30 Best Free Flowchart Software of 2024 (Mac & Windows)

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Do you want the best flowchart software that you can use for documenting, planning, and training? These top 30 best flowchart software are the best choices for you, Document, Plan, and Train with the Best Free Flowchart Software.

A flowchart is a form of a diagram that showcases the steps of a project. They are mostly used for planning, documenting, and training. There are various ready-made tools that are available for you to create numerous types of flowchart that best suit your business.

Let’s examine some of the best flowchart software that are available for free.

30 Best Free Flowchart Maker to Download

1. Draw.io

Draw.ioDraw.io is a free flowchart software that helps you share/create diagrams effectively. This tool can be sued to create UML diagrams, network diagrams, and flowcharts.

Features of Draw.io:

  • io has a library that contains various shapes
  • It offers a variety of templates
  • For security concerns, Draw.io doesn’t save data on the server
  • It can be used both offline and online to draw different kinds of flowcharts
  • io enables users to draw various diagrams such as UML, ER diagrams, process diagrams, flowcharts, etc.

2. Gliffy

GliffyGliffy is a free web software used for diagram drawing. Gliffy makes various types of graphs, flowcharts, etc.

Features of Gliffy:

  • Gliffy adds flowcharts directly to Confluence documents and Jira tickets.
  • It also allows you to share your flowchart with other users.
  • With Gliffy’s flowchart maker, you can easily create high-quality graphics
  • It effectively integrates with Confluence and Jira tools
  • You can easily create flowcharts with Gliffy

3. Edraw Max

Edraw MaxThis software is a flowchart builder that enables you to create diagrams by using ready-made templates and symbols. It helps you import your drawings to file formats like HTML, Word, PPT, PDF, etc.

Features of Edraw Max:

  • Edraw Max enables you to create network diagrams, electrical diagrams, mind maps, flowchart, etc.
  • It offers over 280 diagram and flowchart solutions
  • Edraw Max offers a user-friendly and simple interface just like MS Word
  • With Edraw Max, you can share anywhere and anytime

4. Lucidchart

LucidchartLucidchart is a free flowchart software used for diagramming. The software enables you to carry out easy flowchart creations to complex technical diagrams.

Features of Lucidchart:

  • It follows Genera Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to carry out data security
  • You can integrate Lucidchart with G-Suite, MS Office, etc.
  • Lucidchart helps you to easily manage your account and provides increase security
  • It also lets you import data to automatically build an organization chart
  • With Lucidchart, you can connect live data with your flowchart

5. Visual Paradigm

Visual ParadigmThis software design tool is used for engine software projects. It is a flowchart building software that enables you to model development processes and business information systems.

Features of Visual Paradigm:

  • It provides a complete tool to carry out database design, system design, analysis, etc
  • It provides screen flow with a storyboard, prototyping tool, and Wireflow chart
  • Visual Paradigm provides user story feature used for maintaining and capturing user’s needs
  • It enables you to edit and share web-based diagrams such as infographics, charts, cloud architecture, flowchart, etc.

6. SmartDraw

SmartDrawSmartDraw free flowchart software is used to create and organize project charts, mind maps, flowcharts, and other various business visuals. Companies and organizations use this software tool to manage plan strategies, projects, and document processes.

Features of SmartDraw:

  • You can run SmartDraw on any PC or tablet
  • It can also be integrated with Representational state transfer (REST) API
  • SmartDraw software allows you to create a schematic and flowchart diagram
  • SmartDraw provides several symbols and templates you can choose from
  • It is easier to use SmartDraw unlike the standard drawing tools included in Microsoft Office and G-Suite
  • It allows you to instantly create flowcharts for your program by using built-in extensions

7. Visme

VismeThis free flowchart tool is used for sharing powerful visual stories in the form of graphs, flowcharts, infographics, and other various content.

Features of Visme:

  • Visme offers over a hundred assets such as images, quality icons, and fonts
  • It allows you to download your graphs and flowcharts offline or publish them online
  • With Visme, you can record voice with your flowcharts

8. Grapholite

GrapholiteGrapholite is a flowchart builder. It is an inexpensive, easy-to-use chart, flowchart, and graph builder. It can be used for any type of business graphics.

Features of Grapholite:

  • Grapholite allows you to export to the commonly used document or picture format
  • It can work in offline and online modes
  • With a couple of clicks, you can easily create flowcharts and algorithm
  • Grapholite enables you to create mind maps, organizational charts, UML diagrams, floor plans, flowcharts, etc.

9. yEd Graph Editor

yEd Graph EditoryEd Graph Editor is a flowchart software that enables you to create high-quality diagrams. This tool can be used to export external data or manually generate diagrams.

Features of yEd Graph Editor:

  • yEd Graph Editor provides various layouts that help visualize your drawings
  • It enables you to save flowcharts in file formats such as SVG, SWF, PDF, PNG, etc.
  • You can easily create flowcharts with its easy-to-use UI
  • yEd lets you import data from an Excel spreadsheet
  • It works on macOS, Linux, Windows, etc
  • It provides a layout that enables you to organize large data sets with just a mouse click
  • yEd Graph Editor automatically organizes your flowchart’s elements

10. Canva flowcharts

Canva flowchartsCanva flowchart is a free flowchart software used for building apps that you can use to engage your audience. It also helps you visualize your ideas and process.

Features of Canva flowchart:

  • With Canva flowchart, you can easily customize your flowcharts to suit your type of business
  • It allows you to download, share, or publish a high-resolution graph
  • Canva flowchart provides over twenty professional types of graphs you can choose from.
  • With Canva flowchart, you can access various professionally customized layout
  • It easily integrates your flowchart with your presentations

11. Pencil

PencilThis free flowchart software is an open-source and free GUI prototyping tool used for mock-ups and installing on different desktop platforms.

Features of Pencil:

  • Pencil makes it easier finding clipart for your project
  • It also enables you to output the drawing documents into various formats
  • Pencil provides a variety of built-in shape collections you can use for drawing various kinds of user interface
  • You can easily link elements such as graphs and flowchart to a particular page in one document.

12. Dia

DiaThis open-source diagramming tool helps you to draw UML diagrams, flowcharts, network maps, etc. It enables you to export a diagram to PNG, SVG, and other file formats.

Features of Dia:

  • Dia lets you include new drawing shapes that can easily be downloaded
  • It can be run from the USB stick
  • Dia also enables you to change the color of the canvas (the area used for graphic drawing)
  • It offers rules that are used to create an accurate diagram and flowchart

13. Whimsical

WhimsicalWhimsical is a free flowchart tool used for creating different types of business modeling designs such as Mind Maps, sticky notes, wireframes, flowcharts, etc.

Features of Whimsical:

  • Whimsical visually communicates with speed
  • It enables you to create flowcharts that have ready-made templates
  • It ensures you spend time on your ideas rather than styling

14. Mydraw

mydrawThis free flowchart software is used for Mac OS X and Windows. The tool lets you create tree diagrams, mind maps, flowcharts, etc.

Features of Mydraw:

  • With Mydraw, you can export your work to different formats such as BMP, PNG, PDF, etc.
  • Mydraw supports various languages such as Russian, Chinese, German, English, etc.
  • It enables you to easily organize your graph
  • It provides over 100 templates
  • It also offers shapes that help you cover different scenarios of diagrams
  • Mydraw tool doesn’t require the internet to function

15. PlantUML

PlantUMLPlantUML is a free flowchart and open-source software that enables you to generate UML diagrams using a plain text language.

Features of PlantUML:

  • PlantUML enables you to create color and style that best suit your business needs
  • PlantUML allows you to define notes, generics, packages, relationships, members, and interface.
  • It also enables you to draw Gantt diagram, Ditaa, ArchiMate diagram, flowcharts, etc.

16. Software Ideas Modeler

Software Ideas ModelerThis free flowchart software is a designing tool used for drawing flowcharts, SysML, UML, etc. Software Ideas Modeler also offers wireframe support as well as lets you create user stories.

Features of Software Ideas Modeler:

  • Software Ideas Modeler provides easy Layout and Diagramming
  • It provides good maintainability
  • It also provides lots of predefined layouts that render your flowchart more beautiful and attractive

17. Microsoft Visio

Microsoft VisioMicrosoft Visio is a visualization software and also a well-known chart. It can be integrated with other Microsoft products with ease since it belongs to the office family.

Features of Microsoft Visio:

  • Microsoft Visio enables you to connect process flow and flowcharts to real-time data
  • It enables you to work closely on web browser diagram from anywhere
  • It also enables you to create an excellent diagram by creating designs, engineering, organization charts, flowcharts, etc.

18. Code2flow

Code2flowThis flowchart software is a graphic design that enables you to transform your workflows and ideas into a diagram that is quite easy to understand.

Features of Code2flow:

  • It enables you to easily embed/download flowcharts into Google Documents, MS word, etc.
  • It also allows product people and helps developers to comprehend one another better
  • It helps to easily create flowcharts void of the frustration of manual chart editing

19. Creately

CreatelyCreately is a free flowchart software and an online diagram maker for mobiles and desktops. Its mobile applications are available on iOS and Android devices. Creately easily export created diagrams to editable SVG files. It functions both offline and online.

Features of Creately:

  • You can easily create Creately
  • Creately is capable of automatically picking the appropriate connector
  • It supports collaboration with anyone through email
  • You can easily secure shared links by making use of edit or the view only modes
  • Creately helps create complex shapes from written texts
  • It comprises of a large library of shapes and lets you choose the shape from Google or the Icon Finder

20. Textografo

TextografoTextografo is a flowchart maker and an online diagram tool. Because of Textografo’s text to diagram generator, it allows for a fast diagramming.

Features of Textografo:

  • It helps highlight team-based roles
  • Textografo offers texts to diagram generators
  • Textografo allows you to create an animation of your complete diagram
  • In just a single click, it lets you change the colors by choosing the themes
  • Textografo also allows diagrams nesting

21. Google Drawings

Google DrawingsThis software is an online tool used by Google to create charts and diagrams. Google Drawings can be used for concept maps, mind maps, website wireframes, organizational charts, and several other types of diagrams.

Features of Google Drawings:

  • Google Drawings sets its Google Drive as its default storage
  • You are allowed to work offline by making use of the Chrome application
  • It lets you work together/collaborate with your team in real-time
  • It also supports PDF, PNG, SVG, and JPEG formats for downloading the drawings

22. Cacoo

CacooThis tool is a cloud-based tool for both flowcharts and diagrams. Cacoo provides an extensive collection of shapes and templates. It offers the functionalities for commenting, embedded diagrams, dynamic charts, and revision history.

Features of Cacoo:

  • Cacoo offers multi-user editing features
  • It enables you to import screenshots and images
  • It also offers an easy-to-use editor
  • Cacoo has various available exporting options such as PostScript, PowerPoint, PDF, and SVG

23. Coggle

CoggleCoggle is also a diagramming tool. It is used for creating diagrams and complex flowcharts with clarity and ease. Without anything to download, it functions online in your browser. Coggle’s dynamic flowcharting feature enables you to choose from numerous shapes to create mindmaps, flowcharts, and several diagrams to depict various algorithms and processes.

Coggle provides real-time collaboration. This means that other users can work on your diagram simultaneously after sharing a confidential link with them. Coggle also lets you save every change. It helps you to easily and quickly produce beautiful notes. With Coggle, you can upload limitless photos from your desktop to your diagram. Coggle also lets you include floating photos/text.

Features of Coggle:

  • It supports multi-starting points
  • It has private diagrams
  • Coggle offers images and floating text
  • It also enables real-time collaborations
  • It supports image uploads
  • It also provides Branches and Loops

24. XMind

XMindXMind is a mind mapping tool that can easily be downloaded. It enables you to create a unique matrix, timeline, fishbone chart, Gantt views, mindmaps, and enhance project management efficiency. XMind offers various originally designed built-in stickers that help you to visually bring out your thoughts and ideas. XMind also lets you choose from a variety of templates to customize the well-structured mindmaps. The tool also possesses share and export functionality.

Features of XMind:

  • It is compatible with PDF/Office file
  • It has Presentation Mode functionality
  • X Mind offers a Workspace user interface
  • It supports brainstorming
  • It consists of Clip Art
  • It also provides Gantt View

25. OmniGraffle

OmniGraffleOmniGraffle is a graphic application available for iOS and macOS devices. With OmniGraffle, you can create beautiful and precise designs. Its ready-to-styling, automatic, and robust tools render it easy to draw diagrams. It has a large library of templates and stencils that provides you with a large collection of elements that can be easily reused. It is easy to choose from the pre-existing templates or, better still, begin making your won.

OmniGraffle is available in two versions, which are the Standard version for 99.99 dollars and the PRO version for 199.99 dollars. Its mobile app can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

Features of OmniGraffle:

  • It has a point editor tool
  • OmniGraffle has a unified sidebar
  • It offers a set of keyboard shortcut
  • It possesses a touch bar support
  • It also offers main SVG import

26. Balsamiq

BalsamiqBalsamiq is a fee flowchart software. It is also a wireframing tool that enables you to work faster. Balsamiq is a user-friendly tool that helps you create excellent sketches on a whiteboard using a computer. It is used for creating an informal imagistic representation of various kinds of software interfaces. The tool can be downloaded as a desktop application or as a cloud-trial.

Features of Balsamiq:

  • Balsamiq supports drag and drop for simplicity
  • It supports quick add for speed
  • It can work offline
  • It has Icons and UI components
  • It offers LO-Fi sketch wireframes

27. ConceptDraw Diagram

ConceptDraw DiagramConceptDraw Diagram provides dynamic drawing solutions. Specifically, it is a software tool for creating professional business graphics. It lets you create a variety of dashboards, flowcharts, infographics, engineering drawings, etc. ConceptDraw Diagram also allows you to create technical diagrams such as ERD, DFD, UML diagrams, engineering schemes, computer network topology, and various technical graphics formats.

With ConceptDraw Diagram, you can utilize various default templates and stencils to create mind maps and excellent diagrams. The tool also enables you to share your drawings and provides export and collaboration options features.

Features of ConceptDraw:

  • ConceptDraw has connection tools used for creating and modifying connections
  • It provides good diagramming tools that help you carry out a precise and accurate overview of any process
  • It functions as Microsoft Visio alternative on macOS and Windows
  • ConceptDraw also provides quick diagramming tools that help you create quicker and faster

28. GoJS Diagrams

GoJS DiagramsGoJS Diagrams is a flowchart software used for creating interactive Javascript diagrams in HTML. GoJS Diagrams enables users to create decisions tree, Gantt, PERT, Sankey, Euler diagram, UML class, and other various types of diagrams that demonstrate complex visualizations and customization.

This software has various ready-made samples that enable users to generate ideas for creating various diagram types and displaying different features and layouts. It works on all platforms and web browsers.

Features of GoJS Diagrams:

  • GoJS Diagrams offers in-place text editing
  • It allows for copy and paste
  • It possesses an automatic layout
  • It allows you to bind models and data
  • GoJS Diagram offers extensible tools for carrying out custom operations

29. Graphviz

GraphvizGraphviz is an open-source software. It is used for visualizing graphs and to showcase information in the form of networks and abstract graphs. It is also used for producing diagrammatic representation in various apps such as web design, database, bioinformatics, software engineering, networking, machine learning, and other technical domains. It provides functionalities for creating diagrams such as various custom shapes, tabular node layouts, fonts, hyperlinks, line styles, and colors.

Features of Graphviz:

  • Graphviz creates diagrams in perfect formats such as Images (for web pages), SVG, PDF, etc.
  • It also offers descriptions of graph using simple text language

30. SimpleMind

SimpleMindSimpleMind is a unique mind mapping solution. It ensures users find it easy to present, analyze, and structure their thoughts. SimpleMind works cross-platforms. This means that it works on various devices such as Mac, Windows PC, Android devices, iPad, and iPhone. It allows you to create various branches of topics, select multiple elements, edit topic texts, move topics around freely, etc. SimpleMind’s advanced features enable users to visualize their thoughts and design their mind maps’ appearance.

Features of SimpleMind:

  • It carries out various Mind Maps on a single page
  • It supports multiple selections
  • It provides three additional auto-layouts such as List, Top-down, and Vertical
  • It allows you to create various Mind Maps as you desire
  • It offers a limitless number of elements and pages size
  • It provides a horizontal auto-layout that you can use for brainstorming
  • It also provides an excellent free-layout that you can use to organize your ideas the way you want.


In this article, we have successfully compared and review various top best flowchart software. Draw.io is the best flowchart software that works on all platforms. Lucid chart acts as the best online creator for flowchart because of its compatibility with Microsoft Visio and its collaboration functionalities. It functions best when drawing complex and simple diagrams.

Visme is a presentation and infographic tool that both small and established organizations can use. Smart Draw flowchart software is good for anyone who desires to draw a diagram. On the other hand, Visual Paradigm is good for software developers. Gliffy is good for beginners due to its good collaboration functionalities.

Canva is an online flowchart software used for designing graphics online. Creately is also an online tool for creating online diagrams for web designers, network engineers, and software engineers.

Lastly, Textografo is a web-based flowchart maker used for highlighting and turning outlines to diagrams. Google Drawings is a free online flowchart tool used for creating drawings. Cacoo is nice for custom graphs and charts creation.

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