The Best Free Instagram Scheduler To Automate Instagram Posts

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Are you looking for an app you can use to schedule your post and instantly post the content? Our list of best free Instagram Scheduler provides you with hashtag/analytics suggestions. It functions as marketing tool for Instagram.

If you’re wondering about the benefits of scheduled Instagram posts, here are what you stand to gain with our list of a best free Instagram scheduler:

  • With the aid of the Instagram planner, you can save enough time. Instead of wasting time on posting every day, you'll be able to schedule the Instagram auto-publishing of a handful of posts.
  • These methods make it simpler to publish posts.
  • With the aid of automated Instagram publishing, you can publish more regularly and thereby promote engagement.
  • It can also help you find suitable captions.
  • Scheduling Instagram posts can enable you to maintain a balance for your posts. For instance, if you schedule, you'll get to figure out whether there's any similar sort of picture back to back.

According to Keap's research on marketing trends for small businesses, 36 percent of smaller businesses found social media marketing strategies helpful. Businesses that do not use these content marketing techniques can easily miss opportunities.

Instagram Scheduler to schedule your Instagram posts

Because it is cost-saving using these marketing strategies, it is worth investing time and effort into content marketing. The research reveals that it can cost you 62 percent less than conventional marketing and can generate 3x more leads for you.

Have you always wished to schedule your Instagram posts for free but are constrained by high pricing schedulers? This list provides you with top best free Instagram schedulers:

Top Free Instagram Scheduler To Schedule Instagram Posts In 2022

1. Buffer


Do you want to build your brand on Instagram for free? Buffer is your best choice. It helps you schedule posts, tags, automation rules, advanced reporting, in-depth social review, strategy suggestions, etc. It allows you to build a preset publishing schedule for each social account.

It is good for small and established businesses, including freelancers.

Features of Buffer:

  • Buffer offers functionalities and features to create exceptional content, such as writing posts, communicating with team members, and managing social media marketing campaigns.
  • You can schedule your posts in advance and get updates to your posts natively.
  • It offers team collaboration features. You would be required to work alongside your team on drafting approvals, synchronization, account management, and posts.

Buffer Pricing: Buffer provides a free trial for products. However, the trial period is different based on each plan. Buffer provides three plans in the Publish label category:

  • Pro: 15 dollars monthly
  • Premium: 65 dollars monthly
  • Business: 99 dollars monthly

Learn more about Buffer: Click Here

2. Sked Social

Sked Social

Are you wondering how you can schedule reposting, posts & stories, review autopilot performance, and plan feeds? Sked Social offers you all.

You can conveniently schedule and auto-post Instagram stories. It does not need any action to automatically post videos, photos, or stories. You can download the mobile application on Android and iOS smartphones.

It is good for small and established businesses.

Features of Sked Social:

  • Sked Social supports different channels such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Sked Social comes with an efficient picture editor, a bulk upload facility, and a Drag & Drop visual grid planner. It also comes with a Hashtag manager.
  • It offers robust Instagram reporting.

Sked Social Pricing: Sked Social provides four pricing plans:

  • Fundamentals: 25 dollars monthly
  • Essentials: 75 dollars monthly
  • Professional: 135 dollars monthly
  • Enterprise: 260 dollars monthly

Learn more about Sked Social: Click Here

3. Combin Scheduler

Combin Scheduler

Do you wish to schedule, post instantly, and complete automated publishing using the desktop? Combin Scheduler is our best bet! Using this content scheduling solution, you can edit the size of the image. It also supports Ubuntu and Mac platforms. Using the in-app mobile preview, users can visually style their grid.

Combin Scheduler is good for small, medium-sized businesses and individuals.

Features of Combin Scheduler:

  • Combin Scheduler has functionality such as bulk stories uploading, hashtags & accounts mention, hashtag management, and picture size editing.
  • The free package is restricted to one Instagram account management, three Instagram updates, and 15 stories a week.
  • The free plan provides bio link features, bulk picture upload, and location tagging.
  • For the Premium Plans, you'll get limitless users, posts, stories, and location tagging.

Combin Scheduler Pricing:

  • It is entirely free

Learn more about Combin Scheduler: Click Here

4. CoSchedule


In case you’re wondering about the best free scheduler that offers you a variety of active marketing tools, CoSchedule is the right choice! Social Organizer is a social network management platform offered by the CoSchedule to enable you to plan, schedule, publish, automate, engage, and measure all social events. CoSchedule also helps you to maximize the social reach.

It is good for small and established businesses.

Features of CoSchedule:

  • CoSchedule automatically helps you to publish the posts at the maximum traffic time.
  • The tool helps you to save each schedule and use the reusable template to populate your calendar.
  • It allows you to set the best messages on autopilot. With CoSchedule, you can use the best messages to auto-fill your social calendar.
  • It offers social network analytics to enable you to validate your social networking strategy.

CoSchedule also provides plans for Editorial Calendar:

  • Individual: 20 dollars monthly
  • Startup: 50 dollars monthly

CoSchedule Pricing:

  • CoSchedule offers a 14-day free trial.
  • Its Marketing Suite plans begin at 150 dollars monthly.
  • Its Content Organizer begins at 60 dollars monthly.

Learn more about CoSchedule: Click Here

5. Hootsuite


Hootsuite enables you to keep your social network active 24/7 by scheduling social networking posts automatically. It has monitoring, social networking, and content curation features.

It is good for small and established businesses, including freelancers.

Features of Hootsuite:

  • With Bulk Scheduling, you can post, edit, and schedule your social networking posts in a CSV format.
  • It offers an engaging, media-rich planner that lets you see your scheduled updates at a glance, streamlines approvals, and collaborates with your team in real-time.
  • For content curations, it offers functionalities such as location and content library or the creation of hashtag search streams.

Hootsuite Pricing:

Hootsuite provides four pricing plans:

  • Professional: 29 dollars monthly
  • Team: 129 dollars monthly
  • Business: 599 dollars monthly

Hootsuite provides a 30-day free trial for the team and professional plans.

You can access Hootsuite: Click Here.

6. Later


With Later, you can schedule User-generated content, Instagram analytics, and Instagram stories. Later also enables you to schedule photos and videos.

It is good for small and established businesses, including individuals.

Features of Later:

  • Later offers scheduling, analysis, and graphic planning functionalities for Instagram posts.
  • The tool allows you to preview your feed before you post.
  • It offers suggestions for hashtags.
  • Later also provides you with a visual content calendar.

Later Pricing:

Later offers free pricing for individuals. Also, individuals have other options such as Plus (which begins from 9 dollars monthly). It also provides three plans for businesses:

  • Premium: 19 dollars monthly
  • Starter: 29 dollars monthly
  • Brand: 49 dollars monthly

Learn more about Later: Click Here

7. ViralTag


Need the best Instagram tool that enables you to share visuals? ViralTag is the answer! With ViralTag, you can schedule posts at the optimal time. It can be found on all major social networks such as LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. ViralTag enables you to plan for a whole week or even a whole month.

It is good for Brands, Small Businesses, and Individuals.

Features of ViralTag:

  • ViralTag offers the functionality of Team Workflows, Google Analytics, UTM Tracking, and Social Analytics with a 30-day to a one-year history.
  • For bulk content, ViralTag can be directly linked to Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • ViralTag makes it simpler for you to configure the message and picture measurements of each social network and generate unique posts for each network.
  • ViralTag offers different tools for curating and creating visual content.

ViralTag Pricing:

ViralTag provides a 14-day free trial. It offers three pricing plans:

  • Individual: 24 dollars monthly
  • Small Business: 79 dollars monthly
  • Brand: 249 dollars monthly

All these prices are stipulated for yearly billing.

Learn more about ViralTag: Click Here.

8. Onlypult


Do you want the best free social network management application that you can use to publish on blogs, messengers, and social media? Only put is the best solution. It also enables you to upload photos and videos. Onlypult also has features to promote teamwork. In addition, you'll be able to access different accounts at the same time using one browser. With Onlypult, you wouldn't need to switch users.

It is good for freelancers, small and established businesses.

Features of Onlypult:

  • Onlypult has numerous features such as Planner, Analytics, Video & Image Editor, Hashtags, Calendar, etc.
  • It has functionality for scheduling and publishing posts in real-time.
  • Its delegation features would enable you to grant your SMM manager access to publish without sharing a password.
  • It can help you evaluate the volume and the growth of followers and the appropriate time to publish.
  • With Onlypult, you can analyze some of the most prominent hashtags.
  • It offers features that enable numerous links and micro landing pages to be created. This Builder increases your revenue and manages your social network traffic.

Onlypult Pricing:

Onlypult has four available pricing plans:

  • Start: 10.50 dollars monthly
  • SMM: 17.50 dollars monthly
  • Agency: 34.30 dollars monthly
  • Pro: 55.30 dollars monthly

All these prices are subject to the yearly billing option. There is also a monthly payment plan available. It can be accessed free of charge for seven days.

Learn more about Onlypult: Click Here.

9. Tailwind


With Tailwind, you'll be able to schedule your Instagram feed through nine grid previews. It enables you to schedule Instagram weekly posts. You can use it on your tablet, mobile application, or desktop.

Tailwind offers actionable insights to learn quicker, explore deeper, and monitor trends. It has a drag-and-drop smart calendar that can instantly schedule videos, stories, and Instagram posts. It allows you to select specific dates and times to post.

Tailwind is good for small and large businesses and also freelancers.

Features of Tailwind:

  • Strategic scheduling that picks the time when the audience is most engaged.
  • It provides functionality for tracking performance, monitoring comments, scheduling posts, obtaining info, and analyzing trends.
  • It has a hashtag finder that suggests the hashtags to be included in your posts.
  • Tailwind makes it simpler for pre-saved lists of hashtags to be dropped into posts.

Tailwind Pricing:

It offers product free trial. Tailwind can cost you 9.99 dollars monthly for one account.

Learn more about Tailwind: Click Here

10. SEMrush


Your strongest rivals are your competitors. Do you want to know how to uncover the social strategies of your competitors? SEMrush tool provides the secret! It offers features for scheduling and posting on five social networks. It contains a UTM developer, a shortener link, and an integrated image editor. It can conduct a benchmarking of your social performance and identify the best-performing content.

SEMrush is good for startups, small and large businesses, and also freelancers.

Features of SEMrush:

  • SEMrush Social Networking Tool offers features for tracking, analytics, marketing, and automating posting across major social networks.
  • The application has tools for analyzing your social performance.
  • It can help you organize and schedule posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • It allows you to archive posts as drafts to be used later.

SEMrush Pricing:

SEMrush platform is free to use. However, It has three pricing plans:

  • Pro: 99.95 dollars per month
  • Guru: 199.95 dollars per month
  • Business: 399.95 dollars per month

Learn more about SEMrush: Click Here

11. Iconosquare


Iconosquare is a platform that offers insight and management tools that enable you to develop your presence on Facebook and Instagram. It's a platform for brands and agencies. With increased efficiency, you would be able to handle your social networking presence from a single platform.

It is good for small and established businesses, including freelancers.

Features of Iconosquare:

  • Iconosquare offers you multi-profile management from a single dashboard. This functionality allows you to add several social profiles for different brands and companies.
  • It offers PDF and XLS reports.
  • With Iconosquare, you can automatically publish your content.
  • It has the features to guarantee that the content hits the right audiences at the right time.
  • It has built-in functionality such as User Tagging, Geo-Location, Best Post Time, etc.

Iconosquare Pricing:

Iconosquare offers a 14-day free trial. It provides three pricing plans:

  • Pro: 29 dollars monthly
  • Advanced: 59 dollars monthly

All these prices are stipulated for yearly billing. It also provides billing plans per month.

Learn more about Iconosquare: Click Here.

12. SproutSocial


If you’re wondering about the best scheduling tool to queue, draft and publish your posts, try SproutSocial. It enables you to plan, coordinate, and deliver social content and cross-network programming campaigns. It also helps you with the management and monitoring of profiles, keywords, and locations.

It is good for small and established businesses, including freelancers.

Features of SproutSocial:

  • SproutSocial offers paid social reporting for LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • It offers interaction management to track campaign performance and easily identify, personalize, and respond to incoming messages.

SproutSocial Pricing:

SproutSocial offers three pricing plans:

  • Standard) 99 dollars monthly per user
  • Professional: 149 dollars monthly per user
  • Advanced: 249 dollars monthly per user

Learn more about SproutSocial: Click here

13. Sendible


Offering a social network management platform for managing and amplifying products on social media Sendible is the best solution for users who want to engage, collaborate, plan, and schedule posts in a queue or bulk.

It is good for small and established businesses, including freelancers.

Features of Sendible:

  • Sendible offers custom reporting features. It offers insight for the most engaging content, web traffic, optimal posting times per network, etc.
  • The tool enables you to instantly send reports to team members, key stakeholders, or customers on a regular, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • With Sendible, you would be able to coordinate your work by putting up different dashboards for your clients.
  • In a scheduled view, you can see all of the posts saved as drafts or posts that are awaiting approval.
  • With Sendible, you can preview posts before publishing them. These features enable you to personalize text, choose the best length for texts, and ensure your photos look dazzling.

Sendible Pricing:

Sendible provides four pricing plans:

  • Starter: 29 dollars monthly
  • Traction: 99 dollars monthly
  • Growth: 199 dollars monthly
  • Large: 299 dollars monthly

Do you want the most engaging content, web traffic, optimal posting times per network? Sendible is the solution. Learn more: Click Here.


Instagram Scheduler, without doubt, saves you a lot of time and helps you to be more consistent in you’re your social media posts. It also helps you establish a balance in your posts. Combin Scheduler is one of the top recommendations. Hootsuite, Buffer, Tailwind, and Later are also the perfect options for Instagram content planning.

These content planning solutions for Instagram are accessible at a price rate of 7 dollars to 599 dollars monthly. Later and Combin Scheduler provide a free plan. When compared to others, Hootsuite has costly pricing plans, whereas Tailwind, Later, and Combin Scheduler provide cost-effective plans.

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