How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Codes

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Are you wondering how to get free Amazon gift cards so that you can purchase anything you want on the internet? These methods show you the best ways to get free Amazon gift cards without stress.

Purchase anything you want with these free Amazon gift cards codes

There have been several questions regarding ways to earn free amazon gift cards. This is because the internet has recorded a high increase in the number of online shoppers. Now, Amazon gift card has become one of the means of shopping online. Online shopping can be exciting, entertaining, and even relieving for many shoppers. This is more exciting when you have free gift cards or coupons to shop for anything you want.

With Amazon gift cards, you can shop for anything, just anything you desire. Is it video games? Digital music? Or Kindle content? Just name them. Earning Amazon gift cards will enable you to purchase that particular thing you have ever desired. Why is this so unique? It is because it allows you to purchase goods without a conventional paycheck.

Now you might be wondering how to acquire these free Amazon gift cards. Well, it isn’t that difficult as we have outlined various easy methods you can get free Amazon gift cards and purchase that thing you have always wanted to get. The only thing required of you is to follow these ways carefully, and you will get free Amazon gift cards easily.

Top Best Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

1. Receipt Hog


Receipt Hog is one of the ways to earn free Amazon gift cards. If you’re looking for that chance to earn while shop, then Receipt Hog is right for you. It enables you to earn points by uploading your shopping receipt. It’s that easy.

2. Survey Junkie


This site is another easy method of earning Amazon gift cards. Just as its name is, its major emphasis is on surveys. Survey Junkie offers you a survey alongside the time to complete it. Immediately you’re done, you will be able to earn points, which you can later redeem once you get to 1,000 (the equivalent of 10 USD). The points you have earned can be converted to free Amazon gift cards for you.

This website is quite easy and fast. You needn’t wait to redeem your payment when the time comes. Without a doubt, Survey Junkie is one of the easiest means Amazon gift cards can be earned.

3. Mobee


If you’re looking for a unique application to earn points that you can trade for free Amazon gift cards, then look no further. Mobee is one of the best apps that allow you to earn points through its secret mission. Once you have accomplished its given mission, you have to wait for a maximum of 48 hours to either get accepted or rejected for your response. Once you have been accepted, you will earn some points that you can trade for free Amazon gift cards. To earn several points, all you have to do is to continue and complete more missions.

4. Honey


Another amazing browser for earning rewards that you can trade for free Amazon gift cards is Honey. What Honey does is to help you save money through coupon application while shopping online. Honey’s unique drop list enables you to carry out a track-and-drop on the prices of anything you want to purchase.

This browser doesn’t just help you save money through coupon application; you can also earn a reward with it. The rewards are what you trade for Amazon gift cards. Without a doubt, if you’re looking to earn free Amazon gift cards, this browser is one of the best and easiest ways to do that.

5. Shopkick


This is another means of earning points that can be traded for free Amazon gift cards. The points you earn on ShopKick are called ‘kicks.’ You can earn ‘kicks’ by making online purchases, viewing various online products, and visiting online shops.

One unique thing about ShopKick is that you can get paid by streaming its videos. This isn’t difficult, and you needn’t pay much attention to watching the video. You can simply put the video on play and continue with your other activities. You earn through this, and the points can be traded for free Amazon gift cards.

6. Appnana


By carrying out some tasks, you can win amazing rewards with this platform. It provides you with various tasks such as downloading applications or games on the website, staying on the website for long, and logging into it daily. Appnana is also unique for paying its users for watching ads.

You can earn lots of points as a reward from this site. The points are called ‘nanas.’ The amazing thing is that you can convert these points into Amazon gift cards or redeem them to cash. Also, the platform allows you to choose the best methods to receive your payment through some tasks. If you are looking to earn free Amazon gift cards through simple tasks, then try out Appnana.

7. Lucktastic Review


Lucktastic Review is a unique application that is available for both iPhone and Android devices. You can play games and earn prizes (starting from $2 to $1500) through the tokens it provides. The token also enables you to earn free Amazon gift cards. Another thing about this platform is that it allows you to virtually scratch lottery tickets.

The platform gives you the opportunity to become a toke winner or pro user by simply referring your colleagues to use the platform. Once you can successfully refer a friend, you will earn 1,000 tokens.

8. Mist Play


Mistplay is specifically for game addicts. If you love playing games and you want to earn from them, Mistplay is the best place to do this. Once you are able to win games on this platform, it gives you points known as ‘units’ or ‘gems.’ These points are what you trade for Amazon gift cards, which can be used for online shopping. If you’re a game addict, this site is one you shouldn’t miss.

9. iPoll


If you love to give reviews about the products you use daily, this is the best place to do so. What you stand to gain? Ipoll is an application as well as a survey website that carries out surveys on your daily products. Once you share your view on a particular product, you can earn as much as $5,000 quarterly as a reward. You can then trade the reward for Amazon gift cards.

10. SurveyMonkey


This is another survey site that allows you to earn points through surveys. Unlike some other survey websites that take much time to finalize a survey, this survey site completes its survey in less than minutes and allows you to earn points. It cares more about its users’ energy and time.

Once you register, it carries out its survey by first asking about what interests you. This is done so as not to get you frustrated when answering subsequent studies. The site asks for a survey that aligns with your profile. What is unique about Survey Monkey is that it fun and rewarding. It rewards you in the form of Amazon gift cards.

11. Opinion Outpost


Opinion Outpost is another amazing website where you can redeem your prize to amazon gift cards. The site hardly requires you to perform any survey. However, the survey doesn’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes. If you want to get free Amazon gift cards, Opinion Outpost is one of the best platforms to do that.

12. InboxDollars


This platform is unique for earning free Amazon gift cards. They are renowned for having paid their users over $56,000,000. What Inboxdollars does is to get surveys on consumers. The surveys can be from 3-25 minutes long. The pay is usually from $0.5 to $20 once they hit their required target.

13. Personal CAPITAL


This is one platform you don’t want to miss if you want free Amazon gift cards. The platform functions as a financial application that you can use for financial management. You can use the application to monitor your investments, retirements, budgets, and cash flow. Now you may be wondering why you need this platform. Well, it is amazing to learn that it gives you free Amazon gift cards worth $20 the moment you complete your registration on the platform. Without a doubt, Personal Capital is a platform you can’t miss for anything.

14. InstaGC


InstaGC is a platform for those who are particularly lazy to carry out any survey or product testing to get free Amazon gift cards. It provides you with amazing means of acquiring free Amazon gift cards without stress.

How do you earn on InstaGC? It is simple. You can gain rewards by just surfing the site, playing video games, and streaming videos. The unique thing is that you can trade your reward for Amazon gift cards without any hassle.

15. Drop App


All you need to do to get free Amazon gift cards on this platform is to purchase online. Once you make an online purchase via Drop App, you get drops/points. You can redeem these points via Amazon gift cards and shop for anything of your choice. Once you sign up on this platform and link your debit or credit card (whichever one you have), you get $5 as a welcome gift. Drop App is an amazing cashback application.

16. Ibotta


Ibotta is one of the renowned platforms you can earn from by shopping online and in the store. It is one of the means of earning rewards for free Amazon gift cards. Ibotta also guarantees you cash backs. There are various means you can earn through this platform. You are guaranteed of $5 upon referring your colleagues to the platform. Every point you earn on this site can be traded for Amazon gift cards. It is quite easy and simple too.

17. Swagbucks


You can earn on this site simply by shopping online, surfing the site, and watching video games. It is one of the most entertaining ways of getting Amazon gift cards. Swagbucks pays you up to $5 upon registration. By surfing the site, you get to earn free Amazon gift cards. Swagbucks is one of those sites you can’t miss for anything.

18. Harris Poll


This platform carries out surveys about any current event and customer behavior. It is an old survey platform where you don’t only get to earn but also stand a chance of winning amazing cash prizes. However, you must be 18 years and above to participate in the surveys. The downside about this is that it isn’t encouraging to teenagers and underage individuals. Every prize you win on this platform can be traded for Amazon gift cards.

19. YouGo


Once you sign-up for Yougo, you get $20. One of the ways to earn on this platform is by giving your opinions on current events, movies, and other things the site requires your opinion on. Once you respond to this survey, you get to earn up to two hundred and fifty points. This reward can be cashed out once it gets to five hundred points (an equivalent of fifty US Dollars). You can redeem your points to Amazon gift cards. Fifty US dollars worth of Amazon gift cards is an amazing amount you can shop with on Amazon.

20. PrizeRebel


This is another way of earning through surveys. You can earn a reward by simply responding to surveys, watching the platform’s product trials and advertisements. The lowest reward you can get on this platform is a $2 worth of Amazon gift card.

21. Toluna


This platform is a social media website that allows you to communicate with other users. You can create an entertaining and unique relationship with other members of this platform by playing video games. It is a well-known social media and survey site. The points you earn on this site can be redeemed to Amazon gift cards, which allows you to shop online.

22. Life Points


This platform is last on our list of the top best ways to get free Amazon gift card codes. Life Points has more than five-hundred million users around the world. To earn on this platform, you need to carry out some amazing surveys about current events as well as movies. Upon a successful survey, Life Points rewards you with free Amazon gift cards.


We have successfully discussed the top best ways of getting free Amazon gift cards in this article. This is an amazing list because none of the platforms listed above require you to invest in any way possible before getting free Amazon gift cards. Many of the platforms here have mobile applications to simplify and facilitate your experience with them.

However, to earn on these sites, you need to carry out some tasks such as surveys, play video games, survey current events, give your opinion on your daily used products, watch movies and ads, and other simple tasks. This is amazing because several of these tasks are simple and fun to carry out, just like playing video games and watching movies.

By carrying out these simple tasks, you earn points and rewards that you can trade for Amazon gift cards. You can use these Amazon gift cards to shop online and purchase any item you want. It is quite an exciting, amazing, and unique experience.

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