5 Important Items for Your Freshwater Fish Tank

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If you’ve been planning to start your aquarium, you might be unsure of what you need for your fish to have a good habitat. It might be overwhelming at first to know about the different kinds of items and products you need for a freshwater fish tank, but once you learn more about the essential items, setting up your fish tank will become smoother.

This article will discuss the important items you need to purchase for your freshwater fish tank.

1. Fish Filter

Fish Filter

A good-quality fish filter can provide the water in your fish tank with three different kinds of filtration. These three filtration types, biological, chemical, and mechanical, provide extreme benefits to your fish tank.

Mechanical filtration catches debris when the water passes through the filtration pad. Chemical filtration occurs when the water passes through activated carbon, which removes toxins. From the water, making it safe for freshwater fish. PetMarket Australia offers a variety of fish filters that can provide these types of filtrations.

2. Appropriate Sized Tank

One of the most important things you need to know about is researching the best-sized tank for the type of freshwater fish you want to take care of. When you choose the type of fish you want, you should also learn about its basic living conditions to know what size of a fish tank would be appropriate for your fish.

Some fish grow big as they age, so those types of fish need bigger fish tanks. Other types of fish that need big tanks are the ones that require to be kept in groups. Each kind of fish may require different needs, specifically different sizes of fish tanks, for them to live properly.

3. Fish Tank Heater

Investing in a high-grade fish tank heater is also a good idea to help maintain the temperature of your tank’s water. Especially if you have or plan to take care of tropical fish, you’ll need water that remains consistently warm. While your fish can survive, setting the right temperature can help keep them comfortable, making them healthier and less stressed.

The specific temperature depends on the fish species, but generally, the best temperature for tropical fish hovers around 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal water temperature will help your fish live longer, happier, and healthier.

4. Water Conditioner

Water Conditioner

A water conditioner for your aquarium is needed, especially if the type of water you use is tap water. While tap water is easy to obtain, this kind of water contains harmful chemicals for fish, like chlorine and chloramine.

A proper water conditioner can help break down harmful chemicals for fish to make their aquarium a safe living area.

5. Lightning

Although it may seem unnecessary to add, lighting serves a few benefits for your fish tank. Adding lights to your aquarium can help with the sleeping cycle of your fish and also help grow aquatic plants. Besides that, lighting can undoubtedly help improve your aquarium’s aesthetic. By adding lights to your fish tank, you will be able to see your fish clearly and ensure they are doing fine.

A massive variety of lightning can be bought for your fish tank, so you will have no problem choosing what type of lighting is best for your aquarium. Lighting equipment differs in size and appearance, so purchase the one that will fit the overall look you desire for your aquarium.


Setting up a proper aquarium requires many items to be a safe space for your pet fish. It’s important to differentiate between the essential and non-essential items when setting up a freshwater fish tank for the first time. These 5 items will surely be a beneficial purchase for both your tank and fish.

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