Mobirise Free Web Builder – Your Web Design Tool for 2021

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When looking to create a website, most have the vision in their mind of a “perfect” website and can easily get excited when thinking about making their vision become a reality.

Sadly, many get discouraged during the website building process because of some website builders’ prices, hard to use interfaces, and the potential need for coding (every visionary’s worst nightmare… make the engineer do it). Luckily, a new free web builder has entered the arena that is perfect for these individuals and made for them specifically: Mobirise.

What exactly is Mobirise?

Mobirise is a new and small free web builder but has potential to be so much more. The free offline website builder is available for download and use on Windows and Mac but is focused on an even more important platform: the phone.

The vast majority of websites are viewed from a phone, and Mobirise knows this, allowing for customization of a desktop site, phone site, tablet site, and landscape tablet site all individually, giving the best experience to your site visitors no matter what they are looking at it from.

What exactly is Mobirise

Customization features

On top of a variety of platforms to be used on and optimized for, Mobirise offers unmatched customization. With plenty of themes to pick from and the ability to edit any section of the patch, websites will be 100% unique when using the free web builder, so no repetition of any Mobirise users will ever occur, and you can make your site stand out, or blend in, as much as you want.

Do not worry, however, if complete customization stresses you out, starting from the ground up is not for everyone, that is why Mobirise also offers over 3,500 templates for users to implement into their site and change what they want from there.

Customization features

Templates specifically are one of the easiest features on the Mobirise free web builder. Not only are there templates for specific pages, but entire sites. Furthermore, there are templates even for the nitty gritty stuff like section headers, forms, maps, and so much more. The tiny sections on your page will look wonderful being designed by a professional team and being personalized by you.

The drag and drop feature of site sections also makes it ridiculously easy to actually implement the templates and to see which ones fit best by dragging multiple in and deleting them just as easy without affecting any other portion of your site.

Coding available

Tech heads, before you decide Mobirise limits your abilities and you reopen your html document or search for another free web builder that is on your level, take a closer look at the web builder. When any section of the site is selected, simply click the well-known html sign (<\>) and get to coding!

This feature lets even the experienced in software application and editing have their own go at the “limiting” templates that they may face on a free web builder such as Mobirise (don’t stress, non techies, coding is not by any means required, only an extra option).

Coding available

Many integrations

Okay, you are convinced, Mobirise is a pretty good web builder, but what if you want to run ecommerce, take payments, run a social feed from your website, connect to outside apps? Well, I hate to break it to you, but Mobirise does all of those too!

With extensions in your free web builder, a shop can be set up, payments accepted through PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more can be managed right from your site, and plenty of other apps like SoundCloud, Google Maps, Vimeo, and more can all be connected and managed alongside your site with just a few clicks.

Extensions are just about as easy as the drag and drop builder, and they boost your website’s functionality, professionalism, and coolness factor by bucket loads.


All in all, Mobirise is one of the better (if not best) free web builders on the market today. If you do not want to take my word for it, check out their website and read the reviews from well-known experts that even give the praise deserved to Mobirise.

After the site is launched, the software and builder continue to help the user by ensuring connection with google sites and aiding in proper marketing and optimization of the website to get as much traffic as possible, keeping you and your hard work popular and on top.

With continually updating technology and the latest possible right now, the free web builder runs on Bootstrap and Google AMP to give the most updated version possible of any mobile website builder and all freedoms currently available to give the best site you could ask for.

No concerns should ever arise the Mobirise and your site will be “outdated” or fall to the wayside. With that being said, what are you waiting for? Go build your website!

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