Free Lightroom Presets for Portraits in 2024

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Do you know how to use Adobe Lightroom presets? Well, there are many things you can do with Lightroom. You can edit, reduce brightness, adjusting saturation, changing color, and much more. 

Lightroom is a popular photo editing software that helps enhance photos to make them more appealing. It has thousands of effects and presets that you can use for photo editing. Presets are ideal as you can easily compare with your original image to see what suits you best. Also, they provide a different feeling and atmosphere.

Free portrait Photography Lightroom Presets

Here are some of the best free Lightroom presets for portraits:

1. Soft balance

woman portrait before(2)woman portrait after(2)

You can use this Lightroom preset to make your photos have a soft balance. When we take pictures, we often want to make them visually perfect and appealing.

This preset option makes your photos get warm colors, softer, and have low contrast. Hence, this photo enhancement option is perfect for wedding and baby photos. Also, if you took photos where there was too much sunlight, you may use this photo editor to make the image soft and clear.

2. Black and white light

woman portrait before(1)woman portrait after(1)

The Black and white preset changes the overall impression of the photo. This makes the photos look more elegant and have a retro feel. This is preferably for architecture and design.

Also, if you want to make your image to backdate and show a comparison between the present and the past, it is ideal for it. This color preset option is also ideal when you want to make something less visible to prevent the target audience from getting emotional. For example in a crime scene.

3. Cold white

woman portrait before(7)woman portrait after(7)

Do you know the best preset you can use for winter portraits? Well, this is the best lightroom presets for it. Whenever you take photos when it is cold, the imagery tends to look cool and chilly.

Hence, the preset changes the colors of the sticky pieces to cool tones. Not only that, but it also gives you a sharp image contrast giving your eyes a new gravity. Moreover, it heightens the cold look and fills with softened color tones.

4. Warm tones

woman portrait before(5)woman portrait after(5)

This lightroom preset is ideal for increasing the intensity of the colors in your photo. The warm tones help to make the image more appealing and relaxing. Alternatively, you can use this lightroom preset to enhance the light and green light of a picture to create a balance.

This helps make it look perfect for a painted portrait. Besides, this warm tone preset helps make the image look more natural and less intimidating. Hence, if you are looking for a great photo enhancement feature to provide warm tones, this preset is ideal.

5. Restoring ancient ways

woman portrait before(8)woman portrait after(8)

Lightroom allows you to play around with your photos as you wish. If you want your photo to look like an old movie, we recommend using this preset. Not only does it make your photo still look natural, but you also get a pastel photo that reminds you of the good old days.

While browsing through your photos, you will note the difference. This is also essential if you want to create a photo collage that features your memories.

6. Soft contrast

woman portrait before(9)woman portrait after(9)

The soft contrast photo editor lowers the contrast and enhances the light/shadow settings. After you edit using the preset, the original color will hardly change. Hence, the soft contrast increases the contrast of larger areas and ignores the small details.

Also, the transition between the tonal areas is softened to ensure it doesn’t portray a huge change. This helps to create a more paint-like effect. The attention on the main subject will ensure the image attracts when one looks from afar.

7. Contrast gray

woman portrait before(4)woman portrait after(4)

Have you ever wondered what the contrast gray preset would do to your image? Well, it gives the photos a dark and mysterious aura. It also darkens the photos and accentuates the character's temperament. Hence, the contrasting gray is ideal if you want to portray a specific atmosphere. This preset makes the photos look cool and grayish.

The contrast grey preset helps transform your color-strong and bright photos to muted, vintage, and minimal looking images. It is great for improving color, contrast, tone, and vibrancy in the photos.

8. Soft light

woman portrait before(6)woman portrait after(6)

This preset feature is designed to create a halo effect on the image. Hence, it widens the gap between the character and background. This helps to focus more attention on the portrait. This is ideal for photographers to ensure they provide unique photos.

The soft light effect helps one to focus more on the subject rather than the background. The emphasis that had been relayed on the original picture is changed to ensure the subject is the main source of attention. This also helps to provide a softened color effect.

9. Soften skin tone

woman portrait after(3)

Do you have blemishes on your face? How do they appear in photos? Unappealing, right? The soft skin tone preset helps make the skin to be smoother and sharper. This also helps to repair blemishes on the face.

The natural look of the photo remains, but with fewer face faults. The subject in the photo also gets a soft, milky, and young look. It can also be termed as a retouching preset that helps get rid of faults on your photo. It also helps make the photo to have a sharp and impressive look.

10. Warm shadows

woman portrait before(10)woman portrait after(10)

The warm shadow preset helps provide an improved shadow and highlight contrast. This makes the photos look warm and calm.

This preset option is perfect for portrait landscape photography. Also, it helps to reduce the darkness in the background to make the image look lively and reduce the shadows.


Lightroom is a great photo editing software that can help make your photos pop. Hence, these ten presets are ideal for ensuring your images retain their beauty while still enhancing the warmness of the photos.

We have prepared 60 styles for you. Please click on the download link below to get them. Use them to beautify your photos.

Download 60 Lightroom Presets for Portraits

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