How to Find Someone’s IP Address from Instagram

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Are you wondering about how to find someone's IP address from Instagram? You don’t have to worry anymore as this step-by-step guide to using Instagram IP finder to pull out others IP address.

In case you are wondering the full meaning of the acronym ‘IP,’ it means Internet Protocol. It is an amazing number users possess. There are so many things the IP address can be used for. For instance, it can be used to reveal your location. Though it may not be exactly the location you are, rather, where you come from.

ip address

The major reason you get blocked is because of IP addresses.  For example, let’s assume you wish to gain access to a particular site that has been restricted, and then you are blocked. This is as a result of the site having authorized users only. Therefore, when you attempted to access it, unfortunately, your IP address didn’t match the user location, therefore, the main reason it was blocked.

Most times, it is practically easy and effortless for your brand to work online better when you’ve got the chance of capturing or tapping another person’s IP address. Below are the various steps you can use to find someone's IP addresses from Instagram.

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding IP Addresses from Instagram

You’ll be surprised when you get to know what you can find out about several individuals through their IP addresses. It isn’t difficult to learn this. It is quite easy learning how you can find an IP address from Instagram.

With people’s IP addresses, you can get to know their private information, their names, and even their location. It is that easy and simple. The amazing thing is that by knowing all these things about the person, their access to your website, content, and even chat room can be blocked.

It is quite easy and simple to find a person’s IP address from Instagram. You can make use of various sites like Grabify IP Logger and IP Logger to make this process easy and quick. Below are the various steps you can take to find an IP address from Instagram.

Step 1

The first step is to visit the Instagram profile of the individual whose IP address you wish to get.

find ip from instagram step 1

Step 2

Once you have accessed the profile, you will three dots close to the person’s username. Click on it.

find ip from instagram step 2

Step 3

Once you have clicked on it, the next thing to do is to copy the URL of their profile.

find ip from instagram step 3

Step 4

After you are done with step 3, this step is for you to access the Grabify IP Logger or any other site you wish to use.

find ip from instagram step 4

Step 5

In this step, you are to paste the copied URL link in step 3 into the bar. After that, tap on the “Create URL” option. Once you do this, a new link will be created for you.

find ip from instagram step 5

Step 6

This step is optional. In case the new link seems too long for you, you can reduce it by making use of Google URL Shortener.

find ip from instagram step 6

Step 7

In this step, you are required to interact with the individual for a little while. After this, send the link to them. It may be difficult to convince them to open the link. However, you can simply persuade them to so by telling them the link is a link to some nice online story, article, or a picture they can gain from.

find ip from instagram step 7

Step 8

Once they successfully click on the link, what you are to do is to go to the logger site you used and refresh the page. Once you do this, the IP address of the person will appear below the page.

find ip from instagram step 8

Step 9

If what you used to interact/chat with the individual was an Instagram or a Facebook, the “Hide Bots” option will have to be switched so that you can get the person’s real IP address.

Hide Bots

Step 10

If the only thing you need from the person is just his or her IP address, then congratulations, you have successfully done so. On the other hand, if you wish to have more information about the individual, then follow the next steps below.

  • Visit IP Tracker. You can as well make use of any site similar to IP Tracker.
  • Once you have done this, the next step is to tap on the option of “IP Tracker.”
  • After that, you are to paste the person’s IP address (the one you acquired using the Grabify IP Logger or any similar IP Logger). After pasting it, you can now trace it.

IP trcker

Congratulations, you have successfully learned how to find IP from Instagram and how to get a person’s personal information such as name, location, etc.

The 10 steps we have discussed above are effective and reliable. With those steps, finding a person’s IP address from Instagram becomes entirely easy and simple. However, this might look like you are acting as a spy on the person. However, that’s the only available choice you’ve got when you are being harassed by the person on Instagram.

Clearly, there isn’t really any means of preventing a person from finding your IP address. On the other hand, what you can do to prevent your IP address to be found is by masking the genuine IP address.

In case you wish to keep your server undetected by people or invisible to others on the site, all you have to do is acquire residential IPs. With this, you’ll get a fast, secure, and stable connection that can’t be touched by anybody who attempts to find your IPs online.

With the use of residential proxies, no one can find your IP address via your Instagram account. Rather, the only things they will be able to find are just the residential IP and the location of the residential IP.residential proxies

However, this isn’t an affirmation that you can make use of proxies to carry out illicit acts on Instagram or other sites. What proxies do is provide you with invisibility or rather anonymity for hiding your genuine geographical location and other similar things.


This article has successfully discussed what IP address is and the various steps to take to find IP from Instagram. The steps discussed in this article are all simple, effective, and easy to follow or understand.

You get restrict others by denying them access to your website or Instagram account if they are harassing you or for any other personal reasons.

However, you must be advised never to attempt using proxies for malicious or illicit acts on Instagram. They are only to be used for hiding your real location or other similar personal information you don’t want others to know find out or know about.

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