15 Filmlinks4u Alternatives to Watch Bollywood Movies for Free

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Having trouble streaming Bollywood movies on Filmlink4u? Check out these Filmlink4u alternatives for the best Hindi, Indian, and Bollywood movies.

Having trouble streaming Bollywood movies on Filmlink4u? Check out these Filmlink4u alternatives for the best Hindi, Indian, and Bollywood movies.

If you love Bollywood movies, a major challenge can be how to keep up with upcoming episodes. Fortunately, there are online platforms that give you access to a rich variety whenever you need it. Filmlink4u is one such platform.

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Find the latest episodes of Hindi, Indian and Bollywood movies that you love whenever you want to. Overall, this platform has a wide collection of just about anything movies. This platform has a notable flipside. It does not update the latest releases in HD immediately.

You may have to wait for a week or so before accessing the latest seasons and episodes in HD. Not everyone wants to be kept waiting though.

Personally, I don’t. I want to watch my favorite Bollywood movies as soon as they are out. I just want to stay current. I don’t do stale outdated movies.

Sometimes Filmlink4u is down or is just not accessible from your country. What do you do to catch up on your favorite movies?

official website of filmlinks4u: filmlinks4u.is

You’ve got to check out other platforms. And you better know which platforms offer quality Indian, Hindi, and Bollywood movies for free. To help you out, we have rounded up the best 15 Filmlink4u alternative sites, just for you. Take a look!

Top 15 Filmlink4u alternative sites to watch Bollywood movies online – no sign up required!

1. SabWap


This website is an independent search engine that is for movie streaming and also downloading. It is similar to how Google does, but this one is just for movies where you can search all of those movies that you want to see.

It will then give out the links that are the closest ones on where you can find the website that you want and the movie that you want too. From that link, you can then watch the movie or download it afterward.

Simply put, SabWap is like a third party platform that only links you to the actual site with the movies you want. It has a very simple and intuitive user interface, something that makes it very navigable.

I also love the fact that it has a large collection of the latest movies; Bollywood and many more. This site is light and as such, loads fast. You won’t have to wait unnecessarily long to download or stream your favorites.

Key Features of SabWap:

  • Has the biggest database of websites found
  • Quick results to show up.
  • Easy to navigate around the website.
  • Latest collection of movies.

2. MoviePublish


This website is dedicated to Hindi movies. If you loved Filmlink4u, there’s no doubting the love you will have for this website. It covers so many kinds of movies, like Telugu, Bollywood or Punjabi. There’s more than enough variety on this platform.

Think of any Indian movie genre, and you can be sure to find it here. You can also choose to download and stream the videos that you want to on this website. The user interface is very colorful and attractive. On the homepage, there’s a search tab to help you find the content you want.

There are other filter tools and options as well. I also like the fact that the platform is multilingual. It supports many languages. You will only need to select your language on the homepage and there you go. In fact, you will find movies dubbed in that select language, provided it is included.

If you are looking for a movie platform that is very similar to Filmlink4u, then look no further than MoviePublish. I have used it in the past and promise that you will enjoy your experience.

Key Features of MoviePublish:

  • It features most of the Indian movie contents.
  • Can look at dubbed versions of the content.
  • Can also download and stream it too.
  • Wide collection of the latest movies
  • Simple but attractive user interface.

3. CooLMovieZ


This is one of the best places for streaming full-length movies online. There could be others, but this one I know for sure is great. Most of the movies on this platform are in HD video quality. There are plans to include more quality movies like UHD, 4K, 5K, 8K, etc. In addition to movies, you also get TV shows and anime movies.

And all these varieties are available for free. On CooLMovieZ you are the boss. You can choose to stream or download your movies, TV shows and serials. If you want to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies, then this one is for you.

If you are looking for a wide collection of the latest Bollywood movies, like on Filmlink4u, this platform won’t disappoint.  The user interface is simple and intuitive. All videos are classified into categories for easy access.

The site is light and therefore loads superfast. It is also mobile-friendly. It loads on small screens just as well as your desktop monitor. You can, therefore, enjoy streaming your favorite episodes on your handset.

Key Features of CooLMovieZ:

  • It also works well for mobile users.
  • All are in HD quality.
  • Good for Bollywood and Hollywood content.
  • Large collection of Movies, TV serials, and Anime movies.
  • Attractive user interface with videos classified into distinct categories.

4. GoodMaza

The website is down! <Updated on Nov 13, 2019>

GoodMaza has a very wide collection of the latest movies. If you love movies, then this is the place. And it does not only have movies. TV shows, Cartoons, and much more are available on this platform. Access to the rich variety is free of charge.

You won’t have to pay a dime to stream your favourite videos. This website offers movies in just two formats, these formats are 3GP and MP4. They do not have the best quality when compared to other websites, but sure they have a really huge collection of movies that you can enjoy watching. Its user interface is very simple but attractive.

This is one site you won’t have trouble navigating. That’s for sure. There are different genres available on this platform, all of which are classified into distinct categories. This makes access to the contents you are seeking super easy. If you are particularly interested in Bollywood movies, like are available on Filmlink4u, then you are at the right place.

Key Features of GoodMaza:

  • You can have your movies downloaded here.
  • A big database of movies.
  • Simple and attractive UI
  • Contents are arranged into distinct categories.

5. GoFilms4U


This is undoubtedly a leader in the world of Bollywood movies. It offers pretty much everything you find on Filmlink4u. There aren’t many sites offering full length movies for free.

GoFilms4U is one of them. It offers fairly a very good number of movies in all of the categories. The genres are also well arranged on the platform for easy access. Preferably these are Indian movies, Hollywood Movies, Bollywood movies and all of that. It also showcases some of those movies that are famous in the showbiz industry.

I love the simple user interface and the filter tools for looking up the movie you love. What really makes this platform standout is the fact that it has a wide collection of movies. You can choose to download or stream the contents online. And contents on this platform are frequently updated.

This means you can be sure to find just about any movie, latest or past varieties. As to whether it has good quality, this platform has all its videos in HD quality. On this platform, you will find the latest movies, whenever you want them. And all movies are full length.

Key Features of GoFilms4U:

  • It is a good source if you want to watch unlimited movies online.
  • A very accessible website.
  • Full-length movies
  • Attractive user interface.

6. HindiLinks4u.to


If you are into Indian movies, you better know the sources with the best variety. And which platform has a rich collection of pure Hindi Movies than HindiLinks4u. Everything about this platform is dope. From the flashy user interface to the distinct categorization of different genres.

You will certainly love this FilmLinks4u alternative. What really makes this platform outstanding is the fact that it has a wide collection of Bollywood and Hindi Movies. Just to put it straight, the platform only provides links to specific movie sites. Its user interface is very simple and this makes it very easy to access the contents you want. In fact, there are a couple of filter tools that will help you with this.

Not just that, it has a giant collection of dubbed movies and Hollywood movies too. If you’ve never tried this free platform before, you now have an idea of what you were missing. Hurry up and check it out right away.

Key Features of HindiLinks4u.to:

  • It is one of the largest collection of Indian movies.
  • You can view it properly on your mobile device too.
  • Very attractive user interface.
  • It has a number of content filter tools and a search tab.

7. Einthusan.tv


One of the newly launched websites that are dedicated to entertainment. Eiinthusan.tv supports movie streaming or downloading to watch offline. Contents on this platform are available on both free and premium paid versions.

It has a wide collection of some of the latest Indian, Hindi, and Bollywood movies. Hollywood movies and TV shows have also started finding their way into the platform. This is home to the latest collection of movies.

The user interface is colorful, attractive, and yet simple to navigate. Movies are also classified by category for much easier access. If you are on the free plan, not so much content for you. The premium version is loaded with the best deals and movie packages.

Key Features of Einthusan.tv:

  • The free plan has plenty of Ads.
  • There is a premium as well as a free plan.
  • The wide collection of Bollywood, Hindi, as well as Hollywood movies.
  • Flashy Homepage with distinct movie categories.
  • Simple and attractive user interface.

8. Bolly4u.wiki


If you are talking about streaming and also downloading movies online, then this website is a very good one to think of.

In fact, it holds the links of the leading movies and there you can stream it all you want. You can also share these links with others too. You can call this website as a movie search engine, where you can type the movie that you want or even the TV show that you want and then the links will pop out after.

Key Features of Bolly4u.wiki:

  • You will know if the movie that you are looking for is downloadable or not.
  • Links, where you can watch, are shown to you.
  • A movie search engine website.
  • Simple and attractive user interface

9. MovieWatcher.io


Watching movies for free has come to a whole new level if you want to watch movies and have them downloaded to your device, this website is a good one for you.

They do not just offer those normal movies with a normal quality that you could think of. They offer movies all around the place in very good quality, in fact in HD quality. All of these services that they give out to the public are completely offered for free.

Key Features of MovieWatcher.io:

  • You do not need to register at all.
  • There is an online portal where you can see everything.
  • Simple and attractive user interface

10. BestHDMovies


This website will allow all of its visitors to have their desired or chosen movie downloaded instantly to their device. But if you do not want to download the movie, you may choose to just stream it on your website.

The movies that are given here are offered in true HD quality. Even those gadgets that you have, they will surely display out HD movies there too.

Key Features of BestHDMovies:

  • Whatever platform or device you may have, it will display in clear HD quality.
  • One of the biggest sources of Hollywood and Bollywood movies on the internet.
  • Attractive and simple user interface
  • All videos are free.

11. Online Movie Watch

Online Movie Watch

By what the website name says, this website offers most of the Indian and Bollywood movies. You cannot find content that is not fit within the category of those two.

That is a certain fact. This website is only dedicated to Indian movies all in all. This is the thing that makes this website even more special compared to the other website. This website is also a step ahead if you were to compare it to its competitors in terms of displaying out recently released movies.

Key Features of Online Movie Watch:

  • The movies are updated immediately on the website.
  • Exclusive for Indian contents only.

12. Hotstar


This offers two kinds of services. This means that it has the services of most of the websites in this list combined. It offers you the links of the websites that you are looking for, those websites would be the places on where your desired video is located.

They also give out links on where you can download the movies that you want to look at, and they also stream movies too. Aren't they amazing?

Key Features of Hotstar:

  • Almost 80 million movies, TV shows in HD quality.
  • Everything is indexed on the website.

13. Zee5


This one is a website that only offers TV shows. Therefore, it is a TV show offering website. But then, amazingly it shows a very good amount of Indian and Hollywood movies too!

What a convenient place to look at and watch movies at the same time. The entertainment level that you can find on this website is also high too because you can watch live TV channels here for free in both Hindi and regionals sections.

Key Features of Zee5:

  • Watch live TV here for free.
  • There are also news, movies and random video sections on the website.

14. KasperMovies


This website is listed amongst those few Indian and Hindi movies that are labelled as perfect in terms of its quality and quantity. The database of this website at the current moment is so big. You can download all the movies found here or you could just watch them online.

Key Features of KasperMovies:

  • Most of them are offered in MP4, AVI and 3GP.
  • You can download to watch them offline.

15. Stagevu 

(Note: Stagevu is closed!)

In to some extent, this website offers those Bollywood movies that some of the users are looking for on the internet. This shows that the movie searching and watching things that you can do online have gotten even better.

With this, you can have a good look at the best sources of entertainment, movies streaming, watching and downloading sites. This one has the biggest source of such, and it is a little bit known for that online.

Key Features of Stagevu:

  • Easy to navigate the website.
  • It has lots of movies to offer.
  • You can search for everything immediately.
  • There is a support forum found on the website.


There are lots of websites that you can find there online that offer those really good services. All of those are needed to be checked well and discovered well.

That’s why this list is made for you so that you will know what to correctly choose. Have fun watching all of those content around!

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