7 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Pokémon GO Promo Codes!

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We have almost reached the end of 2022, but what has not changed till now will surprise you. People still play Pokémon GO!  Trust me, and I’m not bluffing!

Pokémon GO is a mobile game that many users still play to date. It uses your GPS data to locate Pokémon that can be captured, trained, or battled against and appears as if they exist on the player’s location.

First released in 2016, this augmented reality game started with just 150 Pokémon and has increased to 480 this year. Pokémon GO collaborates with Niantic, The Pokémon Company, and Nintendo.

Some time ago, an overnight update had claimed to have introduced a surprise element in the game – promo codes. These promo codes found in the Pokémon Go store are redeemable for Great balls, Incense, and Lucky eggs. This feature works for Android devices and not Apple devices due to their Terms of service. Once the store opens, the Promos section can be found after scrolling down to the bottom.

Today, I will also talk about redeeming the promo codes and the other lesser-known facts about these Pokémon GO promo codes!

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Redeeming the Promo Codes:

Using Android Phones, it is easy to redeem promo codes. After tapping on the Pokeball menu, you should click on ‘The shop,’ scroll down to type the promo code in the space provided.

But so far, the codes have been only available for Android, not iOS.

Due to the terms of service and restrictions to enter codes inside the apps on the iOS store, you cannot enter the codes via the app. One exciting thing that you could do to redeem your promo code is to log in through an android and collect them all!

7 Secrets You Never Knew About Pokémon GO Promo Codes

Many people like me have no idea about such promo codes. Well, it seems like there is more to it than just finding and collecting goodies. Niantic’s updates say that they offer promo codes during special events and promotions, but let me tell you more stuff about the promo codes.

1. Promo codes can be redeemed at sprint stores:

Promo codes are also available at sprint stores across the US and are limited. Users must take advantage of all the free Incense, Great Balls, and Lucky eggs and seize the opportunity as long as the promotion runs.

The promotion will come to an end after the codes are exhausted.

2. Android phones can only take Promo codes:

Android phones have an option for code entry to enter the Promo code. iOS or Apple devices will not be having such a feature due to their service and terms. Apple users can redeem their promo codes by using an Android device.

3. Promo codes in Pokémon Go are text-based promo codes:

These Pokemon Go promo codes have used only text, and when entered into the entry box, they will give you gifts and items! After successfully redeeming these promo codes, one can check the notifications that display the items in the inventory.

Though designed for Android users, iOS can also follow suit.

4. We can also expect the promo codes to offer other items!

Yes! It’s true! For now, promo codes in Pokémon GO can be used for only Poke Balls, Lure Modules, and Lucky eggs.

We can expect Niantic to come up with other items too. Stay tuned in to the game for getting more updates!

5. Niantic also sends out Promo codes to the inactive players too:

Niantic is sending out many of these promo codes exclusively for inactive players. This one is a strategy to lure them into playing their game again.

6. Niantic can team up with other partners across the globe to increase the collaborations globally.

While most of the sponsors have provided PokeStops and gyms, they may hand over promo codes for using their services. This way, we can expect a lot of other promo codes on Pokémon GO!

They are talking with Starbucks in the US, Seven-Eleven stores in Korea, and malls across Europe.

7. The 2022 update has more promo codes that help you redeem many items and goodies!

Let me list down a few updated promo codes that you thank me later for! Some promo codes are:

  • “Phantomforces” Get free cards of promo codes!

  • “PokemonXY” Free Rallying Cry Deck

  • “phantomforces” Free Hat

  • “SixZero” 60 Booster Packs

  • “gyaradospromo1” Gyarados Ex And Mega Gyarados Ex

  • “ImMingChang” Free Mega Genger

  • “PMONCHEST”  Get 2-10 chests that are uncommon!

  • “FLASHFIRE” Free Pokémon GO promo codes!

  • “GOTTACATCHEMPACKS” 100 free packs of Pokémon GO promo codes!

  • “MyCoupon” 50 Free Packs

Although as of now, only Android users can redeem these Promo codes I think sooner or later there will be more and more updates with many exciting opportunities for players. These updates will soon change the face of the game and see more players hitting the streets to play this augmented reality game.

Right now, there are so many promo codes for Pokémon GO that you should check out! You will receive many benefits like free goodies, coins, hacks, and code generators.

Wrapping Up

So, I hope I have given you a brief idea about what these Promo codes can do for you! I will be back on another day with another write-up. In the meanwhile, let me get going with my gaming session!

Gotta catch 'em’ all! Stay tuned for more updates on Promo codes!


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