Does an Instagram Growth Service Really Work?

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The Instagram Growth Service saves you the time and uses its expertise to develop a marketing strategy to help you gain real followers.

Whether you like it or not, social media has now become the crutch by which we live our lives. People put their lives up on Instagram (the most popular social network right now) in the form of images, videos, and stories. And to top all that, Instagram has changed forever the way photos are taken. No more unappealing candid photos or clumsy camera holds. Photos have to be aesthetic, thematic, and eye-catching.

That's one of the reasons why businesses and influencers need to have a good Instagram feed – so that they can have more Instagram followers. The more followers an Instagrammer has, the more money they can make. No one is going to look twice at an Instagram account with a few hundred followers.

People will, however, want to follow an Instagram account that has thousands or millions of followers because they want to get in on whatever the account is offering that's earned it those followers. Ironic, yes. But followers are the treasure in this new age of digital media.

How Instagram Growth Services Work

how Instagram Growth Service works

The basic idea behind an Instagram growth service is to get authentic followers and to build an audience that engages with the content.

An Instagram organic growth service uses legitimate techniques to attract a relevant audience and then retain it. A basic organic growth service is just limited to likes and follows. But if the client wants more, a team of social media experts is assigned to the client.

The team will analyze your brand and audience and then come up with a comprehensive Instagram marketing strategy to target your audience. Here’s what organic Instagram growth services do:

  • Research on the trending hashtags related to the client's business
  • Research what Instagram users want from the brand
  • Create a cohesive, long term marketing strategy
  • Create attractive Instagram profiles
  • Build a strong brand story
  • Create a good Instagram content strategy
  • Engage users and influencers related to the brand's niche

Once a cohesive strategy is formed, the action is taken, and users are engaged to promote the client's Instagram page and build more followers – organically. This increased engagement creates a domino effect and brings in further followers. The results are clearly captured and measured in metrics, as proof of their authenticity.

The result? A massive reach and multiplied profit, and it is all done without ‘buying' followers. It goes without saying that an organic growth strategy is much better than merely inflating your following with bots.

Using an Instagram Growth Service is Better than Buying Followers

An Instagram growth service is not the same as buying followers, as many people like to believe. Organic Instagram growth services use legitimate methods, such as hashtags, attractive photos and videos, and user activity to determine what kind of audience your business will be more likely to attract and retain.

The growth service then targets that particular audience to get them to engage with your content. This is especially useful for businesses that don't just want to put up an ‘image' of themselves like celebrities do, but want people to take action on their content. For example, businesses would like a user to shop from their website after looking at an offering that they put up.

As a newbie Instagrammer or a brand new to Instagram, you want your target audience to engage with your content. You want more followers. Naturally, having a following of ‘bought' users to grow followers on Instagram is not authentic. They're not real people.

Many Instagram marketing services offer to grow your account followers in the thousands overnight. And it might even look tempting. But the reality is: those are bot-generated followers. They will not engage with your content, and you may also compromise getting banned from Instagram by buying followers.

They make you appear larger than life for as long as you're subscribed to such a service, and that's all there is to it. You'll soon notice that your post engagement is dead despite having tens of thousands of followers.

Why is it Important to Get Only Real Instagram Followers?

For small businesses and influencers, growing followers can be a game-changing tactic. Of course, if you don't believe an Instagram growth service is doing you any good, you'd wonder why you should subscribe if you can just DIY. We are here to change your mind and to convince you that signing up for a safe Instagram growth service is the best thing you can do for your business.

Followers that you buy are not really authentic, so they would do nothing for your business except make it seem like you have a big following. But what good is a big faux following if it doesn't help you sell your products or have companies contact you to promote their brands.

Real Instagram followers engage with your content, buy your products, and boost your brand image. Not to mention, you also save a substantial amount of time managing other operations while your social media is looked after. Social media marketing is indeed a full-time job, and you'd rather have someone – who is an expert – do it for you while you focus on other things. Really, an organic Instagram growth service simply pays for itself.

Getting ghost followers will only lower your credibility in the long run, which is why it is essential to target and build a customized strategy for real users to grow authentic engagement.

Is Instagram Growth Service Safe?

As a general rule, here are the three types of growth services that you should avoid:

  • Anyone who offers you a certain number of followers within days or weeks
  • Services that prompt you to buy followers
  • Any service that offers you a preloaded account with thousands of followers and nothing to show for it

But if an Instagram growth service offers you long term organic growth services, you can rest assured that they are authentic. None of these services go against Instagram's terms of use. They do not spam users and target only the relevant audience.

An organic Instagram growth service is the best and safest way to grow followers on Instagram because they would only do what you would personally do but in a more organized, cost-effective, and targeted manner.

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