Email Marketing Campaign: 7 Essentials to Add to Your Checklist

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An email has been the most traditional communication method for direct marketing since forever. Unlike the other newly added digital marketing channels, it delivers the best customer engagement results and direct sales.

However, it is no fun game as it needs technical aspects and know-how other than just sending the email to kickstart a marketing campaign.

Let us know more about creating a successful email marketing campaign as we unfold the top seven essentials. So, marketers, brace yourself as these essentials will help you reduce email errors for an effective email marketing campaign.

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1. Start with an Intent, always!

If you think the target audience is what you need to focus on first while planning email marketing, then take a step back. Remember, intent over the target audience! You should be clear with the purpose of your email marketing campaign. Start with the ‘W’s-

  • Why do you need to start an email marketing campaign?
  • Where should you start an effective marketing strategy?
  • What are your business goals?

Once you get a defined set of answers to these questions, proceed with determining the sole intention of running the marketing campaign. It will help you out with:

  • achieving your business goals,
  • boost sales and increase prospects,
  • build customer relations and increase engagements, and
  • upscale your business growth.

2. Stay upright with your defined goals.

Defined goals

Once you are clear with your purpose, you need to decide your goals and priorities. Aim at your prospects and think about ways to achieve your set of business goals. Some of the standard listed plans for successful email marketing or for an email marketing agency are:

  • Creating compelling content to empower engagement rates
  • Consistent follow-ups on the existing list of email subscribers
  • Set the email marketing defined goals based on your conversion goals
  • Alluring new prospects for conversion into potential customers
  • Foster customer relations and generate leads

3. Mobile-friendly Design

Mobile-friendly Design

Studies prove that around 60% of users and subscribers open emails on their mobile devices. So, next time when you are set to run your campaign, do not forget to prioritise creating a mobile-friendly template for your email.

  • To attract mobile audiences and drive better sales, you should
  • Use responsive email templates.
  • Use a large font size.
  • Create short yet enticing email subject lines that fit the mobile screens
  • Use finger-friendly CTA buttons for better click-through and open rates.
  • Use a single-column email template for clear readability.

4. Leverage your Potential Audience

Leverage your Potential Audience

If marketing campaigns are your vehicle, then the audience is your target destination, and emails are your constant fuel.

Email marketing revolves around catchy subject lines and compelling content to entice your potential audiences based on their interest, location, and behavior. This approach helps foster customer relations and nurture drive sales and grow your online business strategically.

To understand how to engage your audience with your first ever digital campaign, you can use your subscriber information and list. Most renowned online businesses leverage the best email marketing for agencies to increase their subscriptions and customer base organically.

You can also make the maximum use of tools like Google Analytics to get quick insights and demographics to measure your campaign metrics.

5. Straight-to-the-point Subject Lines

Straight-to-the-point Subject Lines

Emails with more precise and shorter subject lines are like blogs to drive audience attention. Make sure they are not just attracting but also push your visitors, promoting click-through and open rates.

Do not forget to keep them clear and concise as long email subject lines can increase neglection rates. Here are some tips you can include while drafting your subject lines:

  • Speak more with simplicity
  • Do not spam your subscriber’s inbox.
  • Create subject lines that reflect your brand persona
  • Include email personalization to boost engagement and click-through rates
  • Limit subject lines to 50 characters

6. Creative CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons


  • Are you clear with the goal of your email marketing campaign?
  • Do you want to attract visitors to your website?
  • Do you want to boost your sales?
  • Do you want to drive social media engagements with your audience?

Make everything happen with action-oriented CTAs in your emails. Often creative CTAs win the game and gain you valuable customers and increase purchase rates.

Avoid using the most common CTAs; instead, brainstorm and work on creating engaging CTA texts that will benefit your campaign in every way.

  • Well-crafted CTAs can let your visitors or subscribers.
  • Book and schedule an appointment
  • Buy product/s
  • Request an estimate
  • Request product demo or
  • Submit contact or order form

7. Audit, audit, audit!

Last but never least, in your checklist - carry out email auditing for better email campaigns. If you want to analyze how successful your campaign is, perform email audits.

You can use the best free/paid email audit tools for email marketing for agencies, to collect actionable insights and snapshots. They will help you shape your marketing strategy and improve it for future campaigns. Some email audit tools provide facilities like:

  • improve email templating and workflow
  • revise CTAs
  • capture actionable data
  • plan email layout and format
  • verify subject lines
  • Get insights into metrics such as number of clicks, reads, subscribes, and unsubscribes

The tips mentioned above should be part of your email marketing campaign checklist to not fail to leverage the strategy for reaping maximum results.

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