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Love watching sports online, but can’t just find the right sites to stream live games for free? Check out this list of the best free sports streaming sites.

Enormous progress has been made in the live sports streaming arena. More and more people are resorting to live-streaming of games online than watching them on mainstream media.

This is in part due to the readily available excellent internet connectivity in most parts of the globe. It is also attributed to the growing need to watch sports on-the-go by many people.

There are many sports streaming sites online. Many are also brought down on a daily basis due to rights and policy violation issues. In this review, we have considered some of the best free sports streaming sites with a track record of quality. Check them out!

10 Working Live Sport Sites to watch live sports streaming online free

10. Streamwoop

Streamwoop Free Streaming Sites

Link To :

This is one of my favorite sports streaming sites. The Streamwoop comes with a user-friendly interface making access to games very easy. The tabs are simply labeled and arranged so that the overall appearance isn't cluttered. Critical details like live competitions, trending events, replays, and today’s games all make the Streamwoop unbeatable.

According to website statistics, this site has a record number of monthly visitors. Last year alone, it is estimated that its US visitors grew by more than 170%. It records up to 79% repeat user statistics annually. It also has a very active forum where you can share game streaming experiences and concerns and get timely assistance from real people, not bots.

Streamwoop: Pros

  • It comes with a simple User Interface
  • It is free of charge and won’t pay a dime to access the rich variety of games provided via this platform.
  • It has a rich variety of games, especially American sports like NBA, NFL, MotoGP, etc.
  • Has a community forum where you can get assistance with any issues concerning North American sports streaming.

Streamwoop: Cons

  • Streamswoop isn’t the best for European sports and leagues.


Goatdee Free Sports Streaming Sites

Link To :

You may want to know the reason I included such an unfilled site bereft of substance. Well, this happens to be one of the most outstanding free sports streaming sites. I just ranked it slightly lower for the simple reason that its user interface isn't that attractive.

This simple and less stylish UI is attributed to its use of complex CSS and animation effects. If you choose to stream on Goatdee, I suggest you check and test the provided broadcast links before the game. This way, you will be sure which links are working. The Goatdee provides a wide list of broadcast links for all upcoming games; between 10 and 15.

You have a really wide selection to try out before settling on which one to use. Something else to note about this site is that most of the available games are from European leagues. North American sports aren’t so well represented. To be exact, Manchester United games seem to get a lot of coverage.

I also love the fact that it is free for all. You do not pay or even register to access contents on this site. The user interface is also very simple and uncluttered making access to contents super easy. Pros

  • It has a wide variety of sports streaming options; live events, trending games, upcoming competitions, etc.
  • Goatdee has a very user-friendly interface and this makes access to contents very easy. The interface is organized nicely into sections and tabs that are very responsive.
  • You have a wide range of broadcast links to choose from; between 10 and 15.
  • It is very reliable and rich in variety, especially European League games.
  • No registration, sign up or credit card information is needed before streaming your favorite sports on Goatdee. Cons

  • The interface is not quite appealing. It is so simple with less styling and animation like you see in other sports streaming sites.

8. MamaHD

MamaHD Free Sports Streaming Sites

Link To :

You love the Champions League and never want to miss any moment of any match? Well, MamaHD is the place to be. This platform is very popular with European League games as well as North American sports. It is no coincidence, therefore, that most of its visitors are from the UK and USA. It records more than 5 million visitors every month, mostly from the US and UK.

These statistics should give you a clue of what to expect from MamaHD. Some of the games available include horse racing, rugby, College basketball, gymnastics, and The English Premier League. If you love other varieties, there’s absolutely no shortage of that with MamaHD. Snooker, UFC, live boxing, wrestling, Formula 1, MotoGP.

All that, absolutely free on a single platform. My only concern with this site is the downtime of some of the provided broadcast links. This can be so disgusting, especially during those Champions League games when you don’t want to miss any second of the game. I find this really frustrating and boring. However, MamaHDhas a provided a soft landing for this too. They provide up to 15 broadcast links to help cushion the risk of downtime in some broadcast links.

MamaHD: Pros

  • MamaHD has a wide variety of games to stream. You get a chance to watch live champions league games on your PC or smartphone.
  • Provides users with many broadcast links. You can easily jump between the working links to continue streaming games live with no interruptions.
  • It provides detailed coverage of sports actions in North America and Europe; horse racing, rugby, College basketball, gymnastics, and The English Premier league, wrestling, Formula 1, MotoGP, etc.
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface which is nicely arranged into sections and categories. This makes access to contents much easier and simple.
  • It is free of charge, no sign-up or registration or credit card information is required to stream your favorite sports.
  • It is one of the most popular free sports streaming sites available. Statistics indicate that traffic to MamaHD website has been on an upward trend for years now, increasing by an estimated 20K new users monthly.

MamaHD: Cons

  • The live chat support option automatically disconnects after sometimes. This can be very frustrating especially when one needs assistance urgently.
  • Halftime breaks are sometimes met with interruptions in the broadcast link.

7. VipBox

VipBox Free Sports Streaming Sites

Link To :

This is another fantastic free sports streaming site. The smart and appealing UI layout and multi-lingual supports make it a very popular sports streaming site. It records up to 20% new visitor every month. It offers a wide range of league games; NCAAB, Formula 1, Football, etc.

One thing I love most about this site is the fact that its broadcast links are more stable compared with what you get from other sites. You won’t have to keep switching between tabs to watch the same game. If you love AFL and badminton as I do, this is where to stream such games for free.

The Vipbox has been around for close to half a decade; it isn't doing down any time soon. You can be sure to stream your favorite games whenever you feel like.

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Vipbox : Pros

  • It has been around for more than 5 years. Vipbox provides very stable broadcast links that last the entire game with no need to switch between links.
  • It has a user-friendly interface which is neat and uncluttered.
  • It comes with a search tab that makes it very easy to access the latest games and trending competitions.
  • This is a very reputable soccer streaming site. It provides access to some of the most popular EPL games. The Vipbox also allows you to stream Champions league games for free.
  • It has very stable broadcast links, thanks to the half a decade of experience in online sports streaming. The Vipbox administrators comb the web to provide users with the most reliable live streaming links.
  • It has a wide range of sports and competitions to steam live. Some of the options available include NCAAB, Formula 1, Football, AFL, and Badminton.

Vipbox : Cons

  • The site has a tendency of often changing its domain URL. Though this is often well intended, it makes it hard for users to keep track of their new domain name.

6. Feed2all

Feed2all Free Sports Streaming Sites


Link To :

Feed2all has one of the simplest user interfaces among free sports streaming sites. The simple UI comes as an advantage because visitors can readily access the latest games and competitions. You can also select your specific time zone so that kick off time is displayed in your most relevant timing system. For all the upcoming league games, there's an illustrative side logo to notify on the same.

This ensures you are always updated on what games to stream and at what time. It is a no-brainer option to watch your favorite UFC, WWE, boxing, snooker, MotoGP, Formula 1, etc. I also love the fact Feed2all provides very stable broadcast links for live streaming.

Unlike most streaming sites which often have a lot of downtimes, this one is notably very reliable and stable. It also supports very limited ads, so you can be sure to get the best sports streaming experience. The only disadvantage I noticed with Feed2all is their relatively slow update speed. At times it is very difficult to get updates of some of the most popular games, or if there are, the updates come a little too late.

Feed2all : Pros

  • It has a wide range of sports. Some of the available sports and games you can stream live include WWE, UFC, boxing, formula 1, etc.
  • It has a very simple user interface. This makes it much easier to navigate through and find the games you want.
  • You get a smooth game streaming experience free of annoying ads. This is among a few streaming sites with the least adverts and pop-ups.
  • You can adjust the time zone so that it conforms to your own. This makes it much easier to get updates on various games according to your own time.
  • All upcoming games are highlighted with an illustrative side logo. This makes it easy to keep track of your favorite games.
  • It has very stable broadcast links. You can be sure to watch your favorite game from start to the very end without interruptions.

Feed2all : Cons

  • The latest games aren't updated onsite fast enough. This can be very disgusting especially when there are some upcoming big games.

5. Myp2p

Myp2p Free Sports Streaming Sites

Link To :

For those who you are conversant with blogging and stuff, you must have come across Myp2p. Well, this site has metamorphosed into one of the most popular free sports streaming platforms online. It covers most sports disciplines. Ice-hockey, cricket, football are just a few of the categories available on this platform.

This is also a good place to watch your favorite Champions league games. This site also automatically updates every 5 minutes, so you can be sure to stream the latest games whenever you feel like. No refresh and tab switching with this one. It comes with a simplified but well-detailed user interface.

Myp2p : Pros

  • It offers a wide range of games. This is a great site for streaming UEFA games, American football, cricket, Ice-hockey, and many other games.
  • The web pages load super-fast. Just click and start streaming your favorite game.
  • Myp2p comes with a user-friendly interface which is very easy to navigate. The Homepage is neatly arranged into different tabs making it easy access and your favorite games.
  • The site automatically updates every 5 minutes. That is to say, Myp2p provides the latest sports and competitions.
  • It has a very powerful search tool that makes access the various games much easier.

Myp2p: Cons

  • This free sports streaming site has an oversimplified UI which is less appealing.

4. LiveSoccerTV

Link To :

If you are looking for a platform with a wide range of sports disciplines, must be the LiveSoccerTV. It has a wide range of sports; replays, current live games, live streams, upcoming games and many more. There’s no sign-up or credit card information required to stream sports live on this site.

LiveSoccerTV comes with the most intuitive user interface making is very easy to access contents onsite. It is neatly subdivided into sections; one for live scores and another for archives. The live score section is for live streaming of ongoing games and competitions while the archive section keeps a record of all the past games. You can always replay any game you missed.

LiveSoccerTV : Pros

  • It has an attractive User Interface that is also very easy and simple to use.
  • It provides real-time updates and alerts on upcoming games.
  • It has a wide range of European league games as well as North American games.
  • It has very stable free live sports streaming links.

LiveSoccerTV : Cons

  • Access to the LiveSoccerTV is limited in some countries like the UK.

3. Cricfree

Cricfree Free Sports Streaming Sites

Link To :

The cricfree has been voted the best sports streaming site by bloggers and many free streaming enthusiasts. It has a simple but very attractive user interface that is well structured into different sections for easy access to contents. I love the fact the users get to know the available games beforehand. This platform also has limited adverts. You can, therefore, be sure to stream your favorite games with minimal interference. Cricfree also has very stable and dependable broadcast links which are updated frequently. You can be sure to watch your favorite games with no interruptions.

It has a wide variety of European games as well as American games. This is the only platform that guarantees and Ad-free streaming for all NFL games. Some of the games available include baseball, American football, darts, golf, etc.

Cricfree: Pros

  • It has a user-friendly interface and also provides real-time updates of all upcoming games; live, upcoming and trending games, etc.
  • It has very stable broadcast links which are frequently updated.
  • It has a rich collection of games, both American and European games.

Cricfree : Cons

  • Cricfree has notably poor visibility on social media platforms.

2. Batmanstream

Batmanstream Free Sports Streaming Sites

Link To :

This is my favorite free sports streaming site. It has a very large number of users; more than 15M monthly visitors, 20% of whom are from the US alone. The Batmanstream provides access to a wide range of sports.

Some of the games available on this platform include NHL, NBA, rugby, football, and many others. Watching games on this platform, like many other free streaming sites, requires no sign-up or credit card information.

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Batmanstream: Pros

  • Has a wide variety of games; rugby, NBA, NHL, European football leagues, badminton, golf, etc.
  • Very stable broadcast links that are updated frequently.
  • It is always online with an uptime of 95%. This ensures you can stream your Champions league and all other games with no interruptions.

Batmanstream : Cons

  • Access to Batmanstream is restricted in some countries.

1. WatchESPN

WatchESPN Free Sports Streaming Sites

Link To :

This is the best site for free HD sports streams. This platform allows you to stream live games as well as replays. WatchESPN has a rich variety of games to choose from, and you can stream up to 4 games concurrently. Most of the games available on this platform are North American sports and a few European League sports.

WatchESPN: Pros

  • Has a wide variety of games
  • Supports live streaming of up to 4 games simultaneously.
  • Has a user-friendly interface

WatchESPN: Cons

  • Most of the games on this platform are for US residents.


Finding the best sites to watch games online for free can be quite a challenge. This review has sampled some of the best sites for free sports streaming that you may want to check out. Compare between there pros and cons so as to get what suits you best.

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