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Instead of removing your image’s background pixel-by-pixel, why don’t try to use these best online photo background remover tools that can render instant results without paying any fees? Try them now.

Have you ever found out that your favorite shot from your tour has an unpleasant background? We know how frustrating that is! But before you throw your tantrum and decide to delete it, why don't you try fixing it first through editing.

Well, we mean by removing the background and replacing it with a new one using a photo background remover. Oops… Does it sound like another problem to you? Don’t! As we will show you how to do that with quick and easy resolutions.

And if Photoshop is the first tool that comes to your mind as we mentioned photo editing, then you can now ease your mind on how to master its complexity as all of these free photo background remover apps that we will introduce to you are AI-powered.

This means you can have a pretty background in just a few seconds without any knowledge of photo editing. Therefore, you no longer have to spend hours controlling lasso or any selection tools just to perfectly cut out your image from your background. Take a look at these free photo background remover apps we handpicked especially for beginners like you.



The first free photo background remover in our list is PicWish. The web-based app detects the subject from the background and automatically cuts it out, resulting in a perfectly transparent background image.

It also lets you replace your background with its solid colors template or allows you to add another photo as your replacement background. Additionally, this photo editor works with all types of images, including portraits, graphics, objects, and even cute pictures of your furry friends. Even so, it can only render output either in JPEG or PNG format.



As straightforward as its name, RemoveBG removes your background in an instant with its AI technology. This online photo background remover offers a zero-fee service while providing a clear, precise, and transparent result. With this tool, the subject is cut away from its background without affecting the image's quality.

Besides saving your output in PNG, you can also use its preset solid color palette or even unleash your creativity by replacing the background with your new preferred image by uploading the image you like. Although you can use this app limitless, the downside is that you can’t process multiple images at once.



Next on our list is Fotor– Background Remover. This powerful AI online photo background remover can give you transparent background photos in no time. It has an intuitive interface that is excellent for amateur photo editors like you. This is because even without any knowledge of editing you can perfectly cut out your photos from your background without any manual work.

Furthermore, this photo background remover doesn’t just work with portraits as this web-based background remover app also works with animals, objects, and graphics. It should be noted though that although you can save your output for free, you can avail of its PRO version for more HD output.



Another 100% free photo background remover for beginners to try is Slazzer. Utilizing drag and drop functionality, this tool lets you upload your image easily while generating a transparent background in just a few seconds. With its AI deep learning technology, it gives you clean output as it can also remove spaces between hair strands unnoticeably.

In addition, if you choose to replace your image with another image, you can simply choose its background template, which is typically scenery.ery. Or if you are planning to process a photo as your product image, the app also has a collection of solid colors you can use as a background. Meanwhile, the drawback of this tool is that its web-based version can only process one photo at a time.

Last but not the least, is This free online photo background remover can generate a transparent background in just a few seconds. With its innovative technology, it instantly and automatically isolates the background from its foreground, which you can turn into other artwork or banners. Upon processing your photo you have the option to save it as PNG or retouch it with its built-in photo editor.

From here, you can easily change the background with its template, do basic editing such as adjusting the brightness, opacity, and contrast. You can also add text and effects, or resize it as your Facebook Cover, Facebook Wall Post or for Instagram Post. Yet, the app sometimes fails to remove the background completely, so you still have to manually remove some parts.


Having discovered how easy and quick it is to remove a background, all you have to do is choose what is convenient for you. Though these photo background remover apps have their own limitations, the free version is enough for beginners and individual users.

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