Top 15 Free eBook Download sites without Registration

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Have you been searching the web unsuccessfully for free eBooks? Are you looking for free eBooks but aren’t sure where to get them?  Here are some free eBook download sites no signing up needed, you may be interested in trying out.

EBooks provide an easy and convenient way to access information. You can read your favorite novels, financial magazines, academic books, and a horde of other texts, all in your smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime. Access to eBooks is, however, limited by several constraints, among them, finances and geographical location or an individual.

In addition, some of the eBook sites want their users to sign up before accessing content onsite. In this post, we have sampled some of the best free eBook download sites without registration. Check them out.

15 best Places to download Ebooks free legally

15. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg free eBook providers

Link To:

Project Gutenberg is probably one of the oldest free eBook providers. It has a rich library consisting of close to 57,000 free eBooks that are all free. The contents are well digitized and expertly proofread by experts and professionals to ensure these materials are educative and very entertaining to read.

Project Gutenberg also has a library of some of the best literature works with expired copyrights. Like all contents on this platform, such literary works are free and require no sign up to access. Due to the Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998, the US users are set to enjoy more of Project Gutenberg's free eBook downloads from 2021.

Key features of Project Gutenberg

  • Online catalogs
  • Digitalized sheet music
  • Mobile readers: This feature suits readers with no access to computers
  • All Project Gutenberg eBooks are arranged in shelves.
  • It supports CD and DVD ISO image eBook copies.
  • It has an eBook recording feature
  • Supports offline reading
  • All contents are gratis libre: free of charge and no registration required
  • It supports no custom apps
  • Has a Browse catalog for easy search and access to free eBooks

Project Gutenberg : Pros

  • Project Gutenberg has online catalogs for easy content access. You can search and download almost any free eBook that comes to mind.
  • It supports Offline reading if you have issues with internet connectivity and maybe storage. For such users, there's no need to download the eBooks. Just read the onsite while in the offline mode.
  • All contents of this platform are gratis libre, meaning you access and download the eBooks free of charge. You won’t have to even sign up.
  • It supports CD and DVD ISO image eBooks. On the Project Gutenberg platform, you get access to 600+copies of eBooks stored on CDs and DVDs.
  • You do not need custom apps to access free eBooks. This is unlike most other eBooks sites that have complicated mobile apps that require registration in order to access their contents.
  • It is multilingual and this allows users from different language backgrounds to access and use content on the Project Gutenberg website.

Project Gutenberg : Cons

  • Emerging site performance issues may take longer to get fixed. This is because Project Gutenberg is run by volunteers who digitize contents and upload at their convenient time.
  • The website has poor page loading speeds and this might even interrupt eBook downloading.

14. Google e-bookstore

Google e-bookstore by Android

Link To:

The google e-bookstore is powered by Android and gives access to a rich variety of free eBooks. This platform allows users to access, download and even upload content.

This free eBook download site does not require signing up or even registration. Google e-bookstore supports different formats of eBooks. You can choose to download your books in PDF, ePUB, or any other favorite format that is supported. This free eBook downloading site supports content syncing.

This makes it a lot easier to access your content from other devices on-the-go. That is to say, you can access the free eBooks from Google e-bookstore wherever, provided your google apps are running smoothly.

Key feature of Google e-bookstore

  • It supports PDF, ePUB, and other formats. You get whichever eBook you want in the format you love most.
  • It is powered by Android: this is one of the most popular mobile operating systems that comes with a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • It has an eBook pre-order feature. This allows one to browse through and just have a fun time reading a favorite piece without having to buy.
  • Free app for android phones (Google Books app) for easy content access and download. Not so many free eBook downloading sites have mobile apps for ease of accessibility.
  • Syncing option of downloaded books. This option makes it easier to access your favorite downloads on the go, anywhere, anytime. You do not have to copy your favorite eBooks in your handset, tablet or iPad. Automatic synchronization allows you to access them online whenever you want to.

Google e-bookstore : Pros

  • Accessing and downloading eBooks from Google e-bookstore is very simple and direct. On the website UI, just click on the “Books” section. For free eBooks, you will have to choose on the “Free eBooks” tab.
  • Though Google e-Bookstore supports free eBook downloads, this platform also rewards authors handsomely for their contents. It provides approved authors with an agreed monthly amount.
  • It supports different document formats. You can choose your favorite format from the options supported.
  • Its eBook pre-order feature comes in handy when you want to preview the book contents. You can leverage on this tool to read your favorite eBooks online, all for free.
  • It supports free content uploads. All you need to do is convert the file into PDF before uploading.
  • It has a search tab for easy search through the Google e-Bookstore catalog. You also get real-time notifications on new eBooks and other related updates.

Google e-bookstore : Cons

  • Google e-bookstore does not support book previewing. This option is just not available in the dashboard.
  • Most of the books on this platform are out of date. If you are looking for current eBook, I guess you may have to settle for paid plans.

13. Open Library

Open Library for Free eBook

Link To:

This free e-book downloading site has more than a million free e-books ready for download. It is an open, editable library catalog that seeks to build a platform where all published works are free for all.

It allows users to contribute resources in the form of books. Users are also able to make edits for the various contents onsite so as to keep the eBooks current and educative. With the Open Library, you get access to numerous public domains as well as out-of-print eBooks.

Out of print eBooks are those whose copyright status has expired and can, therefore, be downloaded and used by anyone.

Key features of Open Library

  • The Open library uses donations from authors and well-wishers to update its eBook library. It also relies on users’ goodwill to help with content edits and updates.
  • This free eBook download site also supports digital lending.
  • All the eBooks are categorized and arranged in shelves for easy identification

Open Library : Pros

  • Supports content editing by users. Because it is a non-profit project of Internet Archives Open Library contents are edited and updated by users.
  • Supports a rich variety of eBooks ranging from
  • The free eBook downloads from Open Library come in different formats; ePUB, PDF, and many more. You can download the books in the format you are most comfortable with.
  • The contents are free donations and contributions by authors and other well-wishers.

Open Library : Cons

  • The contents are not up to date. This can be attributed to the fact that eBooks on Open Library are only updated by the users. The site owners do not do content updates.

12. ManyBooks

Manybooks free eBook download site

Link To:

Manybooks is one of the best free eBook download sites. It comes with a range of book titles, recommendations, and reviews from different writers and book authors.

It has a search tab that makes it easy to get the content that you need whenever you need it. The website's interface is very user-friendly and very easy to navigate. This makes it much easier to access the eBooks and the other contents on site.

Key features of Manybooks

  • The ManyBooks’ website user interface has a Review and comment section. Visitors can leave their thoughts and opinions that can be used to improve service quality.
  • It has a search tab that makes it easy to navigate through ManyBooks’ catalogs to get the eBook that you want.
  • EBooks are classified in digital bookshelves according to their genre and content category.
  • There’s the option of subscribing to the paid plan in order to access more free eBooks.

Manybooks : Pros

  • It is easy to use since you just use the book title to get the book of your choice.
  • You do not need to register in order to download the books available
  • Its downloads are in PDF format
  • Provides a discount to its frequent users
  • You can get notifications from the site if you subscribe to their newsletter
  • It provides users with a rich variety of free eBooks.

11. Internet Archive

Internet Archive for Free eBook

Link To:

Like its very name, the Internet Archive is a library of some of the most rare books varieties. It has books that aren’t available in most other free eBook download platforms.

It is a nonprofit scheme that seeks to provide users with access to a rich collection of online books. The internet Archive mainly stocks obsolete historical and academic books.

Its user friendly interface guarantees access to over 15 million freely downloadable books and texts. For ease of navigation and access for particular text and books, the website has a search tab. It also give you the option to filter your searches to particular categories.

Key features of Internet Archive

  • The Internet Archive provides access to a rich collection of books and texts
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Stocks academic and historical eBooks.
  • Supports different books formats: PDF, ePUB, etc.
  • No registration needed
  • Books are categorized into Bookshelves for easy identification

Internet Archive : Pros

  • This platform provides access to a rich collection of freely downloadable books and texts.
  • It is very easy to filter through the catalog and find the books you need, thanks to Internet Archive’s simple User Interface.
  • Most of the eBooks available on this platform are of academic and historical nature. If you are looking for content in these fields, this is the right place.
  • The contents are categorized and classified into bookshelves. This facilitates easy identification and downloading of eBooks
  • All the books and texts are free of charge. You won’t even have to register to access them.

10. Amazon free kindle books

Amazon free kindle books

Link To:

The Amazon kindle opens doors to hundreds of thousands of eBooks, both free and affordable. Whether you are looking for a great romance, an epic tale of adventure, or even the latest financial advice, find it all with free eBook downloads from Amazon Kindle.

Key features of Amazon free kindle books

  • The Amazon Kindle has a wide variety of eBooks
  • It has a 24/7 technical customer support
  • contents come in a wide variety of formats
  • It supports online borrowing of eBooks
  • This website is mobile friendly and has a user-friendly interface.

Amazon free kindle books : Pros

  • It has a user-friendly interface that allows access to most of the features.
  • Amazon Kindle has a 24/7 super-responsive customers support team
  • It is compatible with any device; it is mobile friendly and works well even on mobile devices.

Amazon free kindle books : Cons

  • You need an account in order to access the eBooks

9. Free e-Books

Amazon free kindle books

Link To:

Free e-books provide a wide range of books. It also provides magazines which are an exception from the other sites. You can also download this books and magazines into your device to read them later.

Key feature of Free e-Books

  • Book shelving
  • Navigation features
  • Online catalog
  • PDF format support

Free e-Books : Pros

  • The books are categorized according to the subjects for easy access
  • Easy to use due to the easy navigation features
  • You just need adobe reader to be able to read the downloaded books and texts.
  • The free plan comes with just a collection of books. If you need more eBooks there’s the option of subscribing for paid.

8. Free computer books

Free computer books for different courses

Link To:

It goes by its name by offering different course books for students. It has a wide range of books related to computer, lecture notes that may have been uploaded by lecturers of different subjects, programming tutorials, and technical books.

This is the best free e-book downloading site for students or anybody who wishes to develop his/her knowledge in any course.

Key features of Free computer books

  • Bookshelves feature; organizes the books in the best way possible to make easily accessible to users
  • All programming languages tutorial books

Free computer books : Pros

  • It provides all different categories of books for computer courses
  • It provides lecture notes for students

Free computer books : Cons

  • It does not offer all types of books on different subjects.

7. Bookboon

Bookboon for Free eBook

Link To:

This is the best site for any student who wants books related to their areas of specialization. Travelers who love to read as they travel, this is the best site to get the books you need from the comfort of the seat of the bus.

All academic books are available on book boon free e-book downloading site. Business books are also available on book boon website

Key features of Bookboon

  • Premium upgrade
  • Free access for students and other readers
  • A wide range of academic books

Bookboon : Pros

  • Free access to books online
  • Favorable pricing plans for users who may wish to go private.
  • Provides course books for students
  • Books are split into 10 categories for easy navigation

Bookboon : Cons

  • In order to download personal, professional and business books, you need to subscribe to the premium plan

6. EBooks

EBooks for free e-book downloading

Link To:

This is the most common free e-book downloading website that many users are conversant with. It provides novels mostly. Academic and professional books are also available on premium plan. It is widely used in the world.

Key feature of EBooks

  • Organized shelf
  • The eBooks website has a user-friendly interface
  • Online catalog
  • Pricing plans
  • Saving tools
  • Compatible with all devices
  • PDF kindles reader mode support

EBooks : Pros

  • You can read and download novels without having an account
  • Considerable pricing plan for the private users
  • Upload of comments and suggestions is welcomed
  • Easy to use and understand their website

EBooks : Cons

  • If you need academic and professional texts, you need to subscribe to a premium option.

5. Free Tech books

Free Tech books for set of books

Link To:

This site provides all set of books on programming. If you need to up your skills on programming, then you just have to use the free e-books provided by the free tech e-book free downloading site. It provides lecture notes concerning computer related subjects

Key features of Free Tech books

  • Bookshelves for the organized shelving of books
  • Easy to use for the relevant users i.e. computer science students

Free Tech books : Pros

  • If you need lecture notes about programming languages, they are all available here.
  • Continuous update of books on the website

Free Tech books : Cons

  • Only provides books related to computer science

4. The

Bookboon for variety of books

Link To:

The Bookboon is one of my favorite eBook sites. It offers a rich variety of books for its users. From novels to a wide collection of academic texts, this platform has just about everything that you need to read. What’s more, you don’t have to register to access their library of books. The website has a user-friendly interface for quick access and navigation through different features. You can choose to read online or download your favorite texts.

Key features of

  • eBooks arranged into shelves for easy identification
  • Supports quick and easy navigation using the search tab
  • You have the option of subscribing to their premium plan for more benefits
  • com has a very user-friendly interface. : Pros

  • The contents onsite are arranges in bookshelves for easy identification and downloading.
  • It has a user-friendly interface which makes access to various eBooks supper-easy.
  • All eBooks on this platform are free of charge. Not even registration is required of you.
  • It supports different book formats. You can download content in PDF, ePUB, and many other formats of your choice.

3. Issuu

Issuu for Free eBook

Link To:

It is a publishing platform that gives independent writers the chance and opportunity to publish their books online. This books and magazines are available to readers. You can read or download a book or magazine free without having an account

Key features of Issuu

  • Advanced tools for publication
  • Compatibility with all devices
  • It has Android and iOS apps for content access by users with gadgets with these operating systems.

Issuu : Pros

  • It offers the platform for authors to charge readers for their books.
  • It is supported by all devices
  • Advance tools for publication for convenient publication of books and magazines
  • Rewards its frequent users with awesome reading experience.
  • You do not need an account with Issuu free e-book downloading to access the books and magazines

Issuu : Cons

  • The iOS app is only limited to apple phones

2. Get free e-books

Get free e-books for book reading buffs

Link To:

It gives access to a wide range of categories for book reading buffs. You can read all the books on the website and also you can download it.

Key features Get free e-books

  • Creativity chances to the users
  • Book shelving
  • Online borrowing

Get free e-books : Pros

  • Users are free to contribute content to the site
  • Users can borrow books online
  • It is easy to use and navigate

1. International digital children’s library

International digital children’s library

Link To:

This is the best site for downloading children books. It provides all range of books need to develop the child’s mind and brain. It was invented to make sure that the little ones are also covered.

Key features of International digital children’s library

  • Language variation
  • Easy search engine
  • Categorized books according to subjects and language
  • Standard reader, adobe reader for easy reading

International digital children’s library : Pros

  • It has different languages for its users
  • You do not need an account to download the books
  • Open to suggestions from users
  • As a parent, you have control of the type of books your child needs.
  • Frequent update of books on the website

International digital children’s library : Cons

  • It has limited books since it does not have a sponsor


Reading eBooks is a great way to access loads of information on the go. There are different websites where you can access and download eBooks for free. Finding such sites can be quite challenging, though.

In this review, we have provided you with a sampled list of some of the best free eBook download sites without registration. Compare and evaluate them carefully so as to get what fits you best.

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