desks?

Is a Standing Desk Good for Gaming?

Standing Desk

A standing desk is undoubtedly the right choice for any gamer. Although it might seem uncomfortable to stand while gaming at first, the impression will step on ultimately.

What advantages standing offers for health compared to sitting and lying?

Reduction of back, shoulder, and neck pain;

It accommodates a wide range of heights;

Better posture;

A decrease in blood pressure;

Increased energy expenditure;

Better focus on the gaming process;

How to Choose a Standing Gaming Desk?

While choosing a standing desk, you should focus on the following features:

  • Even slight shakiness might spoil the overall performance;
  • Easy shift from standing to sitting (and vice versa) throughout your workday. It allows you to quickly raise or lower your desk to alternate between sitting and standing;
  • Easy to clean. When gaming, people often have a snack by the computer. Make sure that the desk will be easy to clean if necessary;
  • Enough space. If you have a multi-monitor set up for gaming, the desk should be big enough to house it.

Where to Buy a Gaming Desk?

Normally, the electric desks for gamers come at $590 – $710. Moreover, when buying an expensive electric desk, it might still lack enough space to house the necessary sets.

Is there any way out?  Of course, because you always have an opportunity to make your perfect desk fully custom.

Thus, if you experience back pains from time to time and wish to improve your gaming, an electric standing desk the best choice for changing your life in a better way!

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