How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes?

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Do you want to save some cash by getting access to Xbox paid applications through Xbox Live Codes? These top best methods guide you on how to get Free Xbox Live Codes for your gaming experience.

Save some bucks with these free Xbox live codes

Xbox Live has different online services like the online virtual market. This Online Virtual Market can also be called Xbox Live Marketplace. It is a place where people get to download and purchase games and other multimedia types. Xbox Live Market possesses about 40,000,000 users. It requires Xbox Live Codes from anyone who wishes to purchase anything from the site.

To have more fun and excitement with Xbox online gaming, it is important to have Xbox gift cards. It contains Xbox live codes. These codes enable you to gain access to the expensive applications on Xbox Live. You can get the gift cards for $50, $25, $15, and $10. They can be purchased from the official website.

Many people play games on their phones, but if you want to enjoy the games, then you must play games from a game console. There are different types of game consoles in the market that claim to give an incredible gaming experience which includes Xbox. Xbox lives code is used worldwide by users around the world. This article will provide methods and tips that will enable you to get free Xbox lives codes.

Best Methods to Obtain Free Xbox Live Codes

1. Reddit


When looking for Xbox live codes, Reddit is a goldmine. But as a goldmine, you should know where to dig. To facilitate the work, you can try this Reddit thread to get the codes:

2. GPT Websites

GPT websites

Get paid To Sites or GPT sites are portals that award users for performing specific tasks. There are numerous Get Paid Sites and each of them performs multiple tasks. Tasks on these Get Paid Sites range from purchasing specific items with affiliate links, watching 15secs to minute videos, clicking specific ads, and installing games from the Get Paid Sites.

3. Xbox Live Gold Trial Offer

Xbox live gold trial offer

There are both positive s and negatives to this. The positive is that it provides users with a month of free Xbox live Gold tracking. On the other side, the negative is that the offer is meant for people who have an Xbox live account and also those who are yet to activate the subscription of their Xbox Live Gold.

If you are on this boat, there is a chance for you to use the Xbox Live Gold account at relatively no cost. The only thing you have to do is to click on the sample of the 1-month gold free subscription page. After this, you can then finalize the project by providing the details of your credit card.

Note that you must ensure to deactivate the subscription before it expire at the end of the month. If you fail to do this, you will have to pay for the subsequent month.

4. Cashngifts


This application is used by users who wish to earn free Xbox gold codes. CashNgifts has a wallet that enables you to pay bills and charge your phone. You can use the wallet to buy gift cards and withdraw your winnings. This application claims that users can earn close to thirty thousand rupees monthly from home. The application will pay you if you perform certain tasks easily.

5. Featurepoints


FeaturePoints is one application you need to try if you want to earn some free Xbox live. The size of this application is 6MB; also users with smaller RAM can use FeaturePoints application. You can get some rewards on this application by shopping, completing surveys, and even trying out new applications.

6. Utilize The AppStation 


If you want to earn free gift cards, then Appstation is the application you shouldn’t miss out on. This application claims to reward users with gift cards when users play games on the mobile device. To get rewards, you need to download the Application on your mobile device, install it, and play games on mobile.

7. AppBounty

This Application has experienced massive download worldwide. Appbounty application has an impressive and wonderful 4.2 rating out of the 5 available. These numbers the popularity of the Application. This app is unique because enables you to perform multiple tasks. Appbounty does not only give free codes for gift cards.

8. AppKarma Rewards


The Application description says it all, it shows that many people like to play games, but many players can't afford the games because of the great price, user Appkarma enables people who purchase high-end titles quality by giving free Xbox live Codes and Xbox Live Gold codes. Users can buy Xbox Live Gold membership with gift cards.

9. Visit And Join Vindale Research

Vindale Research

This site is another platform to get gift cards from different shops such as Xbox, Walmart, Starbucks, and Amazon. All you need to do is to sign-up for Vindale Research, then you can begin to earn codes.

10. Lifepoints


Life point is a popular survey site where you earn money to buy three hundred US dollar worth of Xbox codes.

11. Surveyjunkie


Surveyjunkie gives free $5 signups bonus then you can proceed to earn money on the website. On Surveyjunkie users get paid to search the internet, play games, take surveys, and read emails. So join survey junkie to get your Xbox codes.


Certainly, it is not so difficult to get Xbox live codes, you only have to be careful. It is a difficult task loaded with different traps.

Today, many sites are blackhat internet marketers, most times you are asked to download an app or a program. Your information may be stolen or corrupted by a virus. These websites exist to mislead people into conducting surveys, so beware of these lucrative sites. It is riskier because you might lose your account.

Hopefully, you will find these Xbox Codes generator devices lovely. This list enables you to use the free Xbox unlimited codes.  With the information we have discussed above, you are guaranteed to enjoy the free Xbox codes without any hassle.

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