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Like any other data, it needs to be presented as well as interpreted in a certain way. Microsoft Excel has long been the go-to program for presenting data through charts, graphs, and tables.

But, there are numerous threats like viruses that can attach themselves to an Excel spreadsheet. The former go-to program to interpret and present files is now inefficient in scenarios like these.

Luckily, you can always convert any Excel spreadsheets into PDF. Converting any XLS or XLSX document into PDF should make the file more readable and even more understandable!

You’d get the same presentation and interpretation of data plus the features that a PDF format can bring. You can turn any Excel spreadsheet to PDF using GoGoPDF!

A Quick Conversion Process

Quick Conversion Process

GoGoPDF is undoubtedly a no-brainer platform to use if you’re looking for an Excel to PDF converter online. The reason is that GoGoPDF will only need a few minutes to transform an Excel spreadsheet into PDF format successfully! Thanks to the process it uses, which we’ll show you later, you simply don’t have to wait for an extended time to convert and download a new PDF file.

Numerous online platforms claim to offer the same Excel to PDF conversion online. GoGoPDF separates itself from the rest by making sure you can convert Excel to PDF in the quickest manner possible. It doesn’t use any unnecessary steps in converting an Excel spreadsheet into PDF! Everything about this online conversion is straightforward, hence the speed!

Four-Step Conversion Using A Few Clicks

Four-Step Conversion

Converting an Excel spreadsheet into PDF format doesn’t get easier than this! All you’ll need to convert your Excel spreadsheets into PDF is to follow a simple process from GoGoPDF. You surely won’t need to read through any manual as it’s one that requires only four easy steps! Subsequently, this four-step process is one that you can go through using a few clicks.

You can start converting an Excel spreadsheet into PDF by selecting and uploading the file into the conversion box. The conversion box is visibly seen, and you can also drag and drop the Excel file if you want to. Once you’ve successfully uploaded an Excel spreadsheet or file into the conversion box, GoGoPDF should immediately turn it into PDF format!

This online conversion continues to the third step, which requires you to sit patiently and wait until the conversion is complete. There certainly won’t be any need to worry as it will only take a couple of minutes for GoGoPDF to successfully convert any Excel file to PDF. Once converted, you’ll be able to save or download the new PDF file directly to your computer!

No Quality Loss!

It’s not merely enough that GoGoPDF provides a swift and easy online Excel to PDF transformation. It’s more than necessary to convert the Excel file that you upload into a high-quality and accurate PDF file!

GoGoPDF makes sure that all the right data falls on the right row or column. It masterfully converts the Excel spreadsheet into PDF that you surely won’t find any errors on the new PDF file.

With this fact, you automatically save time by not needing to apply further editing to the converted document! GoGoPDF certainly is a suitable program and converter for a high-quality Excel to PDF conversion!

Works On Any Platform!

You can count on GoGoPDF to provide a high-quality Excel to PDF conversion on any platform! You certainly won’t need to worry if you’re currently using a computer that runs on Mac, Windows, or Linux. GoGoPDF will be able to provide its online conversion services on these three operating systems.

All of the Excel to PDF conversions through GoGoPDF happen online. You won’t need to download and install offline software from GoGoPDF to avail of its services! Simply access this online Excel to PDF tool through the GoGoPDF platform. You may use any web browser you want may it be Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Firefox!

Customer Privacy

Customer Privacy

We understand that you may feel some type of way towards using an online platform to convert your files. However, GoGoPDF guarantees full privacy for all of its users and their files.

GoGoPDF makes it a point to keep the entire platform secure from external threats. Also, it doesn’t store your files as it deletes them permanently from its servers after an hour.


GoGoPDF consistently provides a well-rounded online conversion from Excel to PDF. It does so without even charging users to convert a single Excel spreadsheet to PDF.

It checks everything out from quality to speed and with the level of ease needed upon conversion. For a full-proof online alternative for Excel to PDF, you can count on GoGoPDF!

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