16 Best Free Novel Reading Apps for Bookworm

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There are too many books to read. Too many to keep up with our latest reading list, to keep track of what we've read, to remember the story and characters.

But there's a solution! With the free novel reading app, imagine the possibilities: your phone is your library card, and you can take any book from it with a tap and start reading in seconds. All of your favorites are available on demand (at a time that suits you). You can have as many books as you like, always at hand.

1. Fizzo Novel

Fizzo Novel

Fizzo Novel is a Novel and stories app for mobile devices that has various immersive novels with topics ranging from romance to werewolves, adventures, vampires, etc. The topics provided are fascinating, and you will have a great experience when reading the novels and stories. Try the app and enjoy reading and writing novels or stories book. Get it on the App store.


  • High quality. The novels and the ebooks can be read from anywhere and anytime.
  • Creating a library store. Personal favorite novels and stories can be put under one library and receive daily updates.
  • Audio features. You can listen to novels or books instead of reading.

Download Fizzo Novel: Download on the APP Store

2. NovelRead- Romantic Novels

NovelRead- Romantic Novels

If you are a book lover looking to enrich your love imagination, consider using the NovelRead app that gives you the best romantic Novel you can imagine. It’s a flexible app that you can read anywhere and anytime. The Novels are exciting and informative, and you can download the app.


  • Explore. Browse various novels to get your favorite romantic Novel.
  • Library. A helpful feature that assists users in creating custom novels.

Download NovelRead:  Git it on google play

3. Web Novel Reader

Web Novel Reader

Web Novel Reader is a novel reader app that can manage your list of novels in one place, and you can read anything you feel like reading. This is an excellent app primarily for users with a vast novel collection. The app makes it easy for the reader to follow the book read last. Get the app on Google Play.


  • Web library. You can add any light web novel from any source to your list.
  • It supports changing the font, text size, spacing, margin, and background color.
  • Text-to-speech feature is available in the app.

Download Web Novel Reader:  Git it on google play


4. Fox Novel-Read Stories & Books

Fox Novel-Read Stories & Books

FoxNovel is a mobile novel reading app with a great story genre full of copyright and high-quality novels. Enjoy your read with this app as you get covered with thousand of stories. The app is available on all devices. You can download it and have the best experience in reading.


  • Free trial reading. Choose any book you want and enjoy reading a few chapters for free.
  • Abundant Genres. The app has various genres where you can explore them.
  • List your reading. You can personalize your reading books with a managed list to make reading more accessible and comfortable.

Download Fox Novel-Read Stories & Books: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

5. Webnovel


Webnovel is another excellent novel reader app on your mobile device that you can get for free. It has a comprehensive collection of novels, eBooks, and science fiction. The app allows aspiring authors to share their stories on web novels and get fans. Join the bi-weekly contest, get a chance, and write your Novel to share it with other readers in the app.


  • Library. Users have the room to create their customized library for novels, eBooks, etc.
  • Featured. It shows popular novels, eBooks, and comic books readily available for reading.

Download Webnovel: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

6. Inkitt – Free Fiction Books, Novels, Stories


If you are in search of fiction books, Inkitt is the best reader app you have on your smartphone. Inkitt is a free app with thousands of new fiction books in genres like horror stories, mystery, romance, sci-fi and thriller novels, fantasy books, and many more. The app supports aspiring authors and has their novels published and accessed on the app.


  • The download of books. Fiction books can be downloaded and read offline
  • Explore. Discover and read free handpicked upcoming fiction books from all genres by indie authors.
  • Customize your fonts and background colors according to your needs.

Download Inkitt: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play



NOOK is a digital content app that can glue you to reading and sync across your smartphone or tablet device. It is a free online app to access an online library of over four million graphics novels, comics, eBooks, manga, and magazines. It also has over 300000 audiobooks that you can access them. Android, iOS, and Windows support the app.


  • Explore. You can discover the latest published eBooks and audiobooks as recommended in the app.
  • Customization in reading and listening to the eBook and Audiobooks.
  • Sync your eBook, notes, and bookmarks in all your devices for a better reading experience.

Download NOOK: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

8. Free Novel

Free Novel

Free Novel is an Apple novel app that offers free English translations of novels online. It has over 500 English-translated novels in Korean novels, web novels, light novels, and Chinese Novels. With this app, you should not worry about different languages in the Novel as you are sorted to have English translation. New updates have been made for the app to be displayed in the apple watch app icon.


  • Library. You can manage your favorite novels and put them in one place.
  • Translation. It has a unique feature of the English translation of different language novels.

Download Free Novel: Download on the APP Store



For individuals who like to listen to audiobooks on the go or download a book for reading, Google Play Books is the best app you can look at. Google Play Books provide millions of best-selling comics, textbooks, eBooks, and audiobooks that you can buy without a subscription. The app is interesting as it arranges your recommended personalized favorite books in the app when you are done finishing reading the other book or listening to audiobooks.


  • Multiple devices. The app can read books and listen to audiobooks in Androids, iOS, web browsers, and offline.
  • Purchasing. You can buy eBooks and audiobooks without a subscription.

Download GOOGLE PLAY BOOKS: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

10. Wattpad- Read & Write Stories


You can use the Wattpad app, a free novel reading app for readers and inspiring authors. The app provides an opportunity for authors to write original stories and share them on the app to get connected with the global community of over 90 million. Wattpad provides a vast of genre books of real stories that you can discover on the app. Download the app as soon as possible to enjoy original content.


  • Share your voice. The app allows authors to write their original stories and share them with readers.
  • Language. It supports different language stories on the E-Story app Wattpad at any time.

Download Wattpad: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

11. Goodreads


Goodreads is the mainly used reader app and recommendation of books, with more than 75 million users who use it for free when finding books through scanning. The app has stored more than 2.2 billion books in its database, where you can find and get the books by scanning the book cover and getting instant results of the book review. It has a vast genre of books that you can plan to read ahead.


  • Scanning. It has a scan feature to scan book covers to give you the book review and save it.
  • Catalog. The app catalog keeps track of books you have read and want to read in the future.

Download Goodreads: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

12. KOBO – eBooks & Audiobooks


KOBO is a robust app where readers can get books to read and listen to audiobooks. It provides the service of recommendation of books. The app offers the best deal on audiobooks when you subscribe to their site and when you purchase every book, you earn kobo super points. You can browse on your smartphone or tablet to get the best eBooks, graphic novels, audiobooks, and children's books in the KOBO app.


  • Discover recommendations of new eBooks or audiobooks when you are done reading the book or listening to an audiobook
  • Supports multi-language. You can read English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, German, etc.

Download KOBO: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

13. Aldiko


Aldiko is an online reading app whose interface is highly customized to read imported files such as EPUB, PDF, and CBZ. It has all eBooks, Audiobooks, and comics in one place where you can purchase books from best sellers and the latest release. The app is very beneficial as it has over a million references for your catalog. The app has a premium version where you can subscribe and enjoy adding as many audiobooks as you need.


  • Customize reading. You can read books with multiple fonts and themes according to how you have customized them.
  • Reading Mode. It supports fully dark mode in the app.

Download Aldiko: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

14. iBook


iBooks is an online bookstore with audiobooks and eBooks for Android devices 5.0 and above. It provides recommendations of different types of books a user can download and preview the book first before installing it. The app has a vast genre of books where you can search from the app or search for a book using the author's name.


  • To Filter Book. You can look for a book using the author's name, book name, and genre.
  • It shows the history of the book application done in the app.

Download iBook: Git it on google play

15. FB READER: Favorite Book Reader


FB READER is a free ebook reader that supports main ebook formats such as ePub (ePub3), fb2(.zip), kindle azw3 and other supported formats. To open comics and PDF files, you need a free plugin installed on your device to open or purchase a premium plan that can support the files. You can access reading books through the library or uploads from Google Drive that you have connected with the app.


  • Reading mode. The app can read books when offline and also access many eBooks catalogs.
  • App Integration. The app is integrated with external dictionaries.
  • Downloads. You can download eBooks and access them on your device.

Download FB READER: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play

16. Litsy


Litsy is an online novel reading app that provides recommendations for your next book to read from respected people, not algorithms like other reading apps. The app is designed such passionate readers, authors, and influencers can share their feedback through posts, quotes, and reviews of any book. Litsy supports the influence and reviews done in a book because everyone says matters when it comes to reading books.


  • Explore. It's easy to find the next book to read when browsing down your feed.
  • Search. It has a search option to find books for reading and also to search for fellow readers and authors to follow.

Download Litsy: Download on the APP Store Git it on google play


The apps described above are free novel-reading apps that you can access to read any book you desire. If you are a bookworm person, these are the best app you can try to look at and read different genres.

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