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Freedom App: Everything You Must Know Before Using it (Most Update – Mar 23, 2019)

Freedom App: Mobile gaming is one of the most booming industries of recent times. In the last decade, we have seen the advent of a whole bunch of gaming apps that have taken the world by storm. Best of all, most of them can be downloaded for free.

So whether you are a racing game fan or just like to pass the time by switching candies in a grid on your mobile phone, the options on offer are endless. And trying them out on your device doesn't cost a thing besides your regular internet bills.

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You can find the download link to latest APK version of Freedom App under the section “Download Freedom APK for Android”. You can find the navigation menu under the video where you can jump into the sections you want to.

Don't forget to bookmark our page for latest updates and bug fixes and also let us know if you are having any problem with the app as we will get back to you with the proper solutions you need to follow.

But then obviously, there arises the question– how do mobile game developers make their money?

Developing any game, whether mobile or console video games, is an expensive business. For the best of the lot, their creators have to put in a lot of hard work into ideating the concept and bringing it to materialization using only the best resources.

Surely these costs need to be recovered, and profit has to be made to keep any reputed studio afloat. Adding ads are a common method for generating revenue, but excessive ads can become much of an annoyance. And the other option is, of course, in-app purchases, and we're certain our readers are very familiar with this phenomenon. And that, people, is where the Freedom App comes in handy.

Remember the time when you're playing, say, Traffic Rider, and you need a more powerful bike to win a certain Career level, but you have to pay money to get that coveted one? Or if we take the example of Temple Run, we all know that the game works on a coin system, and you have to collect as many as you can to use them later for unlocking missions or upgrading your levels.

Sadly, we all know that trying to earn coins while playing the game normally will only get you so many, and you'll never have enough to get through the full game with relative ease. In both the above-mentioned games, you have the option to buy the coins that will help you make significant improvements.

But you will soon find out that the process is a never-ending one, and it will ultimately lead you to either a very unhealthy addiction, or to uninstall the game altogether. And we want neither.

  • Fortunately, there is another way, and that's why we're here writing about the Freedom App for Android devices. The Freedom App is a great hack for you to make the kind of progress that you want in a game or in any other app, and you can do it without shelling out the slightest bit of money.
  • You won't find the Freedom APK for Android on regular (and legit) app stores on the internet, but if you look around for a bit, it won't take much time to spot the latest version somewhere. However, out readers don't have to go looking for the Freedom APK anywhere, as we will include all the download information in this post and its related sub posts. So read on.


Freedom APK is one of the most useful tools for Android users and not just for games. The app comes loaded with a lot of useful aspects that will make your app user experiences a lot smoother and disturbance-free.

As its name suggests, the Freedom App allows you the freedom to use an app without constantly being bothered by a deluge of advertisements, or the need to make in-app purchases or microtransactions to get access to premium virtual goods.

In fact, due to its premium type features Freedom has managed to gain so much popularity in a shorter time period just like the ShowBox App. Let's take a look at all the features that the Freedom APK for Android comes with, which makes it a coveted tool for many Android users.

  • Allows access to a host of premium features in an app.
  • Enables the use of patches and mods to customize your games.
  • Significantly reduces excess advertisements.
  • Removes the need for in-app purchases in an app.
  • Grants access to full versions of Android apps (that otherwise require money).
  • Supports a number of apps. Supports a number of Android devices.
  • Regularly updated to provide more stable and more extensive support

Now that you know about all that this cool app allows you access to, let's delve into how to download it on your device.


Download Freedom Apk: We all love to play different types of games in our Android smartphones. Games like Subway Surfer or Temple Run are the best pass time while we are travelling somewhere or just sitting idle. But the only problem of these popular games is it works on Coins system.

So whenever you want to unlock new characters, new maps or new vehicles, the game demands coins, which you need to buy with real money. But who wants to spend money to just play the game, right?

We all know that if you want to make an upgrade in an app you use via in-app purchases, then you will have to use an international credit card, which can be a bit of an inconvenience for some.

You can find the upgrades on the Play Store directly, but they are not available without you having to shell out some amount of money. This is where the Freedom App comes into play. Quite simply put, the Freedom.

The app can make these purchases for free by imitating a transaction model. The app comes with a built-in dummy card to make these payments. So yes, it is not the most straightforward method to get things done, but it works for those who deem it unnecessary to make payments to progress through a game.

With the Freedom App, you can unlock new levels, buy coins, and make significant headway in the game. You can also upgrade to ad-free versions of most of the apps that you use with this method.


The Freedom App gets regular updates that are provided by the developer to ensure that only the best service makes it through to the users. The new version of the app comes in with better support to reduce crashing and overall better handling of the app.

Here we have compiled some crucial information about the latest version of the app, but do note before proceeding that Freedom Apk no root is not available.


There is a new Freedom Apk file which has brought in some minor changes and does the app a lot safer and easier to use as well. The latest version is 2.5.4 and it is certainly a stable build, given that there are many beta builds available on the Internet. Given below are the latest Freedom Apk file details.

App Name Freedom Apk
Latest Version V 2.5.4
Latest update date March 20, 2019
Function Bypass in-app purchase
Downloads 100 Million
App size 1.85 MB
Rooting Required
Editor's rating 4.5/5
System Requirement Android 2.3+


We know you all are very much excited after reading the Freedom app features and want to download the application on your Android smartphone as soon as possible. But as the application is not registered on the Google Play Store, you have to download the Freedom APK first and then use it on your handset.

So if you want to download the Freedom .apk file, click on the hyperlink below, but before that, check out the latest changes made by the developers of this application.

Remember that you will not be able to use the Freedom app on unrooted Android devices. In order to know how to use the Apk file on your own Android device, you can check out our Freedom for Android section.

Old Freedom Apk VERSION:

Freedom V1.0.7.apk

Freedom V2.0.1.apk


Now that you know how this cool app works, let's delve into how you can download it for your Android smartphone or tablet.

The Freedom APK is originally an app made for Android devices, but you will not find it on the Google Play Store for it uses rather questionable methods.

But it gets the job done, so its popularity has kept the app alive despite all odds. For downloading the latest version of this handy app, follow the method described below:


One important thing that you need to know before downloading the Freedom App on your Android device is that the app requires root access. Without fulfilling this requirement, you cannot open the Freedom App on your device.

If you don't know what rooting is, it is basically a process which grants you access to the system files and lets you modify them according to your needs. The Freedom App needs to do this in order to enable free transactions. You can find several apps online for your Android smartphone for this purpose.

Step by Step Guide to Download and Install Freedom APK for Android:

# A Hack: If you are facing any issue during installation, try to install it after putting the data connectivity off. 

Once you have rooted your device, follow the simple steps below to enjoy the Freedom App on your smartphone,

  • On your Android device, go to “Settings” and enter “Security”. From there, find “Unknown Sources” and check on it in order to enable. This will allow your smartphone to install files from third-party sources.
  •  Download Freedom APK on the Android device of your choice. After the download is complete, the app should show up in your menu or on your home screen.
  • Open the Freedom App and install it manually on to your device. It may ask to be granted root access; enable/ grant access.
  • After the Freedom App is successfully installed on your smartphone, it will automatically take you to a page to show you a list of all the apps installed on your smartphone or tablet that require in-app purchases.
  • Select the app/ apps that you wish to make upgrades to for free.
  • Enter the selected app and click on the things that you wish to buy for free. The app will take care of the rest.

And now that we're done with downloading and installing Freedom APK on Android devices, let's explore some of the other platforms that can support the Android app.


“Write Permissions On System Partition Are Required In Order To Use Freedom” Error is one of the most discussed issues in the Freedom App.

While using the Freedom App, a number of users have encountered one error. This problem usually occurs when the user opens Freedom App already installed on their Android device and tries to patch an app of their choice.

Instead of patching them right through, a message appears near the bottom of the screen saying, “Write Permissions on System Partition Are Required In Order To Use Freedom.” It is most common in Freedom for Kitkat and Freedom for Lollipop. We will tell you how to solve this issue in each case.

Write Permissions Error in Freedom App on Android Kitkat: How To Fix

Kitkat being an older platform, many of the problems encountered on it are not easily got rid of. In case you come across the “Write Permissions On System Partition Are Required.

In Order To Use Freedom” error on a device running Kitkat, the first thing that you need to ensure is that it has been properly rooted. If that isn’t a problem and it still persists, then you have no other option but to update your OS to a later version.

Write Permissions Error in Freedom App on Android Lollipop: How To Fix (Method 1)

In Android version 5.0 and above, the issue becomes easier to tackle. If you have Freedom Apk installed on a device running Lollipop, this is what you will need to do.

  • Exit the app, when it shows you the “Write Permissions On System Partition, Are Required In Order To Use Freedom” error.
  • Now download Root Explorer App from the Play Store.
  • After it is installed, open the app, and grant all necessary permissions.
  • Next, tap on the Mount R/W option that appears at the top of the screen.
  • If you face any pop ups asking for permissions, grant them.
  • Once done, open Freedom and select any app to see if it is now working. If not, try the alternative method below.
Write Permissions Error in Freedom App on Android Lollipop: How To Fix (Method 2)

If Root Explorer did not yield any results, you may need to take the help of another app called ROM Toolbox, an all-in-one app manager for your rooted Android device. Follow the steps below while exercising care to not skip any one.

  • Download and install the ROM Toolbox App on your device. You can find the link here.
  • Launch the app and grant it all the necessary permissions.
  • Now tap on App Manager> Freedom> Advanced.
  • Select Fix Permissions to solve the problem.

Now the problem of “Write Permissions On System Partition Are Required In Order To Use Freedom” should be gone for good. If not, however, let us know the details so that we can figure out alternatives.


Freedom for Windows PC is possible despite the fact that the Freedom Apk is an application designed specifically for the Android operating system.

You will require an emulator to ensure that you can enjoy all the benefits of Freedom Apk for PC. The first emulator you should try out for your Windows PC is Droid4X, of which the latest and the most stable version is 0.9.0.

Unlike other emulators, this specific emulator is free. You can download it from its official site. The Droid4X is based on Android 4.2.2+, which also makes it easy to use than most other android emulators.

Here are the steps which you must follow in order to download Freedom app on Windows PC using the Droid4X Android emulator. But before we explain the steps, check out the minimum system requirements to download Freedom for PC.


  • Operating System: Windows 7/8.1/8, 10
  • A minimum of 4 GB of RAM with at least 5GB of free space in C Drive. You will need the space for installing further files on your system.
  • 1 GB Graphics Card, preferably updated.
  • High-speed Internet
  • Download the Freedom APK on your PC from this link. Remember to store the file where you can easily access it, say on your desktop. After your download completes, locate the file, then right-click to show “Open With” options.
  • Now download the Droid4X emulator from the official website.
  • You must now scroll down till you locate the Android emulator, which in this case is Droid4X. Simply select the emulator to install the latest version of the Freedom APK file. You are now nearly ready to install Freedom for Windows PC.
  • Once the installation is rendered complete, you are free to use the Freedom App on your PC with comfort.


You have already come across the process how you can download Freedom apk for PC via Bluestacks Android emulator. However, it seems that there are a number of new Android emulators which have already made it to the top of the list of the most popular Android emulators. And one such is the AMIDuOS Android emulator.

The user needs to pay a small sum in order to get access to the software after you have used the trial version for a month but at this moment it seems that not many can manage to match the efficiency of AMIDuOS Android emulator. And here are the steps that you are advised to follow in order to download Freedom for PC.

  • Step 1: Download the AMIDuOS software from its official website and install it on your PC.
  • Step 2: Now download the Freedom apk. Once it’s downloaded, right-click on it. That will open a dialogue box which will show the option of ‘Apply to DuOS’. Click on it.
  • Step 3: The installation process will launch and the moment it gets over you can find the icon of Freedom apk.
  • Step 4: Click on the icon, and you are ready to get access to the incredible features that the Freedom apk provides.


Every since the Windows 10 was launched back in 2015, the OS has been downloaded in millions of computer and currently has over 400 million active devices with an estimated usage of 27.72% on traditional PCs and not to mention the 12.53% across all platforms that include consoles, PC, smartphone, and tablets. Give that you are reading this; we are assuming Windows 10 or at least thinking of getting the OS.

We are also assuming that you must be wondering if you can use the app on Windows 10. To you, we say yes, you can use Freedom for Windows 10. As you how you can use the app in Windows 10; we say simply follow the steps that we have mentioned above surrounding in the Freedom for PC section.


The Windows PC is not the only desktop platform that you can download and install the Freedom App on. It is also very much usable on Apple computers, but you may require some extra steps to set up the app on those.

The first thing that you need, like on the Windows PC, is an Android emulator specifically for the Mac os. One of the most popular Android emulators for the Mac is the Andyroid emulator. After you download and run the emulator on your device, follow the steps below to install Freedom App on your Mac-

  • Download the Freedom APK file on your Mac device and store it where you can access it easily.
  • After the download is complete, find the file and right click on it to show the “Open with” options. Select “Open with Andyroid”.
  • The installation of the Freedom app on your device will begin.
  • After the installation is complete, you can access the file via the Android emulator on your Mac


Friends, we have already discussed on how to download the Freedom application on Android devices as well as for the Mac and Windows PC. But what if you are using a BlackBerry handset and want to download this magnificent application on your smartphone, then what should you do?

Well, it is entirely possible to download Freedom application on your BlackBerry handset, but for that, you need some tricks and tweaks, as the application is mainly designed for the Android devices. Moreover, you have to take the help of the Freedom apk file again, to download and install the application on your BlackBerry smartphone. But before we proceed towards the steps, check out the minimum system requirement and the criteria to download the Freedom application on your BlackBerry handset.

As BlackBerry has recently discarded their own operating system and shifted to Android OS, it is entirely possible for some BlackBerry handsets to download and install the Freedom application on those devices, using the Freedom apk file.

So if your BlackBerry handsets come under the Blackberry OS 10.2.1 or higher version or if you are using the BlackBerry Z10, Z30, Q10, Q5, 9983, 9982, Passport or any subsequent models, then you will be able to use the Freedom app on your device. Check out the steps below.

  • Step 1: First and foremost, download the latest version of the Freedom apk file on your BlackBerry handset from the internet. Alternatively, you can also download the apk file on your PC, and then transfer it to your BlackBerry smartphone through the USB cable.
  • Step 2: Now, just like the Android handsets, you have to give the green signal to your BlackBerry handset to install apps from the third party unknown sources. So to give the access, go to the Settings of your BlackBerry smartphone, tap on the App Manager section, click on the Install Apps option and enable the ‘Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed’ option.

Settings >App Manager > Install Apps > Enable ‘Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed’

  • Step 3: Then visit the File Manager of your BlackBerry smartphone again, open the Freedom APK file and install the application on your handset. When the installation process will be done and dusted, you will notice the Freedom app icon on your home screen. This is proof that your application has been installed on your BlackBerry smartphone successfully.
  • Step 4: Last but not least, restart your BlackBerry smartphone and start using the Freedom application for absolutely free of cost.


Now that we have told you everything about how to download Freedom for Android, Windows, Mac, and BlackBerry platforms, we only have one more thing to convey before letting you enjoy the benefits of this app. That is, we will now tell you about the methods one must follow to use Freedom App to hack games. Before we set out, know that what makes this app so attractive is that it is incredibly easy to use. Let us move forward.

  • Launch the Freedom App. It will show you a list of all the installed apps from your device’s inventory that it supports.
  • Tap on the app or game that you would like to hack.
  • It may take some time to load, so patience is the key.
  • Head to the section where you can buy in-app items with real money, and select a package that you like.
  • Once you click on the Purchase option, you will see a new window pop up. It may be a Play Store window if you have downloaded the game from there.
  • Click on the Buy button. You should be able to see the Payment Successful message shortly thereafter.
  • Go back to the main game, and check the status of the item that you have just bought by using Freedom App to hack games.


These are all the common Freedom FAQs that you may have commonly encountered. Make sure that you read them carefully before you install the latest Freedom Apk and start using it.

Q1. Does the app work on non-rooted Android phones?

Sadly, the answer is no. In order to use the Freedom app, you must first root your device. You need the administrator permissions that rooting provides. In case you were unaware, nowadays, a lot of free rooting apps are available. Some include KingRoot and TowelRoot.

Q2. Are there any alternative apps to Freedom?

Yes, there are. While they may not be as feature-filled as the Freedom app, some of them include Game Hacker, Game killer, as well as Lucky Patcher, Cheat Engine, and Xmodgames.

Q3. Will the installation of Freedom harm my phone?

No. Freedom has been tested by a lot of independent verifiers and it has been proven to be very safe to use. In fact, all the antivirus products have also given it a go-ahead. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Q4. Is Freedom free to use?

Yes, it is completely free and safe to use an app. Log onto our site to know more details in real time.


Though the Freedom App is a great tool to complete in-app purchases on your Android device at no extra cost, sometimes you may find that the app is not working. This could happen if the developers take the app down for some reason, or if your smartphone is not compatible with the latest version.

Otherwise, you may simply want to explore other apps of a similar nature, as doing that will enable you to access a large number of apps, some of which may not be compatible with others. For such purposes, you can check out some of the apps listed below. These, like Freedom, will let you make in-game microtransactions without having to shell out extra money. Find some of the best alternatives to the Freedom App below-

Lucky Patcher

This is one true alternative to Freedom APK and works perfectly in the Android operating system because it’s the most versatile of all the operating systems available in the market right now. The app will let the users take full control of the application that you use without any sort of pesky ads.

>> Download Lucky Patcher APK.


This fantastic Android application enables you to hack a number to applications, in-app purchases even Android games from your Android phone or tablet. Using Appsara is super easy, and you need not to be a coder or a professional hacker. It’s not rocket science, and you should be able to see it pretty easily. AppSara is probably not as popular or effective as Lucky Patcher or Freedom APK, but it’s definitely worth checking out.


Creehack is another tool of our choice when it comes to hacking or accessing all the features of your Android games. It’s one of the best tools available in the market right now. Using this you can hack Android application without knowing or having to root the device. It is very easy to download and install the application and equally easy to use.

LeoPlay Card

Making use of the application, you can hack Android games without root process, and you will also be able to purchase game levels, coins, gems, even lives absolutely free of cost. One of the best features of using the app is that the user does not have to know how to root the phone because it requires no rooting.

These apps all get the same job done, though having them all may be useful because of their diverse compatibility. Some of them also do not require root access, but they may not support a lot of games that you wish to upgrade for free.

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So this is all the information you need about the Freedom App that gives you access to upgrades and extra goodies inside a game or any other app without having to pay anything.

For more extensive knowledge about what other things you can do with this amazing app, check out some of the other subsections on this site. Last but not least, don't forget to come back for updates and the latest version of the Freedom App on our page.

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