Free Personal Safety Apps that Can Call For Help

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Feeling nervous coming back from work, cause you have to walk through a really suspicious neighborhood? Do you feel unsafe because you have to take your dog for a walk late at night and there is no one on the street except you? Or maybe you just need something to be sure that you will get help whenever you need it? You got it, we selected the top 7 personal safety apps that can call for help and the best part is that they are for free.

Nowadays, there are a lot of threats coming from the gangland such as being deceived, robbed and even killed. Even despite the already known rules like don't drink in an unknown company, don’t trust strangers, don’t go to certain areas where it is better not to go at night, we sure want to go on a blind date or late-night runnings, because it’s fun and everyone once in a while wants to be careless.

Yes, we all know that it’s important to have a sound mind, but sometimes not everything depends on us. For instance, having a phone is both a bad and a good thing: bad because it’s like a beacon for criminals, cause, unfortunately, not all people are decent and not everyone can earn in an honest way…

So it’s dangerous to have one today, and what’s good about carrying a phone with you is that you may never be alone having one and thanks to our top 7 personal safety apps you certainly won’t be.

Personal Safety Apps

If in case of children you can always use GPS location app and track them down, then no one will take care of you, except yourself and, of course, our top 7 selected apps that can make you feel more confident, let’s find out more about them.

What is the best personal safety app to call help

1. Circle of 6 – Best Personal Safety Apps for iPhone

Circle of 6

Circle of 6 is a personal safety app for everyone. This app has access to your contacts so that you can choose up to 6 friends to add to your circle of trust. Whenever you feel anxious or get in danger, you quickly tap Circle of 6 app to send your trust circle already programmed message for help with your precise location so they can pick you up.

By using this app you can stay close to your friends and look after each other. It’s a good thing to have an opportunity to rely on someone. This app can be installed on both Android and iOS.

> Download Circle of 6 for IOS.

2. One Scream – Best Personal Safety Apps for Android

One Scream FOR Personal Safety

One Scream is a voice-activated personal safety app for women and teenage girls. If someone wants to cause you to trouble all you have to do is scream so that this app can recognize your panic scream, determine your exact location and send a text message or an automated call for help to your 3 selected contacts.

The greatest thing is that it even works from the bottom of your bag. Don’t you worry if someone near you will scream of surprise or laugh, because One Scream app is trained to recognize panic screams only and believe us it’s a very specific noise to hear. However, if it does activate then you have exactly 20 seconds to prevent the app from sending messages to your contacts. It can be downloaded on Android and iOS as well as the previous safety app.

Download One Scream > IOS > Android

3. bSafe – live streaming and recording Safety App

This personal safety app allows you to choose your trusted contacts as much as you want, unlike the previous ones in our list. With the bSafe app, you can not only press an SOS button to send a message for help, but also you can come up with a key phrase to activate the alarm by voice without even touching the phone when you are in an uncomfortable situation.

For greater security, this app offers two convenient features such as live streaming and recording with the help of which your contacts can see and hear everything what's happening to you and record it as an evidence (would be useful like in case of bag theft). Unfortunately, bSafe contain in-app purchases that include these awesome features, but we think your safe is totally worth buying this app. It can be installed on Android and iOS.

Download One Scream > IOS > Android

4. Red Panic Button safety app for emergency

Red Panic Button

“When you are in trouble press the Red Panic Button!” is the tagline of this app. Let’s see what kind of features they are offering us. To get help all you have to do is to set a list of helpers with their phone numbers and emails so they can get your message for help with your address and location in it.

Also, you can share your panic message on Twitter. Red Panic Button has an emergency call, photo/video alert messages, audio alert message and you can synchronize this app with Apple Watch, but only if you pay for these features. It can be installed on iOS only.

Download Red Panic Button safety app> IOS > Android

5. React Mobile safety app

React Mobile is a personal safety app that offers us three control buttons:

  • The yellow one is a “Follow Me” button with the help of which you can choose the contacts you would like to send your location whenever you will need someone to know where you are and where you are going. The contacts you have selected will receive a message with your location so they can follow you from the distance.
  • The second button called “I’m safe” and it’s the green one, you will need it when you arrive to the destination safely and by tapping it you let your selected contacts know you are fine.
  • The red “SOS Help Me” button is an emergency button that sends messages for help by email, text message and can be posted on Facebook and Twitter if needed. Also if you send a “Help Me” message the app will automatically call the local authorities. Can be installed on iOS only.

Download React Mobile > IOS

6. SirenGPS – identifies your location & call 911immediately

If something happens to you just tap the panic button to contact 911 or its equivalent anywhere in the world right away. The authorities automatically know where you are and thanks to your previous profile filling they will receive everything they need to get you to help such as emergency contacts, medical history, allergies, current medications, etc. SirenGPS can be installed on Android and iOS.

Download React Mobile > IOS > Android

7. Life360: Find Family & Friends

This app is a real helper when it comes to family protection. Life360 app can help us to keep track of our loved ones on a private map, to know when they get or leave home, work or school, to share photos and texts with private chat,  to see location history and to encourage safer driving. But probably it could be very addictive to watch your family members' lives, don’t forget to give them some freedom as well. It can be installed on Android and iOS.

Download React Mobile > IOS > Android

Hopefully, this article was useful and you have decided which of the listed personal safety apps would be the best for you. Be safe.

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