10 Best Places to download Free iphone wallpaper

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Isn’t it a pain when you get your iPhone and you just can’t find adequate wallpaper to fit your screen and also be in high definition.

The default images you get for your telephone might do the trick for some time, but it is obvious that you may get bored pretty easily with the similar pictures over and over again.

If you are not a dedicated photographer that will always put his own work on the home screen, there will always be a dilemma about what will be a stylish touch to keep your screen dynamic and interesting. After all, it is something that you spend most of your day with.

This list will help you find some majestic web sites with high definition imagery and loads of categories to choose from.

10 amazing websites to download iPhone wallpapers <HD wallpapers 1080p>

1. Pinterest


Pinterest is an extremely popular image-focused social network that will serve as a constant stream of ideas and interests. On this website you will be able to find images related to your searches and by expanding your areas of interest, you will start finding more and more pictures that will suit you.

The images here are in a high resolution and they vary from animal-centered, nature and scenery, to house interior, and some beautiful abstract art. Depending on your mood, type and way of life, you will find a cover to present you and reflect you. This website is definitely the main pool of images.

2. Papers


Papers is a convenient website of a very distinct and stylish design. With the first glance of the home page you will be immersed in colorful differences of images. It’s a beautifully thought-out concept of new images forming a 4×3 mosaic of images where you will have a tough time choosing what’s best.

Every hour new images are uploaded and you can tell they are picked by someone who has style. You can download the wallpapers depending on the type of the device, so old iPhone models are also included. There is a nice search bar with various categories to choose from too.

3.  Poolga


Poolga is just  – wow! It is an unconventional place and you will notice that as soon as you enter the website. It contains a beautiful hand-picked palette of various artists and the images that you can download on this website are a work of art.

You can find some edgy and artsy stuff that will really make your wallpaper unique. You can the dedication and heart the artists were putting in these images – it can really make your creative mind tick.

4. iDeviceWalls


Contrary to the previous websites, iDeviceWalls is more a strict, a minimalistic place for people who don’t like too many colorful details in one place.

You can also find a lot of interesting images here but they are sorted in a 6×2 table which is visually comforting.  There is also a nice search bar on the left with various categories to choose from, and you may find some mainstream pop-culture references too.

One downside of this website is its ad dependency, so you will always have to close a pop-up ad after you download a picture.

5. Zedge


Zedge is a place of nostalgia for many. One of the longest-serving wallpaper websites has its roots going way back – to the time of old mobile phones. The pre-smartphone era. With a pedigree like that, it is easy to see why Zedge is one of the most popular websites for downloading wallpapers.

Now, Zedge has a great library of pictures, good advanced search options and an easy download  process.

The good perk about this site is that it saves the device for which you download the image, and then will automatically download all the images for that device – a useful and time-saving option.

6. WallPapers Home

WallPapers Home

This website might surprise you with its quality and content. Once you visit it you will see how well everything is done and you will notice it is with outmost care.

The website looks amazing and really pleasing to visit, and you also have a great number of categories to choose from.

The great thing about WallPapers home is its adaptability. Depending on the device, the pictures will automatically format. If you visit from the desktop, you will get your desktop resolution image, if you visit from your iPhone, you will get a formatted iPhone wallaper.

Wallpapers range from mainstream movies and pop culture to abstraction and scenery. You will find everything in 4k and 8k resolutions which is also awesome.

7. Wallpaper.Mob


Wallpaper Mob is a bit different in its home layout because it will directly show you all the categories and not the latest images. The colorful mosaic you encounter at the front page is actually an image representing a category.

The website is strict in its categories so you will find a lot of interesting topics to choose from.

The best thing about the site is choosing a wallpaper by color. All the wallpapers uploaded are categorized not only by type (anime, funny, cars, etc.) but also by colors. So if you choose green you may find a green car but also a field of grass. A convenient trait to further personalize your iPhone.

8. Dribble


Similar to an aforementioned Poolga, Dribble is a paradise for designers and artists, as well as the fans of this kind of iPhone personalization. It is a place where you can easily find top-notch wallpapers, but you have to search a bit more.

Since Dribble contains various designer’s works, it will not only be limited to iPhone wallpapers, but once you search that category, you will enter a whole new colorful world of amazing designer craft.

9. Wallpapers Craft

Wallpapers Craft

Wallpapers Craft is a sophisticated website with almost one hundred thousand images in all resolutions and adaptable to any device you can think of.

The website is very well designed and easy for the eye, a search bar on the right side will help you if you know what you’re looking for, and category list on the left will guide you if you’re unsure of your quest.

Wallpapers are in great resolution and picked with taste and style. You will probably want to download most of the images you see on the home page as soon as you visit it.



This one is as unique as it gets. It is a collection of various satellite and drone images in unreal resolutions captured in a way that makes your head dizzy and the creative part of your brain tingling.

Each picture on this website is carefully shot, made so well and cinematic that you would wish for 100 iPhones just to have 100 wallpapers from here at the same time. You can download a wide shot of plains and fields, cities from above, waves and oceans. It is just a brilliant work of art.

The library is small, but the quality of the content is enormous.


It is not easy to find great websites for iPhone wallpapers now that you have countless of apps and image searches but it’s not the same as when you have everything HQ and formatted just for your iPhone.

This list will bring you closer to making your iPhone as personalized as you like, with just a few simple clicks. The first thing we see is a homepage, and in a way, it is a part of your personality.

If you have some websites to add, please leave a message in the comments and leave your feedback!

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