10 Effective Ways to Generate More Leads During Covid-19

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If it feels like you are struggling with your lead generation, it’s not just you, COVID-19 is hurting businesses all over the world. If you are going through a massive drop in leads generation, do not worry because better times are ahead.

However, to keep your business afloat, it is important to create more reach so you can avoid the worst-case scenario for your business by the end of this pandemic. This is why we have listed 10 easy and effective ways to generate more leads for your business (regardless of what it is) during the Great Pause of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leads generation with Covid-19

1. Clickfunnels To The Rescue

Clickfunnels are surprisingly easy to use and are super effective in generating new leads. It is an online sales funnel that helps businesses promote their products and services online and simplifies marketing for you.


Clickfunnels is a series of pages that navigate the users from the landing page to the final service. It is hassle-free and greatly helps in marketing by simplifying all the steps.

Best part? -It has a 14 days free trial so you can see if it's compatible with your marketing campaigns and if it can help upsell your sales process. For example, it can suggest your clients added services by analyzing the buyer behavior and evaluating different algorithms.

2. Active Campaign To Nurture Prospective Leads

It’s crazy how our devices pick up whatever we talk about or search for online. This makes the internet an amazing tool to target your desired audience more effectively. Instead of cold calling leads opt for activating campaigns so your emails reach people’s inbox rather than their spam folder.

Active Campaign

The technological advancement is a blessing to nurture the audience and show them your ads more often when they look for related services or products.

Pro tip:

Make sure you offer something in exchange for their contact details so you can reach them later.

3. Make Your Product Remotely Accessible

Let’s face it, no one feels safe going outside during a pandemic. So, you must pivot and make your products and services remotely accessible.

Remotely Accessible business

If you are running a gym, emphasize on home workouts. If you are in the retail business, offer free deliveries. Honestly, there’s nothing else that generates more leads than the word “free.”

So, whatever you do, make sure your customers can get access to your services even from home by highlighting the accessibility of it.

4. Market Segmentation

Now is not the time to put all your eggs in one basket; diversify. Target different groups of people and run ads that will target the clients you want to attract. You have to know your customers to gain more business.

Market Segmentation

Do not waste money on one generic ad. Learn how to optimize and keep the content clear and precise. Always remember, simplicity is key.

5. Short Videos To Highlight The Unique Selling Point

Nobody likes to waste their time on a 5-minute demonstration video. So, if your online ads contain videos, keep them short and specific. You can also offer some free tutorials of a service to build trust and credibility.

short video for Selling Point

Whatever it is, make sure you get an email address or a contact number before you provide the free service.

6. Discount Or Promotion

It is better to break even than suffering a loss. So, now is the best time to offer discounts and promotions. People are stuck at home and are online all the time.

Discount offer

While this means they are not spending money on out-of-home entertainment, they are certainly a captive audience for a good deal to be had. If they see something on a discount, they tend to buy it thinking they are getting a good deal. Make use of that and get them hooked on your product or service.

7. Offer Free Trials

Let people get a taste of what you are offering. This will build credibility for your business and loyalty to your product or service. If you are truly selling a top-notch product, chances are your customers will like it too and will return for more.

Offer Free Trials

Almost every other business nowadays offers free trials. So, to stay competitive, let them know what makes you superior to other things available in the market. Create a brand and tease your audience to leave them wanting more.

8. Create Hype With Social Media Challenges

Nowadays, it is quite easy to make something go viral through social media challenges. Find out what sells and attracts your customer and make your brand stand out. Next thing you know, you will see more and more people talking about your product.

Hype With Social Media

No publicity is bad publicity as long as you are offering a quality product. Make your brand’s name heard by people so that every time they think of that product, they remember your brand’s name. Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, everything works these days to make something go viral. Stay on brand and do not veer into the pitfalls of making political statements though.

It’s free, so give it a shot!

9. Contests and Giveaways for Clicks

Attract leads by offering giveaways and contests where people mention 3-5 of their friends and one lucky winner gets a free product. This way you will generate 5 times more leads than usual.

contest and giveaways

No one says no to something free and everyone loves to win. This is your opportunity to highlight your services to more people and create more outreach.

10. Webinars

You may wonder who participates in webinars anymore. Those who are seriously looking for the kind of services you are selling, do. 2022 is the year where virtual life is the new reality.


Even if all the people who register for your webinar don’t show, at least you will have their contact details to reach out to them again at a later date. Once you have the leads coming in, you can turn those into sales with the help of a strong sales team.

You can host these webinars on Zoom or Skype. Minimal costs, maximum result.


The internet has united the whole world, so why not monetize this? With the whole world in lockdown, it is the best way to stay connected to your loved ones as well as your client base.

During these challenging times, a word of hope can go a long way. Remind them you haven’t forgotten about them and remind them how you are joining them to face this pandemic together. Nurture your leads regularly and when all this ends, you will see more and more people coming for return purchases.

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