Top 6 Games for Fishing Lovers

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Watching horses and fish is the most relaxing pastime. Looking at them you meditate and forget about your daily problems. But these activities can cost you a penny. However, you can spend much less on them. If you love horses, use the Best Horse Racing Betting Site and bet on your favorite. And if you want to try fishing, these free games are the best for you.

1. Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

This is one of the most famous fishing simulators that professional fishermen berate as often as they praise it. The game has received mostly positive reviews, and not only for its modern graphics.

The game is offline, the Internet is required only for the network mode, which allows several players to fish simultaneously on the same map. Before choosing the location, the player can determine the level of difficulty.

There is also a “Sandbox” option, where you have all the skills and equipment immediately unlocked, but you cannot get to the ratings and leaderboards. There is even fishing on a lake covered with ice. If you play online, you can set the number of players and the time when the game ends (the winner is the one who fishes more, it is clear).

Next, the player gets into the store, where he buys a fishing rod, line, hooks, bait, spoons, etc.

2. Fishing Planet

This product is unique for many reasons. First, the game is free. Second, it was developed by professional fishermen. Third, even in 2021, the graphics look amazing.

In Fishing Planet, the photorealistic graphics, locations and accessories look nice and well detailed. In terms of mechanics, everything is simple – you choose a map, tackle, start fishing. And then suddenly you are faced with a lot of nuances. Whips of rods, lines, and reels can break.

Fish are unexpectedly smart, each species even has a different type of attack on the bobber. The fish acts according to the time of day, weather conditions, and the player's fishing style. The weather changes dynamically.

For bait and provocation, the most realistic aerodynamic and hydrodynamic environment is implemented, which, combined with the elaborated physics of the water surface sometimes makes you think that you really are on the lake, and not at home.

3. Fisher Online

Fisher Online

The word “online” in the title in no way indicates that you will not be alone in the location. You just can't play offline. Gameplay is a typical fishing simulator with some curious mechanics, nice graphics and great atmosphere.

The game features 8 locations with dynamic change of weather and time of day. Game day is equal to the real two hours. The player can freely move around the location on foot or by boat. Traditional fishing techniques – float, spinning, fly fishing, bottom fishing. A mass of fishing rods, all kinds of bait and bait even more.

4. Atom Fishing II

Now this is really something unusual. How do you like a fishing simulator in a post-apocalyptic setting? And it is a full-fledged MMO project, that is, in the locations of the mass of other users who want to catch fish, not for any ratings, and not to die of hunger.

Fishing here is not so realistic, but to call it casual still can not. The fish's AI is quite simple, but it may well snap, if you hesitate. And you can also easily break the fishing line. Caught fish is mostly sold, because food is now worth its weight in gold. For the money you get a variety of small items, you can also get them for completing simple quests.

5. Professional Fishing

Professional Fishing

This is another free fishing simulator, which many consider the benchmark of the genre. In accordance with the name, the fishing here is really professional. The emphasis on realism is enough for the game to be called hardcore, the threshold of entry is quite high.

There are plenty of beautiful locations in which you can freely navigate on your own or on a water vehicle. And then there is the ATV, and here we have a little off-road racing simulator! Dozens of fish species and hundreds of tackle combinations.

6. Ice Lakes

Why not add a little indie to our top? Ice Lakes is a well-known and popular project that remains a fishing simulator in spite of a lot of explicitly trashy gameplay elements.

The game features only one type of fishing – ice fishing. And the player must do everything himself – and a place to find a good, and drill a hole. And then cook the fish. To make it tasty, you need seasonings. They are purchased in the store, along with the bait, lures, tackle and other equipment. At this point, there are 23 free-ranging maps and 35 species of fish.

The fish are pretty smart, each with their own strategies for behavior. The time of day and weather are variable and unpredictable. There are three seasons – fall, spring, and winter. The seasons differ not only in scenery, but also in the fish species available and their behavior. About the bear, by the way, we did not joke, on some “wild” maps it really is.

A special feature of the game – online mode for up to 32 players on the server. You can arrange tournaments and duels, there is even a kind of Battle Royal, where those who catch less than the rest drop out. At the same time, the catching process itself is quite realistic and even hardcore, so you have to train a lot!

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