The Best Free Hashtag Generators for 2024

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Hashtags can mean the difference between getting 1,000 likes and comments on your Instagram post, or a post that’s completely deserted and ignored.

With all the changes to Instagram’s algorithm, hashtags have become increasingly important for influencers and brands looking to get more exposure for their content.

And let’s not forget hashtags are still just as important on social networks like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and even Pinterest.

What are the Hashtag Generators?

Most people don’t know which #hashtags to use. Your first thought is probably to just list a bunch of random hashtags that come to mind while writing out your post.

But if you really want to get the most from hashtags, you need to be more strategic. And that’s where hashtag generators come in handy.

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Hashtag generators are tools that automatically suggest hashtags to you based on a keyword, popularity or other criteria. This takes the “guess work” out of finding the best hashtags to use on Instagram, Twitter or other social networks.

So we’ve rounded up some of the best hashtag generators to uncover amazing hashtags for your next social media post.

Free Twitter & Instagram Hashtag Generator

1. Inflact

instagram hashtag generator

Inflact is one of the best Instagram bots online, Inflact also allows you to generate hashtag ideas for Instagram based on keywords, an image or using the link to an existing Instagram post. While the use of AI to scan an image and suggest hashtags sounds good in theory, it still has a ways to go. Here’s an example of a photo we uploaded, along with the suggested hashtags from Inflact:

As you can see, most of the suggested hashtags focus on hair, which may or may not be relevant to the actual post. So while this feature is cool from a tech standpoint, it’s probably not the most practical since most of the suggested hashtags will likely be unusable. So you’re probably better sticking to the keyword search feature instead.

2. Hashtagsforlikes


As the name suggests, Hashtagsforlikes helps you uncover hashtags that are most likely to drive engagement for your posts. The way this hashtag generator works is by detecting trending hashtags for a variety of niches.

A mistake most people make when trying to find hashtags is assuming that they know what’s popular. But what if instead of relying on your “gut” or guessing, you used an advanced tool like Hashtagsforlikes to automatically search and suggest hashtags related to your niche/industry that are currently popular and likely to get more exposure for your posts?

This is by far one of the most premium tools to help increase your exposure on Instagram and attract thousands of followers to your profile through trending hashtags.

Unlike a lot of other hashtag generators out there, Hashtagsforlikes breaks down popular hashtags by categories. So for instance, if you’re in the sports niche, you can quickly see the most popular (and relevant) hashtags to include in your posts:

Oh yeah, and it’s not just limited to Instagram. you can also use it to find the best hashtags for Twitter as well.

3. Instavast


Next up is a website that gives you plenty of hashtag options for Instagram. Instavast is an overall Instagram marketing tool that just happens to have a free hashtag generator as well. One of the differentiators of Instavast is it uses AI to generate hashtags based on an image, keyword or even the URL of an Instagram post.

It also scores the suggested hashtags based on popularity. The one downside of this tool though, is it takes a while to load so you’ll have to be patient before you see your results:

4. Seekmetrics


Seekmetrics is a social media analytics tool, but they also offer a free hashtag generator that actually evaluates hashtags based upon how they performed in the past. This is not some arbitrary ranking like some other hashtag generators, they actually use metrics to measure how well a hashtag does and let you know which ones you should use based upon those metrics.

If you know that a hashtag has performed extremely well in the past, then it is a no-brainer for you to use it in your future posts. Another good thing about Seekmetrics is it generates up to 30 hashtags per search, which is the maximum allowable number of hashtags in an Instagram post. So you can just copy all the suggestions and paste them into your caption, or as a comment. Just be sure to read through all the suggestions and remove any irrelevant ones.

5. Twitter & Google Trends

This one-two combo is a good way to find current and emerging hashtags. You can use Twitter to see hashtags that are trending at the moment, and Google Trends to help you come up with hashtags in the near future.

Twitter & Google Trends

For Twitter, take a look at the “Trends for you” sidebar to see what hashtags are currently trending. Keep in mind though that the hashtags you see will likely be short-lived. But they’re great for jumping on current events and news. You can use these hashtags in your Tweets or even come up and Instagram post related to the hashtag, and include it in your caption.

The other option you have is Google Trends. The advantage of Google Trends is that you might be able to see what is going to be trending in the very near future and create a hashtag that is going to work for it. The idea is to be able to act quickly, and start Tweeting and posting on Instagram about emerging trends before they’re saturated. And Google Trends is the best way to find those topics quickly.


Later is a social media scheduling tool, that’s focused on images (most popular for Instagram). When you upload an image to post on Instagram, you can use Later’s built-in hashtag suggestion feature that lets you enter a “seed” hashtag and it’ll suggest relevant hashtags to include in your caption.


There are a couple of downsides to this though. Often times it’ll suggest many of the same hashtags if you enter similar seed words (like #happiness and #motivation for example).

This isn’t ideal because using the same hashtags in every post won’t give you exposure to new people. The other downside is that unlike some of the other hashtag generators on this list, Later isn’t free, so be prepared to pay monthly to access this tool.


The bottom line is that there are lots of websites out there that will allow you to generate new hashtags to use for your content. Do not be afraid of recycling hashtags. They go so fast that hardly anyone is going to remember them unless they are completely unique in extremely unusual.

Instead of racking your brain trying to come up with the “perfect” hashtag, use these hashtag generators to do all the research for you. It’s the best way to guarantee you’re using hashtags that are likely to get engagement, instead of being overlooked.

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