E-mail Marketing with CRM: A Key to Successful Sales

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Marketing and business trends and technologies are developing fast. E-mail marketing is constantly changing and evolving, as do all modern marketing practices. No wonder it’s changing – nowadays people aren’t just as easily thrilled as before, so to make your subscribers feel that dopamine surge at the sight of your emails is getting harder and harder.

Actually, it’s common sense that marketers must keep up with the latest trends in order to do e-mail marketing properly.E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing delivers better RoI than almost every other type of digital marketing. For $1 you spend, you can potentially generate $38 in revenue. However, this kind of success doesn’t happen by fluke. It requires good planning and great execution. Moreover, today’s customers are fickle.

If they receive suboptimal e-mails with impersonal greetings, to-whomsoever-it-may-concern-type advertisements or faceless special offers, they won’t think twice before marking a particular email as spam or from unsubscribing.

An e-mail marketer should be aware of these pitfalls. They should also know that one of the most effective ways to stay top-of-the-mind with today’s customers is with CRM e-mail marketing since CRM (customer relationship management) is today‘s must for everybody in sales.

Already when you use a pen and paper to work with your contacts and customers that is customer relationship management. CRM is one of modern tools that is increasingly popular. The basic functions are contact and customer management, sales and billing management and last but not least marketing management.

 What Is CRM Email Marketing?

CRM e-mail marketing is the use of CRM tools for to implementation of more personalized and effective e-mail marketing campaigns.

Older types of mass email marketing methods – pejoratively known as spray and pray email marketing – focused on a large, ambiguous audience and often ended up tagged as an unsolicited annoyance. Or rather to say these e-mails ended up in spam.

CRM e-mail marketing makes use of CRM data to design and perfect a customized approach to e-mail marketing. It focuses on the individual e-mail recipient in personalized, highly-targeted, non-intrusive ways. In other words: one-to-one, not one-to-many. Powered by detailed and accurate CRM data, CRM system e-mail marketing becomes a valuable source of information for already-interested customers, as well as a way to ensure more accurate lead targeting for brands.

Thus, by leveraging CRM data, e-mail marketers can enhance their engagement strategies, and build more meaningful and mutually-beneficial relationships with subscribers and customers.

E-mail Marketing

Many companies buy a database to speed up the process of gaining contacts, but in real life, this is the worst thing they can do. The database is such a gold mine for the company. Once the company convinces the customer to their newsletters, it is good to take care of them and offer them only what they really want. That is why it is important to target content properly.

Once the target group is selected, email addresses verified and bulk e-mail ready the company needs to know that the e-mail marketing results will meet their expectations. Big corporations have their own e-mail marketing specialists. Small and medium businesses usually cannot afford one. Therefore, there is big demand for e-mail marketing consultations and training sessions. Those can be outsourced easily.

After a good training session the company can get desired results using the solid CRM e-mail marketing feature.

The average person receives dozens of emails on a daily basis – all clamoring for their limited time and attention. So, if you want your emails to capture their time and attention, you need to embrace a dedicated and personalized approach for every e-mail campaign.

Your CRM already provides a huge surfeit of information about every potential and current customer. Use CRM in order to design e-mail marketing campaigns that garner greater sales and more loyal customers for your brand than ever before.

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