Top 15 Free Anime Sites to Watch Anime Streaming Online

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You love watching Anime like I do, but aren’t sure where to get them online? Here are some sites for streaming Anime online for free. Check them out.

Let me guess, you are another Anime lover just like myself! Which will be the main reason why you are currently on this page. Everyone who likes Anime will know that like movies, there are plenty of preferences for each of us. Some like dramatic Anime, while others prefer action or fiction style. No matter the style, I am sure we all enjoy Anime which leads us to the main topic of this page, finding a good site to watch anime for free!

If you are starting your anime adventure or you are a serious fan and do not want to pay to watch anime shows online, then read on. I will be compiling a list of 15 best anime sites to stream for free. Feel free to check out a few of these sites to find out which ones have your favorite anime series collection.

Remember that all these sites are free, so some of them may have adverts or pop-ups, but you will not need to pay for anything. You can also use these sites to watch it anytime you want! Alright, let's dive into the list to get you started!

15 Free anime sites to watch anime series for free

15. Sideree

Sidereel for Free Anime Streaming

Link To:

Sidereel is a good website to start looking at for anime newbies. It offers much more than just anime, featuring cartoons, drama, movies, and other genres of shows. The reason why this website is on the list as it has recently started compiling anime titles, and I believe it will soon be a great website to stream anime.

The negative side is that this is not a site dedicated to anime-only, meaning the latest content will not be showing up here. It works well if you are looking at finishing old series or just watching whatever you get. You have to search specifically for anime on this site, as it gets a little hard to browse and navigate around due to the other content it offers.

Overall, the streaming speed is pretty smooth, and this will be a great website if it is pure anime, however, the titles it offers is decent, and may be sufficient for some people.


KissAnime for Free Anime Streaming

Link To:

This is the king of top anime streaming sites. Enjoy a rich variety of the latest anime collections all for free. If you are looking to stream your favorite videos on a popular platform, then look no further than the .ru.

The user interface is very friendly and simple to navigate. The site loads super fast and is highly optimized to take up the least bandwidth. This platform also has other video content that you may also want to check out. Some anime streaming websites tend to be very slow, and take ages to stream!

The search function in makes it much easier to search for any keywords related to the anime you are looking for. Access all your favorite anime videos here smoothly, and it is free of charge.

All videos are in HD and well optimized for all kinds of devices. What I love most about this platform is that their videos are uploaded constantly, so you can be sure to get the latest releases.

13. Dubbed Anime

Dubbed Anime for Free Anime Streaming

Link To:

Dubbed Anime is one of the most popular anime streaming sites. It has a rich collection of the latest releases and all its videos are in HD. The contents are highly optimized to suit any device. It has a very user-friendly interface, making it easier to navigate through the site.

The site is highly optimized and loads in milliseconds so it can access content readily. Snap Tube can be easily downloaded and installed onto your device. Content on this platform is free, and the streaming sites that it hosts are usually high quality, providing users with an HD viewing experience. No registration is required on this Anime streaming platform. You simply search and start streaming your favorite videos, just like that.

Both old content and new content are constantly getting updated on Dubbed Anime. This provides you a rich collection to select from. If you love the old or latest, all is available for free.

Another cool feature that it offers is that it has a built-in function of multitasking, allowing users to watch some other content while they are still streaming anime. With the right internet speed, users will experience no buffering while streaming their favorite anime content on this platform.

12. Animeland

Animeland for Free Anime Streaming

Link To:

Animeland has earned a reputation for rich video collection, all categorized into a different genre. This makes access to the content you want much easier than what you find in other anime sites. This platform has a vast collection of all your favorite anime genres. Featuring over 20,000 episodes of anime on its website, this is where anime lovers get their high-quality content.

It is a completely open-source, meaning that users can stream without having to make any purchases or subscriptions. It does offer a subscription service that lets users watch an unlimited amount of anime, however, the free version works just as well.

The Animeland user interface is divided into several sections to improve the navigation experience and access to contents onsite. The location of anime content is easily accessible, and the categories are clearly divided into tabs. There is also a community forum where users share valuable information concerning the services offered on the Animeland platform.

11. AnimeShow TV

AnimeShow TV for Free Anime Streaming

Link To:

This site comes with a nice layout that looks and feels similar to blogs, making it really easy to navigate around. There is a section dedicated to the most popular / most watched anime for each season, and a tab for the latest uploads so users are able to discover the top trending anime. On-going anime comes with indicators on what the latest episode is.

There is also a dedicated community that is very active with discussions on anime or other issues in the Discuss section. You can join all the other “otakus” here for some discussion, get recommendations, or overall ask any questions.

The UI is very clean and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate around. It is visually very good to use as they provide a related or the exact picture for each individual anime title.

The only downside is that sometimes you will get pop-ups or hidden adverts which gets kind of annoying, which is why it gets pulled down on the list. It is, after all, a free website, and will require some adverts to keep it running.

10. Animefreak TV

Animefreak TV for Free Anime Streaming

Link To:

This is another wonderful website which is designed especially for anime lovers or freaks, as you can see from the name. It is accepted and used by many anime lovers from across the globe including the USA, UK, Korea, Japan, and other countries.

It features an extremely wide collection of different anime shows and series, providing users with plenty of content to spend their time on. It is also a free source website, meaning that no payment or purchase is necessary in order to access it.

Of course, like all the other free streaming websites, it runs on advertisements as well. This is why users have been complaining that the pop-up adverts impede on their ability to fully enjoy the website. But then again, there is no free lunch in this world. Somebody has got to be making something in order to keep the website up and running. I would also take adverts overpaying real money anytime!

9. 9Anime

9Anime for Free Anime Streaming

Link To:

This is another perfect destination for users to watch and stream anime online. It is quite famous in the anime community and is known as one of the best free streaming sites.

The main feature of this website is that although it is a free site, the entire site is free of adverts! How cool is that! This is perfect for users who are sick of advertisements popping up constantly.

Not only that, but 9Anime also provides thousands of HD anime series. It also offers many dubbed and subbed versions, something which is hard to find especially for new anime.

Again like the name, there are some anime freaks out there who like to collect different anime from a different genre. This website also lets you download anime, allowing you to build your collection up. Just click on a series that you are interested in and select the download option from the bottom of the embedded player.

Overall this is one of the best sites to stream free anime without any advertisements and be able to download it. Again, no payment required to access all of its wonderful features, giving it a good ranking position as one of the best anime streaming sites!

8. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven for Free Anime Streaming

Link To:

Anime heaven, another big name on this list with some of the best free anime content, thus its name. It is a free website that provides users with anime content and does not include any purchases or subscriptions to use.

Many popular and new anime titles are uploaded here quickly, and they are all integrated on the website. This makes it easy and comfortable to use, as you will not be redirected to any annoying external websites!

It classifies the content in a neat way, making it easier for users to find their favorite anime series or genre. Certain streaming websites make it a pain to even search for what you want, but not Anime Heaven. It can also be sorted by the year, another plus point for this website.

There are no issues with compatibility, as it suits all Windows computers, and also Mac computers. Downloading content is another awesome feature integrated into this website, allowing users to download their favorite content. The download option also lets users select the quality level, so if you have a slow internet connection but would really like to keep some anime in your collection, this is helpful for you.

7. JustDubs

JustDubs for Free Anime Streaming

Link To:

This is another awesome site for all your favorite anime videos. JustDubs has one of the latest most updated collection of anime videos you can stream online for free. The navigation of this site is very simple, thanks to its integrated user interface. It has a search tab that makes access to your favorite content very much simplified and easy.

Everything that is offered on JustDubs is free of charge. You do not even need to register to start streaming your favorite videos. The videos are in HD format and are all in their English Dubs. You just have no reason to worry about the language barrier. You also have the chance to change the language settings for the videos so that you stream Anime videos dubbed in a language you are most comfortable with.

A slight downside is that there are a few ads that will interrupt your anime streaming time and again. They aren’t so much, though.

6. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime for Free Anime Streaming

Link To:

Big time anime fans will definitely have heard of Gogoanime, another popular streaming site. It provides some of the best open-source anime content and offers an extremely wide variety of collections.

Different content is also available in gogo anime, including episodes of cartoons, movies, and foreign shows. Many of its content also comes with customizable subtitles, allowing users to switch to their desired language.

One of its main features is the classification of categories which helps users to view different collections including the current trends, popular shows, and such. Not only that, but many new anime collections are always uploaded first on this website.

Users no longer have to wait for ages just to catch up on their favorite series. The search bar is also located in a convenient location for users. Full English subtitles make GoGoAnime a popular choice for users in the USA.


Masterani for Free Anime Streaming

Link To:

Featuring a huge collection of anime series, master anime is another great website for streaming anime shows and movies. It comes with high definition options, making it a great choice for users who like good graphics. Not only that, but it has good hosting speed as well, allowing users to stream at a smooth pace and reduce buffering time.

The user interface is very friendly and will look and feel extremely similar to Kiss Anime in terms of functionality. Different categories will help users to easily locate their favorite anime with the sorting feature.

A downside to Master Anime is that it does not come with a download option, meaning users can only stream it. A simple fix for this is using a Firefox or chrome extension, as there are plenty of video downloaders from the extension store.

4. AnimeSeason

Link To:

A trustworthy site which is very rarely down, this website has gained the trust of many anime fans for being reliable.

Full episodes of anime series with a wide range of subtitles are just a few of the features that Anime Season offers. The content here is also available in a high definition format.

The user interface is once again easy to navigate around, and browsing the site is really enjoyable. The classification of categories makes it easy for users to be able to look at different genres of anime without too much effort. It’s free to use and users can always count on Anime Season to guarantee stability and speed.

3. CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy for Free Anime Streaming

Link To:

CartoonCrazy comes with a wide collection of Anime videos for its users, all for free. If you love variety, this platform will not disappoint. It has earned a reputation for having the richest library of anime videos, all categorized nicely for easy access.

Being one of the most reputable streaming sites, it is open source and free from any advertisements. It has a user friendly interface that allows easy access to content.

The search tab supports easy filtering and access to content. Most top-rated anime shows are provided on the website with different languages and subtitles. No registration or signup is required to access content on this platform.

2. Chia-Anime TV

Chia-Anime TV for Free Anime Streaming

Link To:

Considered as one of the best anime streaming websites, Chia anime is known for its stability and never occurring downtime. High-quality content is available for users without requiring any purchases or payments.

Anime can also be downloaded in different quality, and many popular Asian dramas are also available on this website.
One outstanding feature is that Chia-Anime has an extremely fast hosting speed compared to other websites. It is almost 10 times faster than other anime websites.

The homepage is easy to navigate around, with the categories split up by date and keywords. An alphabetical arrangement of the categories makes it even easier to look for your favorite content.


Narutoget for Free Anime Streaming

Link To:

Lastly, we have reached the number one spot on this list. Please take note that this may not be your ideal website for anime, but it is the ideal one for me! As I am a huge Naruto fan, I love Naruto get as it has the full original Naruto Shippuden in it.

It also features the manga collection of many anime, one of the reasons I use it frequently. There is a lot of information contained in the manga which you will not get from the anime series itself.

There is no download option available, which I fixed by using a third party downloader for Firefox. If you are a Naruto fan like me, then this website will be ideal for you. Or if you are looking to start your Naruto journey, click on the link above and jump in!


There are many Anime streaming sites online. Most of these only provide online streaming underpaid plans. In this review, however, we have provided a list of some of the best Anime sites that support free online streaming.

Watch your favorite Anime whenever and wherever. Be sure to compare and contrast each of them so as to get what suits you best.

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