The secret to Game Boosting without playing by yourself

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Do you want to get MMR / Elo Boosting without taking your time? That may sound weird for video game players, but buying in-game boosts is a frequent thing for about 15 years already even if they are not often talking about it.

Since the increase of massively multiplayer games, more and more players require someone playing on their account in game, or playing with them with the objective to reach a specific goal. This goal can be a rank, a level or a simple in-game achievement.

We will see the reason why they need it later in the article, but let’s see first how it all started.

How Game boosting started

The main game that was concerned about boosting in the beginning (and still concerned today) was World of Warcraft, created in 2004. WoW players could spend hours every day on this game, and they realize how long it takes to collect all items and to level up.

At that time the wow boosting is so polular!

The original level cap was 60 and then raised to 120 during the last expansion, “Battle of Azeroth”, which means many people were looking for help when they didn’t have time or motivation to play the game.

With the evolution of boosting in video games, Lots of services offer the boosting services for getting better game level without playing by yourself.

This is why boosting services were created and got famous, from “WOW boost” to “Dota 2 boost” and now is the “lol ELO boost“.

Experienced players could regroup into one service and start receiving demands from players, where they were getting paid for each service given, of course.

The easier way was to create a website where the boosters could take charge of boosting when they want to.

It is much more comfortable for them and makes them get a reputation for the work done. Anyone could get a boost started within five minutes after searching it on the web. This website is a popular choice.

The reasons to use ELO boosting service in League of Legends

Elo system of League of Legends

It turned out that it was a fast way for these players to achieve their goal, so it could actually work for other games too. Indeed, on more competitive games like League of Legends, the Elo system makes it difficult for LoL players to climb tiers.

This is the reason for the gamers who asking for an elo boost, which has the same advantage than on other games. The amount of request for ELO boosts was and is still huge, particularly for League of Legends and Overwatch, So you can easily find out lots of MMR / Elo Boosting boosting sites online.

It can be explained by many reasons:

Firstly, the LoL players can be unsatisfied with their ranking and think they deserve a higher rank. In this case, they can contact better players than them and ask them to enter their account play some games until they reach the Grade/Rank they wanted.

It can also be caused by the inactivity from the player that led to a demotion, so using a boosting service could help them get their division back.

The third main reason for using elo boosting is to get rewards that are resulting from the rank gained. Or as the last example, to make their LoL profile looks excellent with better statistics, which is more superfluous.

But if the websites offering this service were not created, many players would have given up their climb into the game already. So it doesn’t have a real negative impact, even for the competition.

The current state of boosting in gaming

Now, some boosting services offer it on multiple games instead of focusing on only one of them. The main game where the boosts occurs is on League of Legends, a team game that was created in 2008 and is still one of the most played games on PC.

It not only help the customers, but also the boosters who come mostly from Europe and North America, in earning a lot by doing it, if they didn’t manage to find another way to earn anything.

Indeed, for those who wanted to become a professional gamer, coach or streamer, LoL boosting is an alternative way to still be active into the game.

On the one hand, their effort invested in playing for years a specific game is not wasted and they can take advantage from their expertise. On the other hand, customers find a solution to their in-game problems.

Be careful when buy game boosting

This is still risky for them to buy a boost because their account can be banned if someone spots them. Indeed, it goes against the game’s terms of use, such as MMR / Elo Boosting for LOL, Your account may be suspended, and the Honor may be drop to level 0.

Currently, more and more providers are offering an additional security to their service to avoid this issue, by using software such as VPN that switches the location from where the booster logs in to not get caught elo boosting.

They are also adding new services (types of boost) and options to meet other specific requirements which is a good thing in the end since the quality of the boost can only be better. The prices are lower and lower because new competitors are joining.

What we can be sure about is that it’s not supposed to go down anytime soon since many players in the gaming community are benefiting from boosting, it will most likely last for a while. It is increasing consistently, every time a new game appears.

Last, enjoy the gaming!

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