20 Best Free Movie Apps for Movie Nights in 2024

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Do you relish every opportunity to stream movies online without paying a dime? This article has got you covered. This article provides you with the best free movie apps to stream your favorite movies online for free.

There is no denying that with a snap of a finger, you can get your hands on hundreds of films and television episodes. However, not everyone will be able to afford it, especially with the escalating prices of subscription streaming services. The only viable option now is to make advantage of free app services that provide access to movies and TV programs.

However, several questions arise whenever anything is offered for free on the internet. You may wonder whether these applications provide a virus risk to your gadget if they are legitimate in your country, and if so, whether or not you can download them.

Fortunately, this article has you covered on all fronts.

You can use these free movie applications for Android and OS devices without worry since they are completely reliable, legitimate, and virus-free.

1. Plex — Best free movie app compatible with almost all devices

Plex apps from Play Store

This free movie application supports a wide variety of devices. Whatever you own, you can use Plex. Also included are web series, news programs, and podcasts, all of which can be seen online at no cost.

The one major drawback of Plex is that you have to join your accounts before you can begin streaming. Given that Plex’s search function is somewhat simplistic, you may need to randomly play a few movies before finding one that you like.

This free movie application not only stores your current position inside several different movies but also recalls where you stopped off in the middle of viewing before.

2. Amazon FreeVee — Provides you with a large database for streaming thousands of movies for free

Amazon FreeVee apps from Play Store

Freevee, formerly known as IMDb TV, is a popular choice among the many free streaming applications out there. Freevee not only has an extensive library of TV series and movies, but it also produces its entertainment.

When compared to other free movie applications, Freevee features some of the newest releases and Freevee originals featuring Post Malone, Judge Judy, and other popular figures.

Freevee is compatible with a wide variety of devices, including Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

3. Vudu — Renowned for its massive movie catalog

Vudu apps from Play Store

This is one of my best online free streaming apps. There is some fantastic content out there that you can’t get unless you use Vudu. Despite its free price tag, this site offers a wide variety of high-quality movies.

The collection is extensive for a free movie application, and new releases are often added. Enjoy free movies at your leisure and choose the quality that best suits your needs.

4. Pluto TV — The best choice for users who love a simple interface

Pluto TV apps from Play Store

When it comes to free movie applications, Pluto TV has some of the most bells and whistles. Although it has numerous functions, the user interface is straightforward.

Pluto’s free TV channels are available right when you launch the app, and there’s a separate section for free episodes and movies.

Many additional free TV networks airing a wide variety of shows and movies are also available.

5. Crunchyroll — Best for streaming anime for free

Crunchyroll apps from Play Store

This iOS and Android software Crunchyroll is a must-have since it is one of the greatest channels to watch anime online.

Crunchyroll offers a 14-day free trial to enable you to stream any movie of your choice before deciding on whether to carry on with their service or not.

The application is tailored to fans of Japanese animation and has a broad variety of titles, from cult favorites to recent releases, as well as a collection of highly regarded original productions.

6. Crackle — Best for streaming new and old classic movies for free

Crackle apps from Play Store

Americans can enjoy this top online TV streaming application at no cost. Crackle is home to the greatest free movie libraries on the web, including both cult classics and recent box office smashes.

You can stream movies with no glitches and minimal effort. You’ll need to endure a few commercials before you can view the free movies, however.

It seems like a reasonable amount to pay for the quality of stuff Crackle offers, and the advertisements aren’t too annoying. You can also get free TV programs streaming on Crackle.

7. Peacock — Best for streaming live TV channels at zero cost

Peacock apps from Play Store

Peacock provides both paid and free content, with the paid package providing access to hundreds of hours of video.

For no additional fee, Peacock also provides access to live TV networks. A subscription is required, but the wide selection of TV episodes and movies more than makes up for it.

8. Popcornflix — The best place to sort your movies by categories

Popcornflix apps from Play Store

Popcornflix is an excellent free movie app with a wide variety of films available to watch. The app displays a wall of free movies broken down into categories and with the most recent additions shown at the very top.

In addition to its regular programming, Popcornflix offers its original shows dubbed Popcornflix Originals. Both the movies and the streaming process are of high quality.

The movie player may seem complicated at first, but it’s rather powerful and easy to use. Popcornflix also offers a free TV show streaming service.

9. Tubi TV — Best platform for comedy, romance, and horror movies

Tubi TV apps from Play Store

Movies on Tubi TV are free to watch and are organized into genre-specific playlists. Both featured, and top-grossing films are available for streaming.

The videos themselves are of excellent quality, and the video player works without a hitch.

In addition, subtitles are included for every single one of the movies. After signing in, you’ll be able to add movies to a queue. After signing in, you can add movies to your queue, which will be available on all of your devices, including the online version of Tubi TV.

10. FilmRise — Best platform for quality content at zero cost

FilmRise apps from Play Store

In the world of independent television and movie distribution, FilmRise is a major player.

They can offer a broad variety of high-quality programming because of their relationships with major networks, including Starz, Showtime, Prime Video, and HBO.

Documentaries, cable TV series, and indie films all have a place in this application.

11. Viki — Best place for streaming Asian movies for free

Viki apps from Play Store

It’s no longer a problem for individuals to enjoy high-caliber entertainment from other countries because of the internet’s ability to break down geographical barriers.

Viki provides several highly regarded Asian shows on your mobile device, including shows from China and Korea.

12. Sling TV — The best international streaming service platform

Sling TV apps from Play Store

With Sling TV, you can instantly watch more than 200 channels throughout the United States. More than 80,000 on-demand TV shows and movie series are available on the site as well.

Sling TV gives you access to live streaming of a wide variety of popular cable channels, including news outlets such as NBC and Fox News and lifestyle networks like Travel Channel and HGTV.

13. MegaBox HD — The best free streaming app for watching TV shows and the latest movies

MegaBox HD apps from Play Store

If you’re seeking the best quality free streaming application, consider MegaBox HD. Experience the newest films and TV episodes in 360p, 720p, or 1080p with MegaBox HD. MegaBox HD is ad-free and compatible with high-definition videos.

14. Freeflix HQ — The best free movie app with simple user-interface

Freeflix HQ apps from Play Store

Freeflix HQ is a platform where you can watch movies, TV episodes, sports, and anime without paying a dime. This application supports several connections, most of which are 720p quality. When you put an M3U into Live TV, you have access to even more stations.

With subtitle compatibility for over 50 languages, a built-in player, and a simple interface, Freeflix HQ is a great choice. Likewise, shows and films that you like can be downloaded for later viewing.

An additional feature of this software is a parental control system that disables any R-rated films from being viewed.

15. SnagFilms — Best free movie app for indie movie lovers

SnagFilms apps Free Download

SnagFilms is a smartphone application that provides access to independent movies. The featured series and movies on this application cover a wide range of subjects, from climate change and the environment to refugee and immigrant experiences to the achievements of sports and vets.

In addition to the genres you’d expect to see on SnagFilms, you can also find content that has won awards. LGBT, Latinx, and African films are also available on this application.

16. BeeTV — The best free movie app with an enjoyable large library of movies

BeeTV apps from Play Store

BeeTV is a user-friendly, free movie application that has a large collection of films and television series split up into categories that appeal to viewers of all ages.

The user-friendliness of this software stems from its uncluttered design. Several options for players (both built-in and third-party) are available before you begin playing.

Subtitles are optional, and videos can be viewed in any external player and downloaded whenever you choose. All of your favorite films and series are available in stunning high definition.

17. Typhoon TV — Best app to stream high-quality movies for free

Typhoon TV apps Free Download

Typhoon TV is the best free application to get all of the best movie links in one place. You can watch movies on Typhoon TV for free, and it has excellent viewing resolution.

As opposed to competing applications, Typhoon TV does not distractingly interrupt your viewing experience with ads.

18. MediaBox HD — Best free movie app with offers of various categories to stream from

MediaBox HD apps Free Download

MediaBox HD is an excellent video management application that incorporates both the torrent tracker Trakt and the unlimited download service Real Debrid. This app provides access to a wide variety of films and television series.

MediaBox HD stands out among other free movie applications because of its Discovery Page, which provides popular titles and a “Pick a Movie for Me” option for those who are having trouble deciding on a film to watch.

19. Kodi — The best all-in-one digital media streaming application

Kodi apps from Play Store

The Kodi media player is an attractive and simple way to access all of your media content in one convenient location.

The vast majority of audio and video podcasts, as well as video and audio files stored on local and networked storage devices, as well as online content, can be played and viewed with this app.

This media center is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

20. Viu — Best freemium movie application

Viu apps from Play Store

Viu is a high-quality streaming application that comes for free. You can use it to stream television shows and movies. It also has content available in various languages, such as Korean, Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi.

The application also features VIU’s original content. Viu, similarly to the other free movie applications on this list, supports Chromecast, so you can stream films and TV series from your account directly to your smart television.


Q. What is the best app for streaming free movies online?

There are numerous free movie apps you can use to stream movies online. All the apps on this list are great. However, one of my recommended apps is Tubi TV because of its high-quality and supported genres.

Q. Which of the best free movie apps is like Netflix but free?

If you’re searching for a free movie app like Netflix but free, try Tubi TV. You can stream on Tubi TV with up to 10 supported devices. In addition, it is available on popular devices like Chromecast, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku.

Q. Can I stream free movies on my phone?

Yes, it is possible to stream movies on your phone for free. However, you will have to download free movie apps to do so. You can select any of the free movie apps in this article.


The application listed in this article is in no particular order. You are free to experiment with whichever of the several available ad-free movie applications piques your interest the most.

All of these free movie applications can be relied upon to be the real deal. I would advise you to examine their terms of service before signing up for an account and watching any video, just to be on the safe side.

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