20 Most Famous TikTokers in the World [2023 Update]

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Are you a TikToker and wondering who might be those famous users on the video-sharing platform? This article provides you with a long list of famous TikTokers who are currently making the buzz on the platform.

TikTok is becoming a viable social marketing platform for both content creators and brands alike. More than 500 million people are currently using the video-sharing platform on Apple’s iOS store. So it’s no surprise that clever firms are flocking to TikTok for marketing purposes.

The TikTok marketing strategy can pay off handsomely if your target demographic is primarily teenagers and members of Generation Z. Why? TikTok’s user base includes 41 percent of people in this age bracket.

Getting into TikTok can be done in two methods. A TikTok influencer can act as an ambassador for your brand, or you can create content and hope it becomes viral. To put it simply, TikTok influencers are a more cost-effective way to get your message out there.

It’s also a long-lasting and organic strategy. I have compiled a list of the most popular TikTok influencers from a variety of genres to help you choose the appropriate one for you, as well as have the knowledge of how they operate.

1. Charli D’Amelio

Charli D’Amelio

  • TikTok Followers: 140.7 Million
  • Famous for: Dance Choreography

My first encounter with Charli D’Amelio’s TikTok profile was mind-blowing. It is quite amazing to see a TikTok user with over 140 million followers. It didn’t take me much to understand the reason. She’s a very talented person who has gathered millions of followers because of her dance choreography skill.

Charli D’ Amelio clinched the first spot in 2020 when she passed Loren Gray to become TikTok’s most-followed account. Her journey to the top has been nothing short of amazing at barely 18 years old. Additionally, she has amassed over nine million YouTube fans thanks to her work with artists like Noah Schnapp and Marshmello, who she has collaborated with.

2. Khaby Lame


  • TikTok Followers: 138.3 Million
  • Famous for: Short Comic Skit

If you knew how talented Khaby Lame is, you wouldn’t be surprised about his fame. The first time I watched his skit was a few years back; I knew he was going to be a star from the onset. Today, Khaby has over 100 million followers on TikTok. He is the second most-followed TikToker. He is basically famous for his short comic videos.

Many more videos, such as a popular one in which Lame responds to the way of peeling a banana used by someone else on the platform, have seen Lame overtake the likes of Dixie D’Amelio, TikTok’s Zach King and Bella Poarch astonishingly quickly. It doesn’t appear that the star’s popularity will slow down either. What about Charli D'Amelio? Could Khaby possibly unseat her for so long?

3. Awez Darbar


Awez Darbar TIKTOK

  • TikTok Followers: 92.3 Million
  • Famous for: Acting and Dancing Skills on TikTok

Awez Darbar is an amazing Indian TikToker. What I like about his profile is that even though he’s famous for his acting and dancing skill, he sometimes posts funny clips of others. When I visited his profile, I kept myself busy with some of his Mr. Bean funny clips.

He is a TikTok content developer, choreographer, and dancer. His TikTok and YouTube dance and choreography videos have catapulted him to stardom. Dancing and acting have always been two of Awez’s favorite pastimes. Several of his social media pages feature videos of his dancing group, Ace Productions.

4. Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch

  • TikTok Followers: 89.6 Million
  • Famous for: Short Gaming Comic Videos

Bella is such a cute TikToker. I like that she doesn’t relent in keeping her followers engaged with her daily happenings. Bella Poarch has become an internet sensation in less than a year, amassing a massive fanbase.

TikTok account of American-Filipino sensation launched in April 2020 and now has more than 89 million followers.’ The superstar served in the United States Navy prior to becoming famous. Now, she’s a well-known TikTok star because of her witty videos about video games.

5. Addison Rae

Addison Rae

  • TikTok Followers: 87.6 Million
  • Famous for: Dance Choreography Videos

Whenever I want to spend some free time on TikTok, Addison Rae is often on my to-watch list because of her amazing short dances. Even though Charli D’Amelio’s name sits at the top of the most famous TikToker, Addison Rae is gradually climbing.

At fifth on this list, she has over 80 million followers. She is most well-known for her dance choreography videos on YouTube, where she has amassed a devoted fan base thanks to her TikTok fame.

6. Zach King

Zach King

  • TikTok Followers: 68.5 Million
  • Famous for: Magic Vines (Six-second videos digitally manipulated to make it appear as if he is performing magic)

Whenever I watch Zach King’s videos on TikTok, I always let out waves of laughter. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, I am certain you’re going to laugh at the second video (at the time of this writing) of Zach King on TikTok, where he recreated Harry Potter’s use of a witch broom for flight. When Zach King first began out, he made tutorial videos for Final Cut Pro. He developed illusion videos he terms “digital sleight of hand” using the app.

Zach King’s video about himself that showed himself combating cats using lightsabers and a video of him flying on a broomstick amazed his followers. There was also a TikTok video filmed by King that depicted him breaking out of a prison cell. These videos helped him acquire a fan base of over 30 million people. He has won numerous prizes for his work, including the NextUp Creators Contest on YouTube and the Vidcon Golden Poop Award.

7. Loren Gray

Loren Gray

  • TikTok Followers: 54.4 Million
  • Famous for: Lip-Syncing radio hits into her front-facing camera on TikTok

I remember discussing Loren Gray with a friend of mine. She’s such a lively soul who loves to keep her followers engaged with the short clip of her daily happenings.

Loren Gray is a Pennsylvania-born singer and social media star. Instagram and YouTube are two other places where she has a sizable follower base. When Loren was in the 6th grade, she opened a TikTok account for herself and started posting videos there.

She moved to Los Angeles in spite of the criticism she received from her peers. The journey she’s been on with TikTok since then has been incredible. Loren was a finalist in the Teen Choice Awards as well as the Shorty Awards for her outstanding performance.

Her contract with Virgin Records was finalized in 2018. After that, she released her first single, My Story. Capitol Records later signed the young phenom, who considers Eminem her idol.

8. Riyaz Aly

Riyaz Aly

  • TikTok Followers: 44.9 Million
  • Famous for: Lip-Syncing, Comedy, and Stylish Videos on TikTok

A cute young lad. What I like about Riyaz is his sense of fashion. Riyaz Aly, an Indian actor and fashion blogger, is a popular Instagram and TikTok influencer.

For Aly’s fans, his youthful good looks and comedic ability are enough to make him a household name. Crowned Muser and social media hall of fame thanks to his lip-sync and musical videos.

9. Joelle Joanie Siwa

Joelle Joanie Siwa

  • TikTok Followers: 41.5 Million
  • Famous for: Dancing Skill

I have learned a couple of dance moves by visiting Joelle’s TikTok profile. Quite funny, but yeah! As a result of her participation in the reality show Dance Moms, American dancer Jojo Siwa became an internet sensation.

Boomerang and Kid in a Candy Store are the latest releases from TikToker, a multi-faceted artist with a long resume. “Siwanatorz” is the name given to Siwa’s admirers. In the same breath, they adore her dance movements and her gaudy head bows.

“Jojo’s Bows” is the name of her new bowline. With the help of well-known retailers like JCPenney, she has also ventured into the worlds of home décor and fashion accessories as well.

10. Baby Ariel

Baby Ariel

  • TikTok Followers: 35.7 million
  • Famous for: Lip-Syncing and Dance Videos on TikTok

Have you seen a beauty today? If not, visit Baby Ariel’s TikTok profile to feel your eyes with God’s beautiful creation. Hehehe. She’s an American singer and actor.

In 2015, she began her social media career. Ariel’s TikTok anti-bullying campaign, #ArielMovement, was a huge success right away. A few years later, she started an anti-trolling movement in order to speak out against online bullying. Time magazine included her in their list of the most influential people on the internet because of her significant accomplishments and wide reach. According to Forbes, she’s one of the most influential people in the entertainment industry today.

11. Lucas and Marcus Dobre-Mofid

Lucas and Marcus Dobre-Mofid

  • TikTok Followers: 35.5 Million
  • Famous for: Gymnastics Stunts and Breakdancing

This twin will surely blow your mind with their amazing dance steps. One of the most well-known TikTok stars is the American dancing combo, Lucas and Marcus. Video blogs, gymnastics challenges, lip-sync and comedy videos abound on their channel. “Dobre Brothers” is a prominent YouTube channel formed by the Dobre twins and their siblings, Cyrus and Darius. They do difficult gymnastics moves like backflips in their videos and challenge their fans to do the same.

12. Gilmher Croes

Gilmher Croes

  • TikTok Followers: 35.1 Million
  • Famous for: Lip-Sync Comical videos on TikTok

Gilmher Croes is a talented TikToker. What I like about him is his creativity. He is an American TikTok star who began his career as a model in Aruba before moving to the United States.

In 2015, he won the Best Actor Award at the Aruba Short Film Festival for his performance in a film. Additionally, Croes has a YouTube account with his brother, which is dedicated to making comical lip-syncing films. TikTokers like Brittany Furlan are an inspiration to him.

13. Arishfa Khan

Arishfa Khan




  • TikTok Followers: 28.7 Million
  • Famous for: On-screen acting skill

What amazes me about Arishfa is her commitment. She has been in the game of acting for over 9 years. When she was a little child, Arishfa Khan was cast in a popular Indian television series. She has a YouTube channel where she posts dance videos and Dubsmash clips. The statistics on her Instagram account are likewise astounding, as is the stuff she posts.

Her TikTok fans are smitten by her sweet appearance and impressive acting abilities. Her engaging lip-sync videos and dance moves have earned her a fan favorite. She hopes to make it big in Bollywood as a leading lady.

14. Nisha Guragain

Nisha Guragain

  • TikTok Followers: 28.1 Million
  • Famous for: Lip-Sync Comical Videos on TikTok

Wanna keep yourself busy with amazing lip-sync comical clips? Nisha has got you covered! She became an overnight sensation on TikTok after posting a video of herself lip-syncing a popular Hindi song. An all-time high for TikTokers, the video received 2.5 million likes in a single day. Nisha also has a very popular Instagram account.

For a number of high-end fashion labels, she serves as a social media influencer. Her fans are enamored with her witty videos and impressive acting prowess.

15. Jayden Croes

Jayden Croes

  • TikTok Followers: 24 Million
  • Famous for: Expressive face and Goofy Comedy Videos

Gilmher Croes’ younger brother, Jayden Croes, is also a musician. CroesBros is the name they go by on their renowned YouTube channel. Jayden’s fortune is thought to be in the neighborhood of 100,000 USD.

In 2017, Express magazine’s influencer edition recognized Jayden as a top social media influencer. He has a “CroesFam” tattoo on his forearm because he believes his social media fans to be his family.

16. Rolf Jacob Sartorius

Rolf Jacob Sartorius

  • TikTok Followers: 23.7 Million
  • Famous for: Lip-Syncing Comical videos on TikTok

Jacob Sartorius is a vocalist from the United States who has become a viral phenomenon on social media. After Sweatshirt, his debut single, reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, he began an upward trajectory. He’s become a household name on Vine and TikTok, thanks to his videos.

Sartorius’ cult following convinced Business Insider that he was the new Justin Beiber, and they called him so. Sartorius, like other well-known TikTokers, has become a spokesperson against bullying. Since then, he has used to social media to vent his frustrations about being tormented at school.

17. Avneet Kaur

Avneet Kaur

  • TikTok Followers: 22.7 Million
  • Famous for: Sense of Fashion and Entertaining Videos on TikTok

In India, Avneet Kaur, a television actress and dancer, has become a social media sensation. After taking part in the dancing competition Dance India Dance Li'l Masters, she gained notoriety. In spite of her early elimination, her dance ability was noticed by a large number of people. She got her first acting role on Zee TV after a string of dancing competitions. A social media sensation was born out of her early work in ads.

18. Lauren Godwin



  • TikTok Followers: 21.9 Million
  • Famous for: Short Comedic Videos on TikTok

When it comes to TikTok celebs, Lauren Godwin is a constant presence. Her colorful personality and outlandish sense of style set her apart from the crowd. Earlier this month, she shared a 10-second video of herself launching an iPhone 11 into the water.

In addition to receiving 2.4 million views, the video had a high level of involvement. Lauren also has a significant following on Instagram and Facebook. Her videos on YouTube keep people engaged and coming back for more.

19. Jiff Pom

Jiff Pom

  • TikTok Followers: 20.6 Million
  • Famous for: Speed

Jiff Pom is a TikTok celebrity and performer who is also a pomeranian dog. Over 2 billion people have viewed Katy Perry’s song “Dark Horse” on YouTube. Disney’s Bizaardvark also included him. A Night in Cowtown and The Adventures of Bailey are among his other film roles.

Jiff has already established Guinness world records for the quickest 10-meter run on hind legs, and the fastest 5-meter run on front paws before becoming a social media sensation. Fans of the four-legged, fuzzy TikToker come from all walks of life and all corners of the globe.

20. Cameron Alexander Dallas

Cameron Alexander Dallas

  • TikTok Followers: 17.5 Million
  • Famous for: Pranks and Jokes Videos

Cameron surely knows how to pull off some amazing pranks. Cameron Dallas is most known for his Vine and TikTok prank videos. Even on Twitter and Instagram, he has a sizable following.

Dallas, a film based on the TikTok sensation’s relationship with social media, has been announced by Awesomeness TV. The actor from the United States is also a talented singer. When he released She Bad in 2015, he made his first foray into the music industry. All I Want Is You, a song by Daniel Skye featuring a guest appearance from Dallas.



Q. How many TikTok followers do I need to get before I can get paid?

You must have at least 10,000 TikTok followers to receive a TikTok payment. Using TikTok advertisements or affiliate marketing partnerships, you can typically make up to 20 USD daily. To be eligible for this, you’ll need at least a million views on your YouTube channel.

Q. How do I get many TikTok followers?

To get many TikTok followers, you need to be consistent in sharing relevant content. Your content must be able to engage your followers. Posting relevant content regularly and promoting your TikTok profile is one of the few means of gaining many followers on the TikTok platform.


This article has successfully looked at a comprehensive list of the top TikTok musers. There are several things you can learn from these accounts, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a professional. As much as you desire growth in your TikTok follower base, it is advisable to learn from these popular TikTokers to see how they are doing it.

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