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Who among you is not playing Pokemon GO in this last period? As you know, to play you need to have an internet connection that is always active and a GPS, moving around your city (on foot) in search of Pokemon to catch, gyms to train and Pokestop to recover orbs and much more.

There are those who have seen fit to develop an application that allows you to cheat the game, making it believe you are in a different position from the real one and therefore allowing the player to capture the Pokemon from the armchair at home. In principle, cheating Pokemon Go is done by changing the GPS location.

Are you an Android user? Then congrats! You can download various GPS spoofing applications and change your GPS location to any new location in the world. No rooting so your data is safe.

However, if you are an iPhone user, changing the iOS GPS location is not that easy. You may have to jailbreak your device and lose all your valuable data on it. You don't want to sacrifice them just to cheat Pokemon Go. You need a solution that will allow you to change your iOS GPS location without having to jailbreak the device. That way you can freely cheat the game and play without moving anywhere.

The solution we offer is Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS)! This is an application for faking location on iPhone that is not only capable of teleporting your real GPS location to any location in the world but also able to simulate the movement of your iOS GPS. This feature is especially important if you are in a dangerous environment, which does not allow you to walk down the street looking for a Pokeball. By the way, you can also try ispoofer Pokemon go iOS ! Without wasting time, let us discuss how to perform the above functions with Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS).

Here are the steps!

  1. Download Dr.Fone on your PC. Don't worry, this app supports both Windows PC and Mac.
  2. Once downloaded, go ahead and launch the app. You will see an interface:

Virtual Location (iOS)

  1. Now click ‘Virtual Location’. And then connect your iPhone with your PC. You’ll see an interface. Click ‘Get Started’.
  2. You will be taken to a map like this:

Virtual Location (iOS)

The map above shows your real GPS position. Now you need to type in the name of your fake location in the search bar on the top left side of the screen. Previously, click on the third icon on the top right side of the screen. In this example, you will change your location to Rome.

Virtual Location (iOS)

  1. Select your location and click the ‘Go' button. A small pop-up box will appear, informing you of the actual distance from your original location to the destination. Click ‘Move Here'. After you click on it, your iOS GPS location will immediately move to the destination location. You can check the location change in any application that shows your iOS GPS location. Just open your Pokemon Go!

Now we will move on to the iOS GPS motion simulation feature. How to?

Virtual Location (iOS)

Now you click on the icon in the top right corner as in the illustration above. Its function is to simulate the movement of iOS GPS from one point to another.

As above, type the name of your destination in the search bar. Click the ‘Go' button and a small pop-up box will appear again. Now you know what you have to do; click ‘Move Here'. But beforehand you can set your speed mode. See the speed control at the bottom of the screen? You can set the speed mode in three different modes; walking, cycling and driving.

After you click ‘Move Here', your iOS GPS location will switch to the mode and speed that you have previously set. Suppose you select 5 km / hr, then your iOS GPS location will move at a speed of 5 km / hr as well. Easy to understand, right?

This feature is especially helpful if you're playing Pokemon Go in your comfortable room. You don't have to worry about getting caught in the rain, or even getting hit by a vehicle while you're looking for a Pokeball.

After all, why faking GPS location on an iPhone is more difficult than on an Android phone?

To note, iPhone users have had to cast an envious glance at their Android peers in one area of ​​great conflict between smartphones, and that's the area of ​​GPS spoofing. Android phones have the same GPS hardware as an iPhone, but iOS is so “locked” into an operating system that getting the phone to run any code that can make the phone free to run programs without supervision is an uphill battle.

Although iPhones and Android are not fundamentally different systems: they are both computers, they both run programs in a defined operating space, they both have displays and storage and hardware to communicate with the GPS system; the software running an iPhone is much less tolerant of unexpected or seemingly abnormal conditions. Androids are much more flexible and iPhones are much more secure.

Using fake GPS in a gaming environment is even more risky than doing it as the personal machine can detect it, which can result in a ban. Many new iPhone users only know that the only way to get around GPS-based restrictions is to jailbreak it. Now you know that jailbreaking isn't the only way. To be honest there are several alternatives to GPS spoof iPhone without jailbreaking but based on our experience Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) is the best.


Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) is the best solution for iOS device users to fake their iOS GPS location and bypass any geography-based blocking. Without jailbreak, your data will remain safe, even after you play Pokemon Go by tricking the system. Thank you for reading and have a nice try!

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