Top 15 free music sites to download music albums Legally in 2024

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Do you love music and are desperately looking for the latest music hits online? Check out this list of top 10 free music sites. Visit to start downloading.

“Music is love, love is music, music is life, and I love my music”. These are words of A.J. McLean, a famous American musician. These words are a truthful reminder of what music means to us humans. Listening to cool music hits is very soothing and relaxing. Finding such hits, however, can be quite a challenge.

There are many websites and even mobile apps that provide access to music, but under paid plans. Though they also provide free music, the variety and selection that come with such plans are very limited.

So, where can one access and download free music online?

This List has summarized some of the best websites where you can download free music albums. I take too much time to research on it, Try them out and see what works for you.

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15 best free music websites: You Can Download Music Freely &Legally in 2022

15. PureVolume

Pure Volume To Download Music Albums

Link To:

PureVolume is the ideal place for artists who are starting in the world of music. This site is ideal for artists who are not as well known, and ideal to discuss topics of interest with some users. This website allows users not only to download the music they are interested in but also have the option to give their opinions and interact with the artists that produce the music that is available on this digital platform at no cost.

PureVolume : PROS

  • All the available content is 100% legal and safe.
  • It has different music categories.
  • All songs are available in MP3 format.

PureVolume : CONS

  • They do not have music by popular artists.
  • It does not have an application for smart devices.

14. To Download Music Albums

Link To: is one of the most visited sites today because they not only have the option of streaming music online but also the option to download music for free. Although previously this digital platform was only dedicated to transmitting music online because it worked only as a radio station, nowadays it has evolved so much that it can already offer you more than 100 million musical reproductions that you can download or listen to through the web without paying a cent. : PROS

  • Recommend artists and songs according to the history of what you hear frequently.
  • It works through any device capable of producing music.
  • It is fully accessible through different digital platforms, browsers or music players.
  • Offer an unlimited amount of music.
  • Use Spotify and YouTube as your source for streaming music online. : CONS

  • Low quality in sound.
  • They do not have organized the content that they offer by genres.
  • An absence of lyrics and live content.

13. Audio Archive

Audio Archive To Download Music Albums

Link To:

Audio Archive is a very good digital platform that not only has options for streaming audio online, but also has unlimited content to download for free. Something particular about this site is that you can not only enjoy good music, this website also offers you the option of audiobooks, radio program recordings, and downloadable audio for your own personalized videos. Audio Archive has a large amount of audio content that you can use according to your own needs.

Audio Archive : PROS

  • It is one of the most prestigious websites in the world.
  • They have over 4 million audio recordings that you can download for free.
  • They offer a diversity of totally safe and legal audio content.

Audio Archive : CONS

  • It does not have 100% current content.
  • Not all music or audios offered are free.

12. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade To Download Music Albums

Link To:

NoiseTrade has the feature that each of the songs that are available for download on this website is loaded by their own artists. It means the content offered by the page is completely safe and legal since most of the music they offer is directly related to the artists that produce it, which is a positive point to the page, by offering safe and quality audio content for free.

NoiseTrade : PROS

  • All music is completely free.
  • It is a useful and safe site for both artists and users.
  • It has current music and exclusive releases of new songs.

NoiseTrade : CONS

  • It is mandatory that you share certain information through Facebook or Twitter in exchange for downloading the songs you want.

11. Musopen

Musopen To Download Music Albums

Link To:

Musopen is exclusive for people who love classical music. This website has all the useful content for people related to this musical style. This digital platform has an unlimited number of songs, audios and relevant information about this type of music. This is the perfect website for music teachers, musicians, or classical music lovers, who want or need to acquire any audio content that interests them in this area for free.

Musopen : PROS

  • The website is very well organized and easy to access.
  • It has not only classical music but all the information that could be useful in this musical style.
  • All music is free of copyright.
  • It is a legal and safe site.
  • The songs are available for download or online streaming.

Musopen : CONS

  • It does not have conventional songs.

10. Youtube

Youtube To Download Music Albums

Link To:

YouTube has the feature that its users can create and upload their own content, in addition to having the option to comment each of the transmissions and compare them with the unlimited content that this platform offers. This web page is exclusively dedicated to broadcasts of audiovisual content online; In other words, you will not only enjoy music but also all the visual content that the artist can offer you through this digital platform. Something a little disadvantageous for YouTube is that you depend on many applications to be able to save the audio content that you like on your device. Although you have the option to share the content you want on your social networks, you do not have the option to download it for free, which forces you to download more applications to get what you want.

YouTube : PROS

  • It has unlimited content.
  • You not only enjoy audio transmissions but also audio-visual transmissions.
  • Varied and quality content.

YouTube : CONS

  • You cannot download songs or audiovisual content directly from the website.
  • You depend on other applications to have more options than what this digital platform offers you.
  • You are required to have an internet connection to enjoy the website.

9. Soundcloud

Soundcloud To Download Music Albums

Link To:

Soundcloud has become one of the most popular online music streaming sites in the world. This website has millions of subscriptions, which include users and artists with their verified accounts.

Although all the songs offered by this digital platform are not free, it has an unlimited number of transmissions of current and conventional content.

In Soundcloud, the content is categorized by artist, genre, popularity, or most recent publication; which will allow you a better and easier access to the website when looking for what you really want to download.

Soundcloud : PROS

  • There is no limit as to the sizes of the files you wish to download.
  • It has a very active user community.
  • The site is safe and legal.
  • Downloads are usually fast and do not take much time.
  • Unlimited amount of auditory content by online transmission.

Soundcloud : CONS

  • Not all downloads are available for free.

8. Jamendo

Jamendo To Download Music Albums

Link To:

Jamendo is a website not very popular with most users; however, this does not make it less advantageous than the others. This digital platform is ideal for musicians or independent users as it allows a slightly closer interaction between the users of this page. Jamendo has a large amount of free content through downloads or online transmissions. In addition to including services with the most popular social networks of the moment so you can share privately or publicly the content you want.

Jamendo : PROS

  • It is free and legal to download.
  • The content is available in MP3 and OGG formats.
  • It covers most musical genres.
  • It is properly organized, allowing easy access for users to the digital platform.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Commercial licenses.

Jamendo : CONS

  • Little known by most frequent users of this type of pages.
  • Not all the content offered is free.

7. Soundclick

Soundclick To Download Music Albums

Link To:

Soundclick is a website that uses social networks in parallel to connect artists with their fans. It is the ideal website for artists, musicians, or YouTubers that require the downloading of audios or legal music to add to the content they themselves have made.

This platform is not only ideal for artists, but it is also very good for users since it allows the free download of almost all the content it offers. Soundclick has a fairly large library of quality audio content, and in addition to this, it is fully compatible with Android and also with iOS.

Soundclick : PROS

  • It offers a wide range of musical genres.
  • Unlimited amount of all types of content available for downloads.
  • They have current and popular music.
  • All available content is legal and secure.

Soundclick : CONS

  • Not all the content they offer is free.
  • The content is not perfectly organized, so there is usually some confusion when accessing the website.
  • The content will only be available after the purchase of the contract with the license of the website.

6. Audiomack

Audiomack To Download Music Albums

Link To:

Audiomack is a digital platform that has been evolving over the years. This website is the best and most complete tool for everything you need to do in terms of downloading or streaming your favorite music.

This incredible application not only has the option to download and transmit music, but it is also very well mixed with social networks, so you have the option to share with your friends what you decide.

The service offered by Audiomack is very complete and professional so it would be an ideal complement for people or professionals looking for something more than just listening to music. This digital platform has very technical tools that allow anyone who knows the subject to be interested in accessing the site.

Audiomack : PROS

  • It has one of the best music streaming services on the internet.
  • It has all the useful information or that you want to know about the artist you are listening to.
  • The genres offered by the site are strategically organized for better and easier access for its users.

Audiomack : CONS

  • It is not as well-known as other digital platforms.
  • It has a limited amount of current songs or the most popular music of the moment.
  • Not all the services they offer are free; you must pay for some of them.

5. Datpiff

Datpiff To Download Music Albums

Link To:

Datpiff came to improve the lives of rap and hip-hop lovers. We usually find millions of pages with these same characteristics and also with many genres to choose from. However, you cannot find all the artists that currently exist in rap and hip-hop; it’s very difficult to get your favorite rap artist if you try it on any of these sites. Therefore, this web page called Datpiff was created, which is identified as a digital platform dedicated to the download and unlimited transmission of music in these musical genres.

Datpiff : PROS

  • It offers the continuous transmission and download of updated music from the most popular artists of these genres.
  • Each of its functions is surprisingly efficient.
  • Original compilations of recognized artists.
  • The entire content is legal and safe.
  • The APP is free.

Datpiff : CONS

  • Limited in terms of the musical genres offered.
  • Lack of solid reproduction functions.

4. FreeMusicArchive

FreeMusicArchive To Download Music Albums

Link To:

FreeMusicArchive is one of the websites where you can get the most downloads and music transmissions online. This website is one of the safest to download music in an MP3 format that exists on the web. This platform has the characteristic of having a great variety in terms of musical genres. In addition to this, the quality of each audio offered by the page is very good compared to other digital platforms of the same style. It has no limits in terms of the amount or size of the audios you want to download, in addition to having an excellent online transmission of all types of music because this website is directed by the famous WFMU radio station.

FreeMusicArchive : PROS

  • They have great variety in terms of musical genres.
  • They are one of the web pages with the most auditory content available to download for free.
  • Downloads available in MP3 format.
  • A high quality of service offered by the page.

FreeMusicArchive : CONS

  • They have more transmissions than free downloads.

3. FreeSound

FreeSound To Download Music Albums

Link To:

FreeSound is an application exclusively dedicated to satisfying the tastes and needs of its users. This web page carefully takes into account each opinion and comment of its users to then transform that into benefits for themselves. This digital platform is dedicated especially to the download and transmission of free music but always based on the tastes and requests of its users. This website not only has a large number of songs available to download or transmit for free, but also has all kinds of information, or necessary review that may be of interest to each of the people who access the website.

FreeSound : PROS

  • All the content they have is totally free; from accessing information to downloading the songs.
  • The sound quality is really good.
  • The creation of the user on the website is very easy and fast.

FreeSound : CONS

  • It is not possible to download any audio without first creating an account on the website.
  • The search filters are not unlimited.
  • Not all the content of the page is available to be marketed.

2. Mp3Juices

Mp3Juices To Download Music Albums

Link To:

Mp3Juices is an excellent ally for audio downloads in MP3 format. This program uses the best sites and sources of music download for free. Its application is fully compatible with Android, and also serves to download only the MP3 content of YouTube videos. This website not only allows you to download MP3 files efficiently and quickly but also offers you the option of listening to music online without paying a dime.

Mp3Juices : PROS

  • It is capable of converting YouTube videos into MP3 files and then save it wherever you want.
  • Unlimited amount of audios available for free download.

Mp3Juices : CONS

  • It has many advertisements.

1. ReverbNation

ReverbNation To Download Music Albums

Link To:

This website has hosted artists such as Alabama Shakes, Imagine Dragons and The Civil War since its inception. In this platform, you will find a great variety of genres but its inclination goes more towards Pop, Hip-Hop and Alternative than any other genre. ReverbNation helps you listen to your favorite songs by giving you good features such as the Discover application and its section on who is about to be the next big star.

An interesting feature of this platform is that artists can choose the alternatives for listeners to enjoy their songs, these can just listen, buy or download the songs for free. ReverbNation offers artists the option of donating 50% of their songs sold to charities.

ReverbNation : PROS

  • You can send a blank CD to ReverbNation and they can take care of the whole recording procedure and you will receive a real CD with your favorite songs.
  • ReverbNation gives you the opportunity to create playlists of your favorite artists.
  • It allows the embedding of YouTube videos to personalize your profile.

ReverbNation : CONS

  • There are too many tools that could be a lot of information to process for those people who do not have much experience in computers.
  • There is a great social spam because it works as a social network.
  • The player of this platform sometimes does not work.
  • It only allows Mp3 files of up to 8 MB for the profiles.


Finding a website that offers you a free music download service that is also safe is really difficult. Many websites have malicious files and the quality of the songs is quite bad. For this reason, we decided to create the Top 10 best free music sites to download music albums, in order to make your choice of the most suitable website much easier.

On the other hand, on the websites mentioned above, you can find a variety of musical genres and artists from around the world. Regardless of the genre of your choice, it is important to find a website where you can download the songs you want regardless of how unknown your genre is or how new the artist is.

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