10 Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites in 2024

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Have you always wished that you knew certain unknown callers who keep beeping you up? With the best free reverse phone lookup sites that this article provides you with, you can get to know more details about anyone who calls you on the phone.

Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

With a mobile phone, you can contact anybody, no matter where they are, and vice versa. What’s less interesting, though, is the fact that these calls come from unknown numbers with clear, unfavorable intentions.

Due to the proliferation of internet-based cybercrime since the invention of smartphones, many hackers now focus their attention on these devices. That’s why it’s so important to employ reverse phone search services.

If a phone number is available online, these services will maintain a record of it, and every contact made using that number. The owner of the number and any associated information (especially criminal records, social media accounts, and email addresses) will be made public.

The identity of the person hiding behind the mask who constantly invades your personal space is unknown until the proper person is exposed.

In case you’re wondering whether these reverse phone look sites are available for free, well, yes; they are. And in this article, I am going to show you the best ones for the job.

1. ZoSearch — A top choice for accessing criminal histories and public records

ZoSearch Overview

  • Price: 100% Free

If you need to search for a number in one of the fifty states, you can use ZoSearch.

If you wish to have access to important records (public and criminal), ZoSearch also does that for you.

This platform can document and record when, how, and where unknown suspicious calls came in. With ZoSearch, you also get to know who made these calls.

As a result, all the pertinent information on a person is now within easy reach.

2. SpyDialer — The top-rated voicemail-checking service

SpyDialer Overview

  • Price: 100% Free

SpyDialer has amassed a massive database of mobile numbers and is expanding rapidly as a reverse search service.

In general, you can use the site using your email address, landline, or cell phone.

Despite compiling a massive database of numbers, SpyDialer is not as well-known as other competing phone lookup services.

Its ability to do a reverse search on a user’s voicemails is what makes it stand out from the competition and makes it the finest option for those who want to look up voicemails.

3. Spokeo — Top choice for social media profile and location identification

Spokeo Overview

  • Price: Free basic plan

You can conduct a Spokeo search by entering a person’s name, email, phone number, and physical address.

Whatever one you choose, the issue of who is calling you or his location can easily be solved. You can as well know their social media accounts.

A user’s present location, as well as their phone’s call origination point, can be gleaned from their location history.

Spokeo’s massive database is also unique among reverse phone search services.

There are around 12 billion pieces of public information stored here, and it is constantly updated. It comes highly recommended but lacks the depth of other options.

4. White Pages — Effective for fishing out unknown messages and phone calls

White Pages Overview

  • Price: 100% Free

When it comes to well-known websites for conducting reverse phone lookups, white pages are among the best options.

Searching for unwanted calls can be done in three different ways: by address, name, or by individuals.

You can quickly find who was calling or texting you, even if you missed their calls, by utilizing white pages.

How much information you can see on this platform is determined by how much information in the database corresponds to your query.

5. TrueCaller — The top site and mobile application for carrying out a reverse phone search

TrueCaller Overview

  • Price: Free app and basic plan but with limited features

There are numerous additional phone search apps available, but TrueCaller distinguishes itself from the crowd.

This application’s UI is very adaptable and simple to use. It’s useful for spotting and blocking robocalls and other nuisance calls.

When it comes to reverse phone search services, the platform stands out due to its ability to rapidly identify and stop spamming devices.

Just install TrueCaller from the Google Play store, and you’ll be able to identify unknown callers with ease.

6. WhoCallMe — The most effective with many techniques for tracking down a number

WhoCallMe Overview

  • Price: 100% Free

Is a diversified reverse phone lookup something you’d want to have? If so, WhoCallMe is the right place for you to go.

It is universally applicable to any searchable characteristic.

WhoCallMe’s lightning-fast computing power and user-friendliness make it a preferable choice to others on this list.

I like this site since it takes a novel approach to locating covert contacts in a streamlined manner. You can rely on the site’s availability, reliability, and precision at any time.

Users’ private data is protected by rigorous levels of security.

7. USPhoneBook — The best free reverse phone lookup site with quality service

USPhoneBook Overview

  • Price: 100% Free

It’s also worth noting that USPhoneBook provides a free reverse phone lookup service. Anybody with access to a home, business, mobile, or landline phone may use it to identify and locate an unknown caller. Moreover, IP addresses are concealed, making the site both private and secure.

Online phone number lookup services make it easy and quick to verify the validity of a given number. Just conducting a search using the 10-digit phone number will get the desired results.

8. US Search — Best website with the most accurate email and phone lookup

US Search Overview

  • Price: 5-day trial for a discounted price of 1.99 USD plus a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their service

You can always trust US Search to carry out a thorough unknown phone number search.

To receive access, all that is needed is for you to register.

Name, phone number, and electronic mail are the three methods used to narrow down a list of potential targets.

On the other hand, email accounts are more efficient since they allow for the retrieval of additional data about the person.

To the best of my knowledge, the contact details this site provides are always current.

9. ZLookup — The easiest and most used free reverse phone lookup service

ZLookup Overview

  • Price: Free for searches, but charges a small fee for the final report

The services provided by ZLookup, a reverse phone lookup website, are provided at no cost to the user. ZLookup is different from services that are free to use initially but then charge a small cost for the final report.

The platform’s only purpose is to protect its users from the potential dangers of receiving unsolicited phone calls, so you can rest confident that it is not using any deceptive methods to generate revenue.

ZLookup’s strength is in its comprehensiveness; not only can it let you look up details on a regular phone contact, but its searches are also completely free and stress-free.

10. TruthFinder — Easy-to-use top reverse phone lookup service

TruthFinder Overview

  • Price: 5-day trial for a discounted price of 1 USD and unlimited reports

If you want an easy-to-use reverse phone lookup site, TruthFinder is your best bet.

Since its inception, it has undergone extensive development to reach a level of maturity that is in line with user preferences.

It has millions of publicly available data and can give you background details on any phone number you enter.


Q. Is it illegal to use reverse phone lookup sites?

Reverse phone lookup sites are not illegal to use. With how the world is flooded with spammers and hackers these days, only reverse phone lookup sites can help you fish them out and know their details.

Q. Are reverse phone lookup sites reliable?

Yes, you can rely on phone lookup sites for accurate results. Sites and apps like TrueCaller display the location or country of the number calling you, even if the number is set as private.

Q. Do I need to signup to use reverse phone lookup sites?

Not all reverse phone lookup sites require you to signup before using their service. Sites like Whitepages can be used without registration. All it requires from you is the phone number of the person you wish to do a background check on.

Q. Does the person I want to look up get notified?

The intended person will have no idea what is happening. You’ll learn to appreciate the privacy offered by phone lookup services since the information you find is likely to be sensitive. There will be no way for anybody to figure out your motives or discover that you are looking for a certain person’s contact information.


With the prevalence of nefarious reasons to use a mobile phone, doing a reverse phone search is crucial. Nevertheless, I’ve compiled a list of free phone lookup sites so you can find out the true identity of the number that keeps calling you without spending a dime.

Be aware that this is not an all-inclusive listing; rather, these are the ones that have stood up to my close inspection, boast large databases, and have been shown to consistently and accurately provide desirable outcomes when put to the test.

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