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A good download manager can come handy when it comes to downloading large files from the internet. However, it is never easy to find one for macOS users. If you are one such user who has been trying to find a great download manager for your macOS device but has not had any luck so far, worry not.

Today, we will tell you all about Folx and how it is the perfect choice for an amazing download manager. Folx is a free macOS download manager with a highly impressive and comprehensive interface.

However, the best catch is that it not only acts as an excellent internet download manager but also poses as a brilliant uTorrent alternative for macOS users. Folx, developed by Eltima Software, comes with a modern Retina display support. It has a unique, comprehensive design that makes it extremely easy for users to work their way through with the application.


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Folx lets you tag your stored downloaded files and based on the tags that you have assigned to each download; the files will get separated and saved into different folders. Such a unique and impressive storing system allows the user to store data in an organized manner that will make it easier to identify files in the future.

One other unique feature of Folx is that it resumes all interrupted downloads and can split the downloads into two threads to make the entire procedure much faster. It also lets you add new download tasks in multiple ways. With Folx PRO, the downloads can be split in up to twenty threads which increases the download speed tremendously.

Furthermore, Folx is highly compatible with all the browsers including Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. The app version automatically finds the download links for the downloadable content on the internet. However, Folx also offers a web extension which again is available for all the browsers.

Another amazing feature includes Folx letting regular downloads be downloaded through proxies so that if users wish, they can maintain their anonymity.

Folx offers a true Mac-style interface and is fully compatible with the latest macOS Catalina. Since there is no 64 bit uTorrent for Mac releasing but you can use folx as an alternative uTorrent application compatible with macOS Catalina, the in-built torrent feature of Folx delivers an amazing alternative for the same. However, this feature is only available in the PRO version.

Some other PRO features include flexibility in adjusting the download speed according to your requirements. Even letting Folx control the bandwidth speed automatically, scheduling your downloads, and pre-defining the action to be taken by the app post the download.

Being able to download Youtube videos directly and even in an MP3 format while choosing whichever video quality suits you the best. Folx PRO even lets you send your music downloads directly to the Music (previously iTunes) app.


If you are a macOS user and do not already have this amazing application, then you sure are missing out on a lot since, having discussed all the wonderful features of the application, it is safe to say that Folx is the most powerful and impressive macOS download manager out there. Its unique and comprehensive style of sorting, arranging, and storing the downloaded content makes it extremely user friendly and with no doubt the best choice for a download manager for all macOS users.

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