Looking for a Find my iPhone Android Alternative? Here are Your 3 Best Choices

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Are you looking for a Find my iPhone Android alternative to track your friends or family? Here are 3 solutions to track an Android phone on any device.

If you are an iPhone user, then you might already be familiar with Find my iPhone that lets us track our device remotely. Since the feature is developed only for iOS devices, you can’t use it on Android phones.

The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives for Find my iPhone Android that you can implement. Here, I will make you familiar with 3 solutions on how to locate an Android phone from any other device.

Part 1: How to Track an Android Device from an iPhone/Android?

When I wanted to track my Android phone, I took the assistance of FamiSafe, which is a 100% reliable device tracking and monitoring solution. Not just your device, you can also use it to track anyone else’s phone (like your friends or family). The application is extremely easy to set up and would let you monitor all kinds of activities on the target device remotely.

Cross-platform Monitoring

FamiSafe by Wondershare is a cross-platform monitoring solution, which means you can track an Android device from any other iOS/Android phone.

Location Tracking Options

It will let you track the real-time location of their Android device so that you can remotely find it whenever you want. There is also a provision to check the past location history of the device or set up geofences (restricted zones) to get instant alerts.

App Usage and Screen Time

You can remotely check the overall screen time on the device for various apps. Parents can also block the access of any installed app on the target device whenever they want.

Other Features

FamiSafe offers tons of other features such as daily activity monitoring, website blocking, browser history check, social media alerts, and so much more.

FamiSafe App Features

As you can see, FamiSafe would be an ideal Find my iPhone Android alternative as it can locate your Android phone on Android or iOS devices. To learn how to locate an Android phone with FamiSafe, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Create your Account and Set up the FamiSafe App

At first, you can simply install the FamiSafe app on your device and choose to create your account. You can also create your FamiSafe account from its website and get an active subscription.


Once you have bought a FamiSafe subscription and created your account, the application will generate a unique pairing code. Please note this code as it will help you connect your phone with the target device.


Step 2: Pair the Target Android Device with Your Phone

Great! Now, you need to install the FamiSafe app on the target Android device and log in to your account that was previously created. Simply tap on the “Start” button to set up app on the target device.


Once you have marked their phone as a “Kids” device, you need to enter the pairing code (that was earlier generated). This will link the target Android device with your iOS/Android phone.


Afterward, you need to grant all the vital permissions on the target device. For instance, you need to let FamiSafe access its location and activate the device administrator access on their phone.


Step 3: Track the Target Android Phone Remotely

After you have completed the FamiSafe setup, you can simply go to your FamiSafe app on any Android or iOS device. From here, you can go to the “Location” feature to track their real-time whereabouts.


There are also tons of other features in FamiSafe that you can access to track their location history, screen time, app usage, and so much more. In this way, I could easily track my Android phone from any other iOS or Android device.

Part 2: Track an Android Phone from iPhone/Android with Google Maps?

Google Maps certainly needs no introduction as it is already used by over a billion people worldwide. Ideally, the application is used to navigate to different places and find suitable routes.

Though, Google Maps also has a social feature that lets us share our present location with our contacts. Therefore, you can simply share your location with anyone via Google Maps and use it as an ideal Find my iPhone Android alternative.

  • You can simply go to the Location Sharing feature on Google Maps and start sharing your live location with any contact from your list.
  • The other user can just go to their Google Maps app (on iPhone or Android) to check the shared location.
  • Google Maps also let us select a particular duration for which we want to share our location with the other person.
  • Since Google Maps runs on both Android and iOS, the application provides a free cross-platform sharing of live locations between multiple phones.
  • Overall, Google Maps is pretty accurate, but the option will only work if the GPS feature is enabled on the device. Also, we can choose to disable the location sharing option on Google Maps whenever we want.

Google Maps Location Sharing

Part 3: Track any iOS or Android Device Remotely with Glympse

Glympse is one of the most popular solutions to find Android devices on iPhone or Android. The application is commonly used to track the real-time location of other devices and packages with a unique ETA feature.

  • The basic version of Glympse is freely available and it provides a hassle-free solution to track any Android or iOS device.
  • Once your Android device has been paired with the target iPhone/Android phone, you can remotely check its location history and real-time whereabouts.
  • If you want, you can set up multiple geofences for the Android device and can get instant alerts.
  • You can also use the ETA feature in Glympse to know the estimated duration for their arrival.

Glympse Tracking App

As you can see, it is pretty easy to find an Android device remotely from any other smartphone. I tried to include three smart options that would be an ideal Find my iPhone Android alternative. Out of them, I use FamiSafe to track my Android phone remotely.

The best part is that it lets me track the real-time locations of all my family members in one place. Also, I can use it to check how my kids use their smartphones remotely from my phone, whenever I want.

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