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Do you want to download and convert YouTube videos and songs? There are plenty of MP3 Converters you can use. Flvto is one of the most well-known tools to convert Flv to mp3 or mp4, but there are several others that can do the job just as well, if not better!

Whenever you find a song on YouTube, it is usually in the format your MP3 player or any similar device can’t support. There is a way to download and play that song over and over again, and it is by converting it to MP3 format. This is done easily with Flvto. Flvto is a free YouTube converter that allows you to convert and download any desired video from YouTube.

Not only does it change to MP3, but with Flvto, you can change to many different formats as well. This neat piece of software allows you to make your own music library on your phone without paying a dime. You would damage the record companies because they wouldn’t get paid for the song you downloaded, but if it is on youtube, you can download it for free any time you want!

Official website of official: https://www.flvto.biz

Now, we tend to stick to the software we know, but sometimes change is good. Because of that, we have searched high and low to find acceptable alternatives to Flvto, and there are plenty of those. Here you will find the top 10 best alternatives for Flvto you can use for the very same purpose! The list is in no particular order.

10 Free Youtube converter & downloader alternatives to Flvto: YouTube to MP3 & Mp4 Right Now!

1. HDC Converter

HDC converter

HDC converter is the first Flvto alternative software on our list. This Mp3 converter can quickly convert any video of your choice to an Mp3 format with ease and speed you want.

There are multiple formats this amazing Flvto replacement can convert to, including but not limited to MP4, AVI, MOV and many more.

There is no need to install this youtube downloader to your pc since the software is doing everything online with ease. All you have to do is log onto the site, select the format you want and you are done. You have converted your youtube video to the desired format and you can use it the way you choose fit.

Key Features of HDC Converter:

  • No download required
  • Multiple formats supported
  • Quick download speed

HDC Converter: Cons

  • Necessary Log In



This is one of them ost convenient online FlvTo alternatives you can find. It is mostly used to convert youtube flash videos to MP3 which makes it the perfect software for downloading music on your phone or MP3 player.

This Amazing MP3 Converter is free. The reason we put it on our list is the ease of use and the speed of conversion and download of files you want. It is simple, as with most of the other software on our list.

Simply copy the youtube URL in it, choose the format and voila, you have converted your video. Now just press Download button and it is saved on your Pc!

Key Features of YTmp3:

  • Easy and Simple to use
  • Fast converting and download

YTmp3: Cons

  • Not so easy to find

3. OnlineVideoCOnverter


One of the rare Flvto alternatives that are mobile compatible, this amazing mp3 converter does it all. It supports multiple formats and the speed of the software is just fantastic.

Although it only supports Android devices, compared to the other mp3 converters on the web, that too is amazing! Now you can download youtube videos directly to your mobile device or tablet.

There is also a premium version that has increased the speed of converting and download, but free version is almost as good.  There is still no need to spend any money on the software!

Key Features of OnlineVideoCOnverter:

  • Multiple formats supported
  • Fast and easy
  • Android support

OnlineVideoCOnverter: Cons

  • Doesn’t support iPhone
  • Pay to use the premium version

4. MP3Fiber


This amazing Flvto alternative software allows you to download YouTube videos in a multitude of od different formats. It supports so many formats, I could fill-up the text by just naming them. IT also lets you download any youtube video in the desired format and you can do all of that for free. It is not as fast when it comes to downloading speed, but the varieties make up for it.

It is simple to use, like most of the other MP3 Converters on our list. Yes, it is still slower than Flvto, but it supports so much more. You can even upload your own videos and convert them right there, then download them again and enjoy them the way you want to.

Key Features of MP3Fiber:

  • Countless Formats supported
  • Multiple Download Speeds
  • High-quality Conversion

MP3Fiber: Cons

  • Slower Download

5. HD convert


HD convert is a true Flvto alternative for all of the bro’s out there! It is a free online video converter and downloader. This Flvto replacement software allows converting and download youtube videos, much like many of the other software on the list.

The conversion takes a few minutes, and so does the download. Is supports many different formats, but the most used one is youtube to MP3. Many of the other services are also supported by this mp3 converter.

You can convert videos from Facebook, Instagram and other social media, which is a neat ability. You can even download entire media libraries from social media with ease!

Key Features of HDconvert:

  • Download from social media
  • Plenty of formats supported
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Free to use

HDconvert: Cons

  • Not as many formats as the other software on our list

6. Savemp3


Savemp3 converter is a high speed easy to use an online converter that avoids complicated conversion process and reduces it to a single push of a button. It is free to use Flvto alternative that supports plenty of formats to choose from

With two simple steps, you can download your favorite youtube videos with ease. Just convert to the desired format and press download. It is that simple when you are using AVI youtube converter! The speed of conversion and download varies depending on the length of the video, but it is still fairly decent.

Key Features of Savemp3:

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Simple

Savemp3: Cons

  • Not the fastest
  • There are software that supports more formats

7. Anything2MP3


This Flvto alternative is the best when it comes to the simplicity of design. The site is easy to use and youtube videos of your choice are downloaded without any issues whatsoever.

When it comes to a variety of supported formats, the site leaves much to be desired, but the main formats you ned are all there. It is not as variable as some of the other software on the list, but it is the easiest to use.

The slick blue and black design are appealing to the eye and the download speed is decent. Not much else to say about this mp3 converter. If you choose to use this one as your Flvto alternative, you will have efficient software. It also free to use.

Key Features of Anything2MP3:

  • These apps can attract some weird people, but you can block them and stop the call, these phenomena is also known as Rule 34
  • Only available for iOS

Anything2MP3: Cons

  • Not as many supported formats

8. DLNow soft


DLNow soft is rather simple to use. It allows the conversion of youtube videos to your desired formats instantly and without the bother of having to copy the URL. This Flvto alternate comes in the form of a chrome or firefox extension.

This might be appealing to some users while others avoid it. I am an Opera user so it has no effect on me. The downloads are fast and the hassle is avoided by making it an extension.

You can use it on many different sites, not just youtube! The good thing is that it is rather easy to use and you can’t go wrong when you are using this fantastic Flvto replacement downloader.

Key Features of DLNow soft:

  • Chrome or Firefox Extension
  • Fast
  • Simple

DLNow soft: Cons

  • Doesn’t support other search engines

9. TheYouMp3


This is a high-quality Flvto alternative that allows you to convert your favorite youtube videos to MP3 and download it after that. This mp3 converter offers the fastest conversion speed in the market.

As with the other software, it is free to use and it is relatively simple to use. You have to copy the URL from youtube and that’s it. No hassle with this amazing Flvto alternative.

There is also a mobile and tablet option of this mp3 converter so you can download it instantly on your phone or tablet, and that is a big plus in my book. No installation is required with this software and it is absolutely free to use for any user.

Key Features of TheYouMp3:

  • No download required
  • Free to use
  • Simple to use
  • Phone and tablet options

TheYouMp3: Cons

  • Only 2 format options
  • Only available for iOS

10. YouTubeGet


Unlike the other competitors on our list, YouTubeGet is a Flvto alternative software that has to be downloaded. Though it has that flaw, it is a well rounded software when it comes to ease of conversion, files supported and download speed. It is free to use, and while testing it I have found no difficulties when it comes to using this amazing software. It supports a number of formats and all of the ones I actually needed and used every day. As I stated before, the only issue is the download of the software.

Key Features of YouTubeGet:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Free to use
  • Fast software
  • Multitude of methods

YouTubeGet: Cons

  • Requires download

You may be like,


What did you think of our list of the top 10 flvto alterative mp3 converters and youtube download software? I have tested all of them for the purpose of this article and I must say, each and every software on this list is free to use, relatively simple and fast.

I experienced no issues when I used this software. Some of them do require you to use a specific internet search engine, but if you do not like that, you can always try some other mp3 converter similar to Flvto. I would appreciate it if you can share your YouTube Converters!

I hope you found what you were looking for and I wish you luck in making your own customized music playlist to enjoy whenever you want.

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