FIFA Launch New Streaming Service

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The FIFA World Cup is the showpiece event not only in football but in sport. Even those who aren’t necessarily fans of football will tune in to watch the action unfold, and Qatar 2022 is just around the corner. Therefore, with this in mind, FIFA have now launched a new streaming platform going by the name of FIFA+.

If there’s any way to build interest and excitement ahead of the World Cup, it’s by delivering a streaming service that is loaded with tons of content. And let’s face it, streaming is all the rage right now, especially for football fans, who are always looking for new content to consume about their club, national team or football in general.

So, what can those who sign up to FIFA+ expect to see come their way? Well, for a start, there will be around 1,400 matches broadcast live on the platform. The aim is for there to eventually be in the region of 40,000 games per annum from 100 member associations streamed live, with over 10,000 women’s matches included.

But that’s not all, because there’s a treasure trove of content that is sure to get people in the mood for the upcoming World Cup. And it could even arm them with some knowledge ahead of the showpiece event in Qatar. For most, the World Cup content will be why they choose to register to use the service, and here’s what FIFA have up for grabs for those who do.

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Archived footage of past World Cups is available to view in an on-demand style. And this could prove to be incredibly fun to watch and valuable. Of course, the last World Cup was in 2018, but using the readily available footage could, in a fashion, act as a guide to the group stages of Qatar 2022.

Combining the footage from FIFA+ with other videos, stats, and data out there would arm a fan with some profound knowledge ahead of the World Cup, that's for sure. So, for anyone who takes their football seriously, FIFA+ could be an app worth signing up to.

Also, on FIFA+, there will be original content too about iconic players such as Brazil’s Ronaldinho. He’s a player everyone seemed to love because of his dazzling skills and how he made the game look effortless. In addition, FIFA are also adding a lot of focus to women’s football, which has been on the rise for some time. So, they include original content exploring the greatest ever female footballers, for example.

At present, FIFA+ is free to sign up to and use. However, in future, it is possible that they will add a premium service to coincide with the free content. If this is the case, it will likely

be a premium offering that includes specific high-profile games and content. But, right now, for those wanting to get themselves ready for the World Cup, everything they need is available for free on-demand.

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